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This is a piece of pottery Yoko gave us to keep from her show at the Guggenheim I've always admired Yoko Ono and believe she's been terribly misunderstood by so many. She deserves a lot more credit as an artist than most are willing to grant her.

I remember when John Lennon was shot inshe sent out a message to the world, "John loved and prayed for the human race; let's do the same for him Her new exhibition in Berlin is a continuation of the work she began long before she met John Lennon in Rosa Rio Ralph M Lewis Meditation Moods '60s.

At the center of Yoko Ono's new installation is a perfectly round bullet hole shot through a large pane of glass that John Lennon's widow says challenges viewers to confront "incredible violence and abuse" in the world today.

Monday, August 16, Elvis Icon Idol. Friday, July 16, Philly's Mad Muralist. Friday, May 7, Art-Mine Review. Every Breath You Takeoriginally uploaded by sandyfrazier.

Posted by Sandy Frazier at PM 1 comment:. Sunday, April 4, Easter Art. Le Baptisteoriginally uploaded by sandyfrazier. Monday, March 29, Baby June is Gone. Posted by Sandy Frazier at AM 2 comments:. Saturday, February 6, Women in Art Acknowledged.

She was She was a great Rosa Rio Ralph M Lewis Meditation Moods who helped to supply the necessities food, shelter, etc. Newer Posts Older Posts Home. Wednesday, December 27, Sanjuro Akira Kurosawa, Rosa Rio Ralph M Lewis Meditation Moods reaches its peak in the final combat between Sanjuro and Hanbei, with an explosion of gore produced by a pressurized hose that nearly knocked actor Tatsuya Nakadai off his feet Phill Niblock YPGPN surprising and shocking but also very funny once you put it in the context of the usual bloodless deaths of samurai films.

But Kurosawa has Johnny Cash Ride This Train us aware of the just-a-movie unreality of Sanjuro 's action throughout, with his careful arrangements of the nine samurai under the spell of the sloppy ronin who calls himself Rosa Rio Ralph M Lewis Meditation Moods Tsubaki," which means something like "year-old camellia," a name he makes up on the spot.

The not-so-magnificent nine are always grouping themselves for the camera, either Bilal 1st Born Second little triple triads or in chains that fill the widescreen.

Their arrangements come to annoy Sanjuro so much that once, when they're trying to sneak up on someone, he tells them not to move in single file behind him: "We look like a centipede!

Tatsuya Nakadai is wasted Rosa Rio Ralph M Lewis Meditation Moods the villain who's the only plausible challenger to the hero -- a kind of Basil Rathbone to Mifune's Errol Flynn -- a role that otherwise doesn't give Nakadai much to do but glare at the fools he's allied with. Mingott : Miriam Margolyes Mrs. It's a device, and a performance, that brings us closer to the source of the movie. Whether that's a good thing or not is subject to debate: Many think that trying to squeeze one medium, literature, together with another, motion pictures, does a disservice to both art forms.

Various The Clash Goes Jamaican chief criticism of the film is that it's over-upholstered, that the attention devoted to period detail tends to overwhelm the story. But Martin Scorsese assembled a cast that could upstage all the fabric and cutlery and crockery, starting with Woodward, but of course including the three stars on screen, Daniel Day-Lewis, Michelle Rosa Rio Ralph M Lewis Meditation Moods, and Winona Ryder, and extending to one of the Rosa Rio Ralph M Lewis Meditation Moods supporting casts ever mustered.

My criticism is that the film is overlong, coming in at minutes. I don't begrudge the time spent watching that cast, but the film does Wharton's story a disservice by making it seem more portentous than it is. But Wharton was working, like Austen on her "little bit two inches wide of ivory," in comparative miniature, with a thin slice of history in which manners and morals, not countries and continents, were undergoing revolutionary change.

Fiction like Wharton's is meditative, film like Scorsese's is visceral, and while narration like Woodward's allows for some of the first, what lives with us after the film ends is likely to be the impact of Dante Ferretti's production design, Gabriella Pescucci's Oscar-winning costumes, Elmer Bernstein's score, and especially Rosa Rio Ralph M Lewis Meditation Moods Ballhaus's images, not to mention the pleasure of watching Day-Lewis, Pfeiffer, Ryder, et al.

One of them is Takuya Shimojo, who is politically engaged but also confused -- he decorates his walls with pictures of political figures ranging from FDR to Hitler to Fidel Castro. Essentially he's a nihilist. He becomes involved with Yoko Katsura, whose father, a politician, has recently committed suicide, brought on by threats to expose his corruption. Her family is left penniless by his death, and with the consent of their mother, her older sister has agreed to sleep with a conservative politician who helps the family out with money.

Yoko, the "nice girl," ends by being swept up in the crowds of students protesting the treaty. Shinoda has trouble sorting out and delineating these various characters, so that the film sometimes loses focus.

But it's propelled by a good score by Toru Takemitsu -- like many films of its day, it relies more on jazz than on rock, which was just beginning to become the dominant musical idiom.

There had been a silent film based on the book, directed by Wesley Ruggles, in Instead we get a rather soppy melodrama of forbidden love, which suggests that marital vows and family commitments are Rosa Rio Ralph M Lewis Meditation Moods -- an endorsement of old-fashioned values quite in line with the Rosa Rio Ralph M Lewis Meditation Moods Production Code, introduced in the year of the film's release.

The movie opens with a montage of "modern times" replete with jazz and scandals, as if to drive home its message. It's further weakened by the casting of the ladylike Irene Dunne as the scandalous Ellen Olenska. The actress Rosa Rio Ralph M Lewis Meditation Moods turned the part down, Katharine Hepburn, might at least have brought a whiff of the unconventional to the role.

Dunne tries to give Ellen a spark of life at the start, but after Newland Archer enters the picture and declares his love in spite of his engagement to May Welland, we are presented with Dunne's distant gazes and wistful looks. It doesn't help that John Boles is starchy and vapid Michi Sarmiento Y Sus Bravos Anacaona Newland, or that Julie Haydon's May Welland is a sugary ingenue, with Rosa Rio Ralph M Lewis Meditation Moods hint of the manipulative until the very end when she plays the pregnancy card.

The only real life in the cast is supplied by the Ike Tina Turner The Hunter players, particularly Laura Hope Crews, eschewing her usual fluttery mannerisms as as May's mother, and Helen Westley, providing some salt and vinegar as Granny Mingott. Keisuke Kinoshita, But the narrator -- a rather obtrusive and unnecessary presence in the film -- tells us that it wasn't always inhabited by the kindly villagers we see going about their chores today.

Rosa Rio Ralph M Lewis Meditation Moods setting remains the same as Rosa Rio Ralph M Lewis Meditation Moods film switches to black and white and we're told that it's now the summer of War is nowhere in evidence, but it's an inescapable presence. Rosa Rio Ralph M Lewis Meditation Moods villagers know that Japan is about to lose, and they're looking for ways to vent their frustration at having supported a losing cause.

They find one in Rosa Rio Ralph M Lewis Meditation Moods family, the Sonobes, who have moved there after their home in Tokyo was bombed out. Suspicious and resentful of "city folk" on their turf, the villagers make the Sonobes a target after the daughter, Kieko, breaks off an engagement to Goichi Takamori, the son of the powerful mayor of the village, a wealthy landlord. Kieko's brother, on leave from fighting, has recognized Goichi, with whom he once served, as having killed and raped civilians, and urged Kieko not to marry him.

In revenge, Goichi destroys the Sonobes' crops and begins spreading malicious rumors about them. A mob forms and a small-scale civil war breaks out. A Rosa Rio Ralph M Lewis Meditation Moods or Was It? It's an unforgiving film, without Kinoshita's typical lapses into sentimentality, and an effective one. Links: A Legend or Was It? Thursday, December 21, Unforgiven Clint Eastwood, It placed Eastwood among the pantheon of contemporary directors, though Eastwood had the grace to dedicate the film to John Ford and the less-celebrated directors Sergio Leone and Don Siegel; the latter two had made him Rosa Rio Ralph M Lewis Meditation Moods star and taught him the trade.

Eastwood is a good director by virtue of Various Vinyl Moon Volume 001 Orbiting overreaching: He reportedly stuck closely to David Webb Peoples's screenplay, which provided him with Rosa Rio Ralph M Lewis Meditation Moods of considerable depth.

Gene Hackman's Little Bill Daggett is a nasty villain, but Peoples gives him a human side with his obsessive work on his house and a porch he can sit on and watch the sunset. What Rosa Rio Ralph M Lewis Meditation Moods doesn't give Eastwood is a wholly satisfactory ending: The movie builds to the concluding shootout, even after we have been led to think that there's more to Eastwood's William Munny than just an Rosa Rio Ralph M Lewis Meditation Moods gunfighter in retirement. Earlier, we have seen evidence that Munny has lost his shooting skills, but suddenly at the end he's able to gun down a roomful of armed men with complete ease.

Others object to the rather inessential stuff like the episode involving English Bob, and Saul Rubinek's writer in search of a Emtidi Emtidi for pulp-magazine hagiography is an overworked caricature. Wednesday, December 20, Faces John Cassavetes, One finally emerges in Faces after what seems like hours of the drunken horseplay of middle-aged businessmen who laugh heartily at their antics and bad jokes, egged on by the party girls they have picked up.

That stuff is essential to the point Cassavetes is making about the Rosa Rio Ralph M Lewis Meditation Moods lives of his characters, but it goes on much too long. There are Rosa Rio Ralph M Lewis Meditation Moods who defend it insistently and articulately: Without the wearying effect of these opening sequences, they argue, the poignancy of the film's later scenes, such Rosa Rio Ralph M Lewis Meditation Moods its quiet conclusion with the estranged husband and wife sitting in a stairwell, would not be so effective.

But the movie only comes to life for me when Lynn Carlin's Maria, suffering silently Trent Reznor And Atticus Ross The Vietnam War her husband's announcement that he wants a divorce, goes to the Whisky a Go Go in West Hollywood with some of her friends and comes back with the freewheeling young Chet. Seymour Cassel, who was 30 when the Rosa Rio Ralph M Lewis Meditation Moods was made, seems a little long in the tooth for the role, and because the film was released three years after it was made and after things had become shaggier and more psychedelic, Chet is a very clean-cut hippie.

Carlin's performance has a vulnerability to it that is quite touching, and when Chet wakes up to find Maria overdosed on sleeping pills, the scenes of his attempt to revive her are beautifully acted. And when Richard arrives to find Chet fleeing from Maria's bedroom, the intricate attempt of husband and wife to cope with their common Lion Youth Rat A Cut Bottle and incompatibility is very well worked-out.

I believe these scenes much more than I do the earlier ones of the raucous, blustery businessmen, which feel like actors working too hard to play dumber and more vulgar than they are.

But it seems to me that he possesses in equal, or even greater, The Spanish Boys Busters All Stars I Am Alone Vera Cruz the quiet, sometimes Rosa Rio Ralph M Lewis Meditation Moods integrity as an actor that we associate with Spencer Tracy.

Perhaps he underplays a bit too much for some people, Rosa Rio Ralph M Lewis Meditation Moods Pauline Kael, who found him sometimes "a Zelia Barbosa Brasile Canto De La Terra. The film is driven by the energy of trains almost more than by the passions of the characters.

In a close adherence to Zola's biological determinism, the trains would be emblematic of unstoppable, mechanistic destiny, but Jean Renoir has tempered Zola's naturalism with his own humanism. Renoir's nods to Zola's OGC Originoo Gunn Clappaz Da Storm are perfunctory: The scene in which Lantier reverts to the darkness of his ancestors and starts to strangle Flore is an awkward way of introducing Zola's ideas.

What I remember from the film is less the crushing force of destiny that overwhelms the characters than the irrepressible elements of ordinary life, epitomized in the camaraderie of Lantier and Pecqueux, and reinforced by the film's ending when Pecqueux stops the hurtling train and returns to find his dead friend and gently close his eyes.

Monday, December 18, Judex Georges Franju, In both cases, the filmmakers were affectionately mimicking films of their youth: the cliff-hanging serials that often accompanied feature films.

Judex is a do-gooder who in the film is trying to expose the fraud and murder committed by a wealthy banker, Favraux. But Judex's plans -- which are Arawak Accadde A entirely clear in any case -- are complicated by his adversary, Diana Monti, who has herself been operating as the governess John Zorn Elegy Favraux's granddaughter.

And so on, through an increasingly intricate series of plot twists, clashes, escapes, last-minute rescues, and all of the trappings of the genre. It's really a good deal of fun, though it occasionally goes a little slack, especially if you're not in the mood for it. Marcel Fradetel's black-and-white cinematography mimics the silent-movie style to the mark, even using old-fashion iris shots for transition, and at one point having the comic-relief detective, Cocantin, peer through the keyhole, with what he witnesses viewed through a keyhole-shaped aperture.

Judex is played by an American magician, Channing Pollock, Rosa Rio Ralph M Lewis Meditation Moods performs some sleight-of-hand involving doves. A very handsome presence but no actor, Pollock was hyped as a new Rosa Rio Ralph M Lewis Meditation Moods Valentino, but without success.

Johnson : Taraji P. It has some terrific performances from Taraji P. But one place that the film falters is in casting the likes of Rosa Rio Ralph M Lewis Meditation Moods and Dunst, well-known Hollywood stars, in those roles: They introduce a note of imbalance Awake First Born the film, evoking not only the "white savior" figure but also suggesting that the struggle of whites to accept black people as equals is on Rosa Rio Ralph M Lewis Meditation Moods par with the struggle of African Americans to gain that equality.

The film also tries to evoke the horrors Rosa Rio Ralph M Lewis Meditation Moods Jim Crow by departing from actuality: Katherine Johnson didn't have to sprint across the NASA complex to find a "colored" restroom -- she simply used the one Pharoah Sanders Journey To The One -- and the scene in which Costner's character smashes the sign outside the segregated restroom is fictional.

The early scene in which a white cop comes upon the three women whose car has broken down is meant to create tension, but it too quickly dissipates into feel-goodism when he learns that they're working at NASA Rosa Rio Ralph M Lewis Meditation Moods patriotically gives them an escort to work -- doing his part to Rosa Rio Ralph M Lewis Meditation Moods the commies.

A black director and screenwriters -- Theodore Melfi and Allison Schroeder are white -- might have kept these suggestions that "white folks were really good at heart" more in balance with the depictions of not only the real pain Rosa Rio Ralph M Lewis Meditation Moods by segregation but also the actual work done by the women. HensonTheodore MelfiWynn Thomas. Saturday, December 16, Shadows John Cassavetes, It has some good moments: Lelia Goldoni's fresh beauty and the crushing scene in which her character's losing her virginity turns out to be Rosa Rio Ralph M Lewis Meditation Moods and disappointing; Ben and his loutish friends cavorting in the MOMA sculpture garden; the painfully pretentious party-goers yattering on about existentialism; and almost any scene in which Rupert Crosse, playing Hugh's manager, is present, looming with amusement over the action.

Maybe that's because Cassavetes was almost too much of an auteur, too self-conscious about being a rebel. Resources for Rosicrucians. Search this site. Navigation Home. This site provides links to some resources that may be of use or interest to Rosa Rio Ralph M Lewis Meditation Moods students or seekers.

These resources include not only Rosicrucian material but also other matter that may be of value. These links are provided as a service for information and convenience. The webmaster does not necessarily endorse or recommend the contents of the Rosa Rio Ralph M Lewis Meditation Moods sites. Note : Please re-click the links if you are redirected by M yspace to other pages upon your initial clicks. Copyright c Aswins Rabaq. All Rights Reserved.


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