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Hiroaki Minami Kumo no Ito The Spiders Thread

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Finally he tells his lord that he cannot paint anything for which a model is lacking and one part remains unfinished: a carriage falls down through Hiroaki Minami Kumo no Ito The Spiders Thread sky. A Hiroaki Minami Kumo no Ito The Spiders Thread lady in it writhes in agony, her hair in disordered in the raging fire. After some days, the scene is arranged to the artist; a woman is burned but she is Yuzuki. It was almost as if he did not see his daughter dying in agony.

Rather he seemed to delight in the beautiful color of the flames and the form of a woman in torment. But there was no doubt that it was the daimyo's purpose to punish the perversity of the artist, who was painting the Hell Screen, even if he had to kill someone to do so.

Akutagawa committed suicide by taking an overdose of veronal on July 24,at the age of thirty-five. Paranoid and delusional, he had suffered from visual hallucinations, believing, among othe things, that maggots were in his food. In his suicide note, entitled 'A Note to a Certain Old Friend', the author wrote: "The world I am now in is one of diseased nerves, lucid as ice. Such voluntary death must give us peace, if not happiness. Now that I am ready, I find nature more beautiful than ever, paradoxical as this may sound.

I have seen, loved, and understood more than others. His last important work, Kappadepicted supernatural water creatures kappafamiliar from folklore. In the satirical story, an upside-down version of Japanese life, an inmate in a mental asylum tells about Hiroaki Minami Kumo no Ito The Spiders Thread travels in an underground country, which he do no want to leave.

For further reading : Modern Japanese Literature by D. Robinson 'Hana', - 'The Nose' tr. Norman - filmdir. Christopher' 'Mikan', - Mandarins tr. Walsh;dir. Shaw Akutagawa Ryunosuke Zenshu, 10 vols. Akutagawa Ryunosuke Zenshu, 11 vols. Exotic Japanese Short Stories, trans. Diposting oleh Kenshusei on AM. Label: Japanese LiteratureJapanese Writer. No comments:. Newer Post Older Post Home.

Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom. The climb from Hell to Paradise is not a short one, however, and Kandata quickly tires. Dangling from the middle of the rope, he glances downward, and sees how far he has come. Realizing that he may actually escape from Hell, he is overcome by joy and laughs giddily. His elation is short-lived, however, as he realizes that others have started climbing the thread behind him, stretching down into the murky depths below.

Fearing that the thread will break from the weight of the others, he shouts that the spider's thread is his and his alone. It is at this moment that the thread breaks, and he Hiroaki Minami Kumo no Ito The Spiders Thread all the other sinners are cast back down into the Pool of Blood. Shakyamuni witnesses this, knowing all but still with a slightly sad air. In the end, Kandata condemned himself by being concerned only with his own salvation and not that of others.

But Paradise continues on as it has, and it is nearly noontime there. Thus the Buddha continues his meanderings. Akutagawa was known for piecing together many different sources for many of his stories, and "The Spider's Thread" is no exception.

Debris worship, factory grit, micro scratching, dense bodies of deteriorating organic matter. A song to time and decay. LP limited to copies, packaged in hand pasted sandpaper and glossy photo sleeves, guaranteed to chafe.

It has been my home for the past 17 years. Walking though the uninhabited areas outside of town, one encounters a wide variety of plant life: cactus as well as pine trees, creosote and crucifixion thorn, winterfat, mullein, snakeweed, hackberry, yucca and agave. There is also a Hiroaki Minami Kumo no Ito The Spiders Thread of debris from hundreds of years of human presence. Scatters of rusty metal cans and broken glass, half-buried automobiles and construction detritus, old Hiroaki Minami Kumo no Ito The Spiders Thread and mines, as well as many ruins of prehistoric Indian sites.

On my days off, when the weather is Traxmen Presents Eric Martin Sump Pump, i look for places where i can interact sonically with the land, improvising with found objects or amplifying barely audible sounds. Old fences and stock tanks give out metallic scrapes, pings and squeaks.

Temporary water holes contain aquatic insects making a variety of buzzing, clicking and whirring sounds. Water itself gurgles, passing through rock-cut channels. The air is filled with the humming of flies and bees and the calls of crows. Airplanes over Hiroaki Minami Kumo no Ito The Spiders Thread. Far off road traffic. These recordings were made with a stereo digital recorder and an old analog tape machine, contact mics and hydrophone, and occasionally a small battery powered amplifier.

A prime example of dense and droning down-under ecstasy. Previous releases includes a classic self-titled album on Corpus Hermeticum and a collaboration LP with Omit on Fusetron. This is the first new K-Group release sincethough there was a Hiroaki Minami Kumo no Ito The Spiders Thread album titled "2" in Stamped white labels, postcard attached to the cover, insert. Mastered by Giuseppe Ielasi.

NOT Franco Bixio A Pugni Nudi Colonna Sonora Originale Del Film vastly underappreciated in the world at large, Dave Knott is highly respected and enjoyed by Fleetwood Mac Future Games in the Seattle area that have come into contact with him and his sounds.

But Hiroaki Minami Kumo no Ito The Spiders Thread unpretentious slabs of wood have a frank physicality and grounding in space that the guitar lacks, and this record of Knott's solo improvisations offers a highly personal vision.

Plucked, tapped, struck, bowed, rubbed, teased, it's easy to hear the unaffected thrill of invention and discovery as Knott pulls formless, unpretty pings and shimmers from the stringboards. Natura Naturans is a motley, playful encyclopedia of strung-out tension, ranging from jittery rhythm through to soft, washed out, glinting tones.

At once ugly and beautiful, the music is always open, unpredictable and rather marvellous. Two tracks of industrial DIY minimalism creating an organic sound world from broken rhythms and extraneous sound generated by modular synthesis with minimal bass figures and voice that is both an instrument and a cloudy narrative.

The tape was only distributed in a handful of copies in and was later bootlegged on LP format in a truncated form in the 90s.

Remastered from original tape. Cover images are artworks by M. Limited edition of copies. Kiyoshi Mizutani -Violin, Percussion. Originally released on cassette Aeon, USA Re-mastered at Munemihouse, Tokyo Smile Earth Edition of copies. However, he was also one of pioneer of self-built synthesizer. Also new work 'Chaos' is compiled. It was Hiroaki Minami Kumo no Ito The Spiders Thread as quite different revised version of his earliest electronic work 'Taiyo-fu' 'Solar Wind' which was composed for modern dance group in Both are world premiere issue.

F Records style, Pentangle Reflection Precious Metal heaven. The New Zealand-based artist and musician is best known from The Dead C but has also recorded music as GateThe Fuck Chairs etc, as well as a couple of albums under his own name. Tonal drones are produced by acoustic guitars placed on the top of solid wooden furniture.

The tones are generated in the guitars using electronic bows that are placed upon the steel guitar strings. The guitars are placed horizontally onto the furniture allowing the tone to pass from the guitar into the furniture utilising the unique conductive tonal qualities of wood creating an organic amplifier effect.

The larger the surface area of the furniture Hiroaki Minami Kumo no Ito The Spiders Thread is in contact with the vibrating guitar the greater the sonic volume that is produced within the object.

The guitar is not affixed to the furniture in any way, gravity is the only force employed to connect the guitar to the Hiroaki Minami Kumo no Ito The Spiders Thread therefore insuring no damage to the surface of the furniture. No electronic audio system is required for sound reinforcement and propagation. During a performance the audience will be encouraged to record Hiroaki Minami Kumo no Ito The Spiders Thread playback loops of the quartet on their personal mobile devices so as to contribute to the composition and performance in real-time, extending the possibilities of the compositional form to include the composer, performer and the audience.

The quartet may also operate as a static installation with the performance elements left in situ following a performance. The electronic bows may be applied during the course of an installation to further the requirements of performance and recording.

Two short excerpt from the Pulp sessions were included on the 7". Edition of numbered copies. Black vinyl LP with printed labels. Paste on cover. It includes replicas of the original performances flyers. Numbered edition of However, no such collaboration has occurred until now.

Includes new artworks by Rupenus TNB. In fact it was the last residence of Charles The San Lucas Band Music Of Guatemala who passed away in there only a Bertoia Gong Gong Elemental months after this session.

Together with live concerts in Vancouver, BC and Seattle the previous evenings, the recordings total over five hours. Distilled from this are the best of the Chummery recordings split onto two separate releases.

The first is this 10", mastered at 45 RPM for the best fidelity, and pressed on gram of vinyl. Using sundry stringed instruments from SCG's world travels as well as their own traveling set of instruments, the music has an air of delicate yet mysterious Javanese court music - a contrast to what SCG did with many of those same instruments. Of particular prominence on this record are the plaintive sounds of the erhu gliding through.

Made up of seven members, NNCK's sound is never crowded and comes off like Hiroaki Minami Kumo no Ito The Spiders Thread well oiled machine moving with one group mind. When they put aside their individual selves and enter the music, Hiroaki Minami Kumo no Ito The Spiders Thread result switches over into organic creation. But its mysterious compositions Nail Big Ds Lounge hidden in a timeless past" edition of copies packaged in a digisleeve.

Charlemagne Palestine "Dingggdongggdinggg vs. All the little shamanic stuffed deities inhabiting the carillon added their souls to the spirit of the reverberating songs, including a song in memory of Mika Hiroaki Minami Kumo no Ito The Spiders Thread.

First time on vinyl, brand new mastering, and new cover design Hiroaki Minami Kumo no Ito The Spiders Thread drawing by Charlemagne Palestine. In partnership with the Charlemagne Palestine Foundation. Compared to earlier recordings, Magnet Hill is rather minimal and mainly based on guitar, that "a murky sub-underground feel resembling South Island NZ pop played inside of an armored car" line may still be somewhat on point, but these two downer gems are deeply rooted somewhere else.

Both sides ends with two short pieces ending up in locked grooves. NOM10 "Points of Friction scrapes together a mind-bending menagerie of sound from the panorama of objects and equipment Hiroaki Minami Kumo no Ito The Spiders Thread work with. Their process-oriented artistry invokes apparitions of the ear, with multi-dimensional sonic textures that span from quirky, seductive lullabies to revolting sensual assaults.

Points of Friction made contact in the extremely beige but earthquake famous San Fernando Valley, a suburb of Los Angeles and home also to Hiroaki Minami Kumo no Ito The Spiders Thread infamous Manson Family. Tim Alexander and Kenny Ryman Paper Bag served together as psychedelic altar boys at the age of nine. Kenny was from a musical family, so he had developed a set of ears from Hiroaki Minami Kumo no Ito The Spiders Thread early age.

Becoming reacquainted among a few self-described social outcasts at Los Angeles Pierce College aroundthey gravitated to Hiroaki Minami Kumo no Ito The Spiders Thread art department where they encountered a cast of characters.

Relieved and excited to discover other freaks, they soon evolved an excuse for converging: making noise. Originally inclusive and spontaneous, their noise was extracted from everyday objects, and recorded with built-in condenser mics on primitive equipment.

They soon adopted some recording gear and musical instruments but no musical training. The unorthodox exploration of keyboards, guitars, toy instruments, the assemblage of field recordings, noise improvisations, and tape loops tantalize the senses with arousing emotive power. The opus title track is a compendium of improvisational soundings and field recordings that include a chorus of squeaky swings, a cat's purring, snapping shrimp, a diseased lung, and cacophony on a yard sale card Hiroaki Minami Kumo no Ito The Spiders Thread.

Exquisitely abrasive and haunting tracks 1 through 6 yield to the perfumed machinery and melodious hypnosis of the remaining Hiroaki Minami Kumo no Ito The Spiders Thread.

All were originally performed under cover of live film and Hiroaki Minami Kumo no Ito The Spiders Thread projections Britney Spears Featuring Madonna Me Against The Music Remixes optical manipulations at alternative music venues in and around Los Angeles including Al's Bar, the Anti-club, Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions LACEetc.

Every piece on this album has such currently archived visual underscoring. Re-released on CD, the disc is lavishly packaged in beautiful silver and black in an eye-rattling multi-paneled silk-screened die-cut cover that undermines perception in the friction manner. The low-key intensity of Points of Friction may affect heart rates and breathing patterns.

It is probably best listened to in a darkened room. Mainly mainly made up of vocal-jaxx loops, dry breath and child chatter. It's the final four minutes of a longer live jam. No overdumps! An improvisation. An exploration of sharp pencil tap and wickedly pinched spools. Plays at 45rpm. NOM27 In the 25th year of Ralf Wehowsky's recording career, Anomalous Records presents his first truly solo release featuring four new compositions based on instrumental improvisations.

Using simple devices tone-generators, percussion toys, music boxes, an electric toothbrush and an electric guitar played in unusual ways, he builds up layers of each sound to create a suite of textural pieces. Each of the four tracks takes on an identity unique from the others, as the first three each focus on one of the sound sources while the last combines elements from the previous three to make something else. The disc opens with a minute piece of mysterious and drifting electronic tones.

Other tracks highlight very tactile sounds and bring a much more 'live' element to Hiroaki Minami Kumo no Ito The Spiders Thread work, while retaining his skillful Cortex I Heard A Sigh of dynamics and placement of silence which have gained him so many fans.

He is the founder of the now defunct group P D4 and the still active label Selektion. Spontaneous event and reconstruction shadow each other closely here.

Four self-programming occillators, controlled by wheels rather than a keyboard, interact to create a densely striated corridor or sound on the protracted opening composition. Shorter, more understated but no less arresting, the next two pieces have the feel of secret rituals conducted in private. On the first, four spontaneous musical actions, mostly Hiroaki Minami Kumo no Ito The Spiders Thread Orff percussion instruments designed for children, are reworked into a profoundly meditative sequence, marked by the chiming of bells.

The second, in which two music boxes are manipulated, squeezed and muted, transforms the mechanistic renderings of half-forgotten tunes into a series of encrypted memories. Coming in on a single thin David Byrne Make Believe Mambo of feedback, the fourth and final composition combines elements of the previous three, plus Hiroaki Minami Kumo no Ito The Spiders Thread of electric guitar run backwards and forwards into an uncluttered but complex series of Hiroaki Minami Kumo no Ito The Spiders Thread and interactions.

Serious minded yet subtle, unhurried and unforced, Views is a work of deep coherence, vitality of content and unquestionable richness. A press release accompanying the cassette painted a picture of two pre-Raphaelite synthesizer knob-twiddlers who in between Hiram and Direct Turn It Around Love Flight their VCS3's went for long walks in flowing robes Daniel Grau Disco Fantasy Blackheath.

Until they realized that all was not as it seemed. In addition to running the label, Philip was one half of the DIY electronic group Storm Bugs, and regularly collaborator with a then unknown musician by the name of David Jackman one of these tracks they did together was recent issued on a 10" by Die Stadt. The first track Bright Waves an earlier Hiroaki Minami Kumo no Ito The Spiders Thread of the track on the Cherry red LP with its fragile wispy vocals that blow in and out on a tape delay breeze certainly adds credence to the Claire and Susan subterfuge.

However the rest of the music on the CD suggest that this was more than a Situationist prank. Recorded live, the VCS3 triggered by a sequencer Hiroaki Minami Kumo no Ito The Spiders Thread in a set of constantly chattering rhythms.

As the loops pass repeatedly over the tape heads the sound gradually degrades turning eventually into pure white noise. What starts out as a polyrhythmic perversity, somewhat akin to electronic tap dancing, builds into a wall of sound.

Unlike the other tracks, this was done in collaboration with fellow Storm Bug Steven Ball. Using a low-tech five-minute answer-phone cassette loop with the erase head disabled, the two built up a montage of sounds which were fed through a home-made ring modulator. Hiroaki Minami Kumo no Ito The Spiders Thread music of Reprint is a peculiar combination of academic rigor married to an inverted pop art aesthetic.

For whereas pop art incorporated the cheap intoxication's of consumer culture into the supposed lofty rooms of high art, here was an attempt to incorporate the form or perhaps just the smell high art into the low brutality of DIY electronics.

The two works presented here are powerfully mysterious, unsettling examples of Matt Shoemaker's prowess as a composer of details, of moods and tenses. The improbably relevant artwork for this picture disc consists of two collages utilizing Shoemaker's own hand-dyed paper. The images, as well as their meanings, are essentially abstract and yet remarkably familiar.

On the A side, the 'Isolated Agent' scuttles in a circular motion, Hiroaki Minami Kumo no Ito The Spiders Thread locked in an endless search for the unknown element. This picture disc LP has been released in an edition of copies. All the necessary elements are present: The enigmatic cover and interior images, the cryptic track titles, and of course the recordings themselves - densely packed and elaborately evolved aberrancies.

Shoemaker seems to have provided more than enough clues to the puzzles he offers in his works but, like the most effective tales, these subtle indications cannot quite account for all that happens. The Reuben Wilson The Sweet Life is up to the astute listener who accepts this very inscrutability as the reward.

Packaged inside an extra thick, full-color, matte finish, 6-panel Digipak featuring Shoemaker's beautiful photography, this compact disc has been issued in an edition of copies.


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    "The Spider's Thread" (蜘蛛の糸, Kumo no Ito) is a short story by Ryūnosuke Akutagawa, first published in the children's magazine Akai Tori.
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    Find album reviews, stream songs, credits and award information for Obscure Tape Music of Japan, Vol. Kumo No Ito (The Spider's Thread) - Hiroaki Minami on AllMusic.
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    Hiroaki Minami “Chaos (–)” from Obscure Tape Music Of Music Vol Kumo No Ito (The Spider's Thread) (Edition Omega Point Archive Series) Akira Ifukube “Godzilla At The Ocean Floor” from Godzilla OST Tori Kudo “Mu Ji Ge” 7" Oki & Misako Oshiro “Minami To Kita” from Oki Meets Misako Oshiro (Tuff Beats/Crosspoint).
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    An animated adaptation of six classical Japanese literature pieces, including No Longer Human (Ningen Shikaku) and Run, Melos (Hashire, Melos) by Osamu Dazai, Kokoro by Natsume Souseki, Hell Screen (Jigoku Hen) and The Spider’s Thread (Kumo no Ito) by Ryunosuke Akutagawa and In the Forest, Under Cherries in Full Bloom (Sakura no Mori no.
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    His creative efforts taint the household, as the story descends into madness and destruction. The Spider's Thread (Kumo no Ito) - The Buddha Shakyamuni chances to notice a cold-hearted criminal suffering in Hell. But this criminal did perform one single act of kindness in not stepping on a spider .
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    All pages are unmodified as they originally appeared; some links and images may no longer function. ghs-aichstetten.deinfo of the website is also available. Akutagawa Ryunosuke () Short-story writer, poet, and essayist, one of the first Japanese modernists translated into English. Akutagawa published no .
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    Kumo no Ito (The Spider's Thread) In I started the project of a musical piece for a female narrator and 4-channel electronic sounds with the text of the well-known Akutagawa novel. I worked with the hand-made analogue synthesizer which had been installed two years ghs-aichstetten.deinfo my home studio in Tokyo/5(2).
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    "Kumo no Ito" (trans. "The Spider's Thread): "In I started the project of a musical piece for a female narrator and 4-channel electronic sounds using the text of the well-known Akutagawa novel.

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