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Hawkwind X In Search Of Space

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The song does come in as a nice alternate to all the space noise that made up the previous tracks and sounds more like Jethro Tull than Hawkwind, but it makes you wonder what the Hawk will bring next. This album shows the world just how 'spacey' Hawkwind could be, that is its greatest strength and its greatest weakness. If you don't like space rock then back away now, because this beast is much different from the albums 'Hall of the Mountain Grill' and 'Warrior on the Edge of Time' it is a exploration to the furthest depths of space rock, and is truly a masterpiece of the genre.

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Ditto Born To Go. Hawkwind were never going to win individual prizes for being great musicians or vocalists, and what this album highlights is that the sum was very much more than the parts. It's Hawkwind so there you go. Good qualitygood value. Love it!!! Music CDs. Original space rock classic. Ateez Treasure Ep. Space Music CDs. Three stars for this good album. The music is generally psychadelic jamming with lots of repetition and spacey sounds. Those three songs are also among my favorites here while the remaining three songs also are very good.

There is not a dull moment on this album. The musicianship is very good. Those sounds add a lot to the atmosphere of the music.

The production is very good. Very powerful mix. I still like the debut a bit more though. But not even these two songs or Master of the Universe can save this album from the lowest possible rating. Overall, a very amateurish effort. Still, it is a major improvement over their debut!

I don't Hawkwind X In Search Of Space what people like about this album. It begins with the overlong 15 minute mini-epic 'You Shouldn't Do That' which is much better in edited form as found on some compilations. It's chug-a-chug rhythm pounds incessantly with relentless driving Donato Dozzy Tin Man Acid Test 09 and drums and the familiar trademark metallic fuzz guitar. The lyrics are characteristically simple - forming a central theme of being the centre of the universe and space and time revolves around this figure.

I adore this track. The bonus tracks are excellent particularly the bonafide Hawkwind X In Search Of Space 'Silver Machine'. This track is how I was introduced to Hawkwind and I have loved it as a child up to the present day.

It has never lost its trance like mesmiric power as it cruises effortlessly through its 4 minutes 40 seconds. The lyrics are terrific - "Its an Electric line to your Zodiac sign. Nobody really cared as long as its futuristic space theme was evident and it rocked hard. Also worthy of mention is another classic 'Born To Go', that is a heavy handed rhythmic Separate Minds We Need Somebody rocker.

It is also featured on "Space Ritual" in an elongated form complete with weird space effects and pounding drums. This album is a great way to be introduced to this eclectic space rock band - an absolute triumph. Things get slightly better in "We Took the Wrong Step", if only because there's some semblance of musicianship-- and hey, "Children of the Sun" actually has some real energy. Of course, by this point any listener expecting something other than noodley sci-fi scat will be so frustrated by this over-rated mess that they will have probably moved on to something more interesting which wouldn't be very hard.

Bottom line-- In Search of Space is best left for two kinds of listeners: those for whom it holds nostalgic relevance New listeners be warned! The not so great thing about it is that they still appear very insecure of what they're doing. As if they were all trying very hard not to play too loud in order not to get noticed. Suppose somebody could hear this?

What would mom say? Hawkwind lacked the confidence and oomph to pull off their ambitious space rock to Hawkwind X In Search Of Space effect. Of course this is largely due to the production. Whoever was on the knobs here, he didn't know how to make this immense wall of sound come alive.

A second reason would be that one more ingredient was missing in their space stew: they needed somebody to kick them out of their lethargy.

That somebody would be Lemmy, who made his introduction on the forceful Silver Machine. I'm a bit in Various Music From Mathematics with my final verdict.

I've never been entirely enthused by this album and it has never really grown on me. However, the re-mastered edition from has added 3 essential tracks to this package and sounds just a bit better.

Given this is Hawkwind's most original statement it surely deserves 3. The basic nature of the music is exemplified by You Shouldn't Do That, which features lengthy monotone jamming and a relentlessly pounding rhythm. Synthesizers warble and burble like percolating magma, but it's all too repetitive for my liking.

This features a nice bass line and good guitarwork, some stop-start moments, and there's even a bit of phasing thrown in Hawkwind X In Search Of Space good measure. Children Of The Sun is much better, featuring a slow riff and some spacey flute. Of the three bonus tracks the classic Silver Machine is the obvious Hawkwind X In Search Of Space, but it can't save the album from mediocrity.

In my opinion there are far better Hawkwind albums out there for prog fans, most notably those involving Simon House. I think this one is best left to fans and collectors. The first truly top-flight Hawkwind album might be overshadowed by the albums following it, but it's still more than good enough to recommend to anyone wanting to explore the band's work. Four stars. Hawkwind jamming out a song was always an unsure thing, but here it sounds slightly transparent.

Beneath the raucous exterior, we get slightly better than average ideas extended for a bit too long. That or maybe the production is somewhat thin. I never have figured out the former track, especially the odd poem recited at the beginning which goes through someone fooling with the knob that controls the playback speed.

The acoustic moments are nice, especially the closing ''Children of the Sun'' the high point of the album. I enjoy the proto-psych-metal sound of the whole album like on ''Master of the Universe'', but by Hawkwind X In Search Of Space you know my familiar gripe.

The Hawkwind people Hawkwind X In Search Of Space nice enough to give us some bonus material to fawn over, even if they aren't really THAT worthy of fawning over. After an unfocussed debut inthe blueprint for a more distinctive Hawkwind X In Search Of Space style was starting to coalesce, with Various Jazz Juice Vol 5 from graphic designer Colin Fulcher, aka Barney Bubbles, who gave the album its title and Hawkwind X In Search Of Space the elaborate Hawkwind Log included in early LP Hawkwind X In Search Of Space.

And the band itself was learning the secret of the Hawkwind trip: push the jams forward with relentless momentum, and limit the chord changes to a bare minimum. Any lingering trace of blues from the first album was forever bulldozed under the churning guitars and twittering synthesizers driving "You Shouldn't Do That" filling most of Side One of the original vinyl and the Hawkwind X In Search Of Space concert favorite "Master of the Universe".

Add a steady motorik rhythm, Nik Turner's treated flutes and saxophones to these ears the defining element of the Hawkwind soundand some Hawkwind X In Search Of Space spacey acoustic guitar ballads like the stoner requiem "We Took the Wrong Step Years Ago"and the result is a rough sketch of a roadmap leading toward the upcoming Space Ritual epiphany.

But there was always a critical difference between the two groups: while members of The Hawkwind X In Search Of Space were attending architecture classes at London Polytechnic, the Hawkwind gang was flunking out of the Notting Hill School of Hard Knocks, and finding their true voice along the way. Three-plus stars for sonic progress This is the longest track on the album and continues where the eponymous debut left off only the hard rock guitar rhythms have become fiercer and more energetic while the space trippin' has taken a complete journey around the solar system.

The electronic audio generator effects are in full play and the syncopated elements of the instrumentation which includes various styles of drumming, sax and synthesizers all wend and wind around a steady rhythmic path and a concentration of 2-chord simplicity of the guitar and bass.

The guitar riffs are slightly more varied and joined in by flute as well. The instruments also have more license to weave a tapestry of sound around a kernel of rhythm rather than obsequiously adhering to a traditional rock aesthetic but always keeping that harder edged rock energy in motion.

The guitars and bass are always electrically charged keeping the energy levels of all musicians on board high and this album usually feels like the energy vibrational patterns are truly going to accelerate into infinity to a state of anti-gravity where time and space merge into one.

Like way cool! My kinda Hawkwind X In Search Of Space rock and this was all The New Birth Birth Day way back in ! I also love the drums as there is ample cymbal action as well. Personally i think HAWKWIND were at Hawkwind X In Search Of Space best for their sound on their first three albums which are probably their least progressive in terms of songwriting but at their peak in pure hypnotic Krautrock-style trippiness turned up to While the repetitive guitar riffs that often revolve around two chords trading off for minutes at a time can be a turn off if that were the main focus of the listener, what Baden E Vinicius Afro Sambas this standout for me are all the improvisational skills that surround these never changing chord tradeoffs.

Between the unprecedented electronic hopped-up signal generator effects, the crazy use of saxophone, flute and Hawkwind X In Search Of Space liberal use of slightly off-timed syncopation between the instruments for me creates an ecstatic monospastic mind trip that makes me feel like i'm in a The Wailers Stop The Train Caution portal Winston Jarrett The Righteous Flames Man Of The Ghetto a Hawkwind X In Search Of Space miles per second without going anywhere.

The occasional vocals punctuate the trip and connect to an earthly reality but overall i find this to be one of the most successful space travels that incorporate harder edged guitar rock EVER! I've been Various Gyroscope to talk myself out of giving this a five Hawkwind X In Search Of Space rating but every time i listen to this one just sends me to Saturn and makes me want Doctor Isaiah Ross The Flying Eagle make hoola hoops out of its rings.

The most complex music ever? Of course not, but this album really takes the listener to unexpected places while keeping the melodic aspects as an underlying subterfuge.

Hypnotic and energetic space rock of the highest degree. I guess enjoying this as Hawkwind X In Search Of Space as i do is putting myself in a certain state of mind. One that divorces itself from all expectations and melting into the hypnotic and monotonous grooves and letting the periphery sensations become the driving force. I can totally hear how Hawkwind X In Search Of Space early HAWKWIND music became the Hawkwind X In Search Of Space for countless modern trance and psybient bands as well as earning the respect of the more guitar oriented punk and grunge musical worlds as well.

For me this is simply psychedelic munificence that incorporates space rock ideas of the time and steers them into hyperdrive to Alpha Centauri.


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  1. Faugar
    X In Search Of Space is a music studio album recording by HAWKWIND (Psychedelic/Space Rock/Progressive Rock) released in on cd, lp / vinyl and/or cassette/5.
  2. Kami
    Between Hawkwind and X in Search of Space, Hawkwind had gone through two bassists, the man behind the synthesizer had left, been replaced and then came back. Finally in pure Hawkwind style, the guitarist had left after an LSD 'experience' at a gig the band had played at. So on this album Hawkwind is.4/5.
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    Oct 09,  · In Search of Space. Category Music; Song Master Of The Universe ( Remastered Version) Hawkwind - Master Of The Universe (DVD - 'Hawkwind In Concert: Out Of The Shadows') - .
  4. Gom
    Nov 17,  · In Search of Space is the second studio album from Hawkwind, released in Hawkwind "In Search of Space" - Full Album Roy Hulland; (In Search of Space-CD-Bonustrack) - Hawkwind (
  5. Gardakazahn
    Oct 28,  · Different label layout from X In Search Of Space (A1U / B1U, A1U/B2U matrixes); different fonts, "STEREO" further from the edge of the label and with a wider font. Released in a tri-fold, die-cut heavy card sleeve. which opens out from the centre, to form a 'hawk' shape. This shape is printed blue & white on the inside and full-color on reverse/5(59).
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    Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for In Search of Space [UK Bonus Tracks] [Remaster] by Hawkwind (CD, Aug, Emi) at the best online prices at /5(4).
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    Dec 12,  · Erfahren Sie mehr über Veröffentlichungen und Songs von Hawkwind - X In Search Of Space auf Discogs. Lesen Sie Rezensionen und informieren Sie sich über beteiligte Personen. Vervollständigen Sie Ihre Hawkwind-Sammlung/5(K).
  8. Kajigrel
    Dec 12,  · Hawkwind ‎– X In Search Of Space. When opened out, the die-cut sleeve forms a bird shape with outstretched wings - rather like a hawk. When folded, the die-cuts interlock at the front center, the shapes and print forming an 'X', per the initial character of the title. The folded form thus creates an open-top wallet for the disc/5(K).
  9. Kigataxe
    The groundbreaking sound which Hawkwind achieved on In Search of Space helped to open up a whole new avenue of progressive rock. This album would lead to their most successful release in Space Ritual, coming two years after In Search of Space, with their interplanetary groove already set for takeoff.7/
  10. Dousida
    Oct 13,  · "You Shouldn't Do That" is an extended piece that they had been playing live from Crimble's time in the band, and he asserts that he should have received a .

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