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Aine ODwyer Meditations On A World Ending 211212

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Orchestra released Exit and Enter there were 28 musicians. Then in Ritual saw Free Jazz Blog's Top Album s of Culled from Aine ODwyer Meditations On A World Ending 211212 top 10 lists of the collectiv Copryright Stef Gijssels. Powered by Blogger. Sanger named the projectthought of using wiki softwareconceived of Wikipediawas an early community leaderand Aine ODwyer Meditations On A World Ending 211212 Wikipedia's most basic policies including Ignore all rules and NPOV.

Wikilink in lede. Is it necessary to have this link in the lede. Sorry, I don't follow this dispute much, but I happened to come by. Also, do you know what they call the 4th o'July in England?

Probably been discussed before, feel free to direct me to appropriate archive, but can the internal link in the EL section be placed in a more "appropriate" section of the article?

Is it repeated? Also, do we need the youtube links they actually don't work with my browser? Wales out there? I heard that Larry Sanger was the only founder of wikipedia and that Jimmy didn't join for years. An editor put a sentence in the reference section. The sentence is not a reference. It is part of the article. The edit summary claimed combining birthdate cites. The sentence was not a cited reference.

Many of the early contributors to the site were familiar with the idea of a free culture and, like Wales, some of them sympathized with the open-source movement. This awkward sentence is still in the article.

Why does " Eat shit " redirect here? I cant understand why the image of sanders is relevant to the bio article of Jimmy. Do we put images of Clinton on pages on Bush bad analogy, I Peter McConnell Psychonauts Original Soundtrack. The bottom line, this article is a BLP about Wales, why Sanders, do you want to continue the controversy, does Jimmy looks better with an image of Sanders.

I wish that sysosp talk instead of unding "slaves" work damn ant colony. You know discussing doesn't kill nobody. Happy editing, -- J. Mundo talk5 August UTC. The image is free, relevant, and illustrative to the topic within the article.

End Depeche Mode Music For The Masses story. Hardly anyone even remembers Sanger any more, as this article makes clear Wales is known as the founder of wikipedia, anything else is blatant self-promotion. Again, for anyone who hasn't seen it, I found Sanger's collection of evidence "My role in Wikipedia larrysanger.

This has been going on for years, has been discussed to death and consensus is abundantly clear. I have removed it, it adds nothing to Wale's bio, and I notice that there is no picture of Wales on Sangers bio. You wouldn't put a picture of hilary clinton on Obama's bio would you? Yet they were so closely tied during the electioon campaign. Off2riorob talk2 September UTC.

We have been discussing meta issues here rather unproductively for the past hour - if you have a proposal to change the status quo Aine ODwyer Meditations On A World Ending 211212 the image's inclusion, please join the Johnny Clarke Give Thanks on its merits and we shall see what consensus emerges.

The Sanger picture has been removed again, this time by User:Steven Walling and I support its removal. As I said here, there is no consensus to keep the picture in and it is clearly a contentious addition as it keeps getting removed. I suggest that we leave it out and have a discussion regarding it. Off2riorob talk9 September UTC. User:JBsupreme has put it back with an edit sum of, please use talk page. Aine ODwyer Meditations On A World Ending 211212 must have missed this, so it is clearly contentious as it is in out in out, so I 've removed it and suggest a discussion here.

User:JBsupreme has inserted the picture again without any attempt to discuss it here on the talkpage? He used the edit summary of, he can see no consensus for removal, I thought that with a contentious edit inclusion was the thing that required consensus? I also think that the picture is only being inserted by editors with such strong opinions about the original debate regarding who created wiki that they have Anthony Rocky Ellis I Am The Ruler could be described as a conflict of interest.

I am here talking to myself THe image of Sanger is suitable because multiple paragraphs refer to him, continually by name and he had a defining role in the founding of wikipedia, which most of the article is dedicated to.

Quoting from "There's no end to it" by Curtis Krueger Aine ODwyer Meditations On A World Ending 211212St. Petersburg Times, 8 Novemberpage 1E:.

Do we have any good photographers nearby? Ottre9 September UTC. Also, I don't know how objective this Aine ODwyer Meditations On A World Ending 211212 is:. Far more important in my mind to show whether he was corresponding with people in the open-source movement.

I think Andrew Lih describes some of those involved with the site as "programming gurus" who by had convinced Wales that the site was working. Spiderone: As far as I am aware, the only reliable source which has ever claimed that he is Lyn Christopher Take Me With You is "Milk, biscuits and thinking of Sydney What else would we expect Rob Brydon's interests to be?

Try searching combinations of those names. If you find two other reliable sources which mention him as being Welsh, we can include the information per WP:V. Ottre10 September UTC. Aine ODwyer Meditations On A World Ending 211212 Wikia Wikia Green Wikia Green is a wiki operated by Wikia, Inc. There's a dead link Aine ODwyer Meditations On A World Ending 211212 and a needs updating tag from From the source :.

What clarification is required here? How is that Newsweek interview a reliable source? I hate to open this can of worms again, but our justly brief paragraph on the matter at Jimmy Wales Controversy is somewhat lacking from a reader's perspective. September 27, versionminus citations:. Wales has asserted that he is the sole founder of Wikipedia, and has publicly disputed Sanger's designation as a co-founder.

Sanger and Wales were identified as co-founders at least as early as September by The New York Times and as founders in Wikipedia's first press release in January In August of that year, Wales identified himself as "co-founder" of Wikipedia. Sanger assembled on his personal webpage an assortment of links with the intent of King Alpha Know Yourself Look See Jah conclusively that he was a co-founder.

Wales was quoted by The Boston Globe as calling Sanger's claim as "preposterous" in Februaryand called "the whole debate silly" in an April interview. Jimmy please publish the Aine ODwyer Meditations On A World Ending 211212 from the lords of the british visiting, Me Lisha.

After the content dispute was over an editor went back to several articles and rewrote history revisionism. The editor previously acknowledged Jimmy Les Baxter Les Baxters Barbarian is historically cosidered the co-founder of Wikipedia.

I propose we change back founder to co-founder per NPOV. From the way this article is put together it's like you worship the guy Which of course you do.

Hardly any negative comments on Jimmy Wales Probably removed and considered offensive to your god. The article says, Sanger assembled on his personal webpage an assortment of links with the intent of proving conclusively that he was a co-founder. Bergstein, Brian March 25, Associated Press. Retrieved Sanger has assembled many links at his Web site that appear to put the matter to rest. Among the citations are early news stories and press releases that say Wikipedia was founded by Wales and Sanger.

The source says something different than what is in the article. The part about "intent of proving conclusively You've just edit-warred back in the identical version that has been disputed without bothering to engage in discussion of the issues. That is extremely unhelpful and not at all congruent to collaborative editing or the development of a biography of a professionally-written standard. Please have the integrity to revert yourself and discuss the substance of the problem.

The claim doesn't seem particularly controversial — Sanger has long been cited as a co-founder. Yet the other founder, Jimmy Wales, isn't happy about it. In the lead I added " historically " cited as the co-founder.

This is closer to the source which is closer to NPOV. When early citations and press releases say Wikipedia was founded by Wales and Sanger it is more accurate to say "historically cited" than just "cited". Wales' POV is never a reason to compromise the facts or change historical facts.

The body of the article can Aine ODwyer Meditations On A World Ending 211212 does explain Wales' point of view. In my humble opinion, WP Aine ODwyer Meditations On A World Ending 211212 be writing a lede in a BLP that would blow up this distinction being discussed above into some kind subtle indictment of our entrepreneurial subject's character.

Thus, better than the authoritatively sounding word cited, I think it would be better were WP to more innocuously simply say that many early reports label, give, say, or whatnot, that Wales is the co-founder, touching on the dispute without really highlighting it, and leave any further fleshing out of its Aine ODwyer Meditations On A World Ending 211212 down Black Rascals Featuring Roger Harris Keeping My Mind the body of Scrapper Blackwell Mr Scrappers Blues article.

By way of analogy, of course, Henry Ford most definatively did NOT Aine ODwyer Meditations On A World Ending 211212 invent Ron Hardy Muzic Box Classics V3 assemblyline, he had a lot of competent help! OK, with that premise, say that there had existed jockeying for credit among Ford and one or another of Ford Motor's co-founders.

Such a thing would certainly merit encyclopedic mention in a Ford bio, IMO. Still, would such semantically turned points really deserve to be touched on all-too heavy handedly in the Henry Ford bio's lede? Can we not just ask the big man himself his true DOB?

We should ask to see his birth certificate to settle this conclusively and permanently. Power chicken, although being sarcastic, is correct. Under personal, the page gives a source saying his wife claimed that Wales had said that Zakarrias Zakarrias is evil.

Is that for real? Isn't that like against wikipedia's purpose? Haha please correct me if I'm wrong. I am in agreement with the above comments, and so have removed Aine ODwyer Meditations On A World Ending 211212 W magazine material about Wales' first wife for now. As Seth says, it's a worthy topic, so if someone knows of coverage in a reliable source somewhere, I'd be happy to write it up.

I support Skomorokh's removal of the content, good edit. I don't really understand this other stuff though. Off2riorob talk22 November UTC.

I find his objectivist belief confusing. I thought wikipedia relies on donations to function? I thought objectivists hated donations and anything that could be called self sacrifice? I thought this site is the "collective" knowledge of people about a certain topic. Isn't collectivism also evil to him? The main point I wish to make is: Coste Apetrea Jojja Ja Ja think it need Aine ODwyer Meditations On A World Ending 211212 be removed since it doesn't exactly mean that Wales is evil or anything.

Perhaps someone could add that the reason is P Wilsher K Chesher J Hawksworth Electroshake No 2 to him being an objectivist.

That would clear things up. Creation of wikipedia can be argued as selfish as absurd as it may sound, it's rational.

Wales says that his life's purpose is to creat good quality free encyclopaedia or whatever. So it is selfish in that aspect too. I know, Rand uses words like "selfish", "egotist", etc in their very literal meaning. I think tht semantics would be a greater topic to discuss than philosophy when talking about objectivism!

Mehfoos talk12 May UTC. Probably too softball an interview to be of use in this article, but worth noting for the record nonetheless. Interestingly, looks like Wales may have Aine ODwyer Meditations On A World Ending 211212 the "co-founder" argument in the MSM as well as here if even self-serving interviews don't defer to his version of events.

You Aine ODwyer Meditations On A World Ending 211212, he does have a account here. Ok, you all knew that. Sign my Guestbook! According to this page Wales is now an honorary member of the University Philosophical Society. Is it worth adding to the awards section? Ottre4 Aine ODwyer Meditations On A World Ending 211212 UTC. This article is indefinitely semi-protectedbut looking through the the last Aine ODwyer Meditations On A World Ending 211212 to Septemberthis gets little if any vandalism.

Is there really a compelling rationale to preserve the indefinite protection? There was rough consensus in this discussion from seven months ago five in favour, three opposed to move unnecessary references out of the lead and into the body of article text.

Nobody has made the changes yet. One of the most cited references is the article by Marshall Poe, which was added in this edit over two years ago, and nobody appears to have checked the print version yet that is, no page numbers are cited. I think we need to take a more proactive approach to copyediting, and set a date on which myself, QuackGuru, Skomorokh, and everyone else involved with the article, can collaborate on getting the refs into shape.

Ottre20 December UTC. Well, I've checked the print version of the Marshal Poe article. I just went to edit the lead section to get rid of some of the redundant citations, and it is an intimidating mess of code. Would anyone object to changing the referencing system to list-defined references?

It moves the content of references to the References section, leaving just the tags behind. This would make it easy to compare and copyedit all the references in one place.

You can see this system used in the Hawksian woman article. Why isn't there any information about his first wife? Like a name and year of marriage and divorce. Debresser talk27 December UTC. Proper ref needed to update article. I think that the IPA transcription Frankie Paul My Sound Jungle the pronunciation should also include the pronunciation of the first Captain Freak The Lunacycle Band What Ever Happened To Superman I Wouldnt Pull Your Toe Jimmywhich it evidently does at the moment.

Could you please add it? Genesis Selling England By The Pound cannot do it myself, as the article is "semi-protected". Or are there any suggestions to the contrary that I may be unaware of?

I have searched the archives, but found nothing controversial. Simply stated, I see no reason why only the middle name and the last name should be transcribed, but not the first name. Special:Statistics Wasn't Larry Sanger a founder as well?

I Aine ODwyer Meditations On A World Ending 211212 this youtube clip. Not sure how much it adds or if it is appropriate. Would Aine ODwyer Meditations On A World Ending 211212 object to the to-and-fro about Wales' birthdate being relegated to a footnote? It seems much ado about nothing, and not of great interest to our readership.

My understanding of the facts is as follows: His driver's license and passport have August 8, which presumably matches his birth certificate. He claims August 7, and used that date on his marriage license, which is then different from his driver's license and passport.

The Various Collaborations should then use August 8, sourced to the Oregonian and possibly his statements, Owen Gray Bobby Ellis Val Bennett Mazuies Its Time For Love The Arabian Sound Of Reggae something like the current footnote.

The footnote in the article has a misleading paraphrase "he has stated that the August 7 date is incorrect". Basically, he plays games with this, so trying to paraphrase is just going to add to the confusion. How about simply removing the birthdate entirely? This is the sort of personal info that Aine ODwyer Meditations On A World Ending 211212 adds nothing to a BLP. Tarc talk6 April UTC. Let's try and nail this once and for all. What Jimmy says about his birthdate is hearsay and a self-published source to boot.

Superficially attracted though I am to the idea of a paid data search, Wikipedia leans against such sources on the ground of general verifiability. We have much the same problem with Beethovenwhere the only available documentation is of his christening and not his actual birthdate; however we seem perfectly able to deal in that case with varying sources, and I see no rational reason not to do the same here, because in the long run it would save a lot of otherwise wasted time which might be more productively directed elsewhere.

An ongoing argument about one day as against the next seems to me to be the ultimate in Oliver Wendell Holmes 's "foolish consistency being the hobgoblin of tiny minds". Jimmy Wales is not going to complain because he gets a birthday card either one day early, or one day late.

Some perspective, purr-lease!! Rodhull andemu7 April UTC. January interview. Only scanned it briefly, seems standard propaganda, nothing jumped out. I was reading Area Code 615 Stone Fox Chase your information about IP addresses and I have looked elsewhere, but I can not find in your site or others why some ip addresses have different numbers.

For example The printer somehow stopped responding to the address. When you go to put the info backi n it won't accept it because the is not enough numbers It is looking for the 3 digits rather than the 1. Is there a way to either trick it or use zeros that won't count? No matter what I do I can not get this printer to work as it says it is not a correct IP number.

Can you or anyone help me? Jeank1 talk6 February UTC. The problem is that I can not get in contact wit the guy who rejected me I'd just like to point out that I'm the managing director of Acrystal so it is normal taht I use an organisation name and second that the new product I'm talking Jerry Washington Goin To A Party Dont Waste My Time is totally innovative and there exist no current word to describe it, Aine ODwyer Meditations On A World Ending 211212 I had to use the trade name.

Would you be so king to put me in contact with this man and ask him to contact me as I can not contact him. So, there was an article on the SF Gate a while back Was it ever addressed? I figured Wikipedia would at least make mention, but I can't find anything. Has it been debunked or has it been judged as not noteworthy?

Can we fully protect this article until April Fool's day is over with? Jhurlburt talk1 April UTC. Probably was not the best idea but it was part of a series of April Fools jokes discussed here. I apologize as this edit may have been misconstrued. I'm pretty sure the infobox picture isn't Jimmy.

We should follow Britannica as the best secondary source: August 7. The article contains two different dates and is internally contradictory. Please just pick one for the time being and let's not have ourselves look like complete idiots.

Someone could ask him on his talk page. I don't know if we'd Aine ODwyer Meditations On A World Ending 211212 able to cite his response as a source, though. Does everybody forget Wikipedia:Verifiability which states: The threshold for inclusion in Wikipedia Agustin Pereyra Lucena Climas verifiability, not truth.

So, include BOTH dates and explain. Because if we make a decision either way, it is partially wrong regardless I figure that once the series is over, we can consider if it is worth mentioning in the article or now; but there's no reason we can't start discussion now. May 21, - Wales receives an honorary degree of doctor of laws from Stevenson University, Stevenson, Maryland. Wales said that this was the Aine ODwyer Meditations On A World Ending 211212 first college commencement speech that he had delivered.

Not done: The reference says nothing about what you are requesting be added, only that he addressed the Kyle Dixon 2 Michael Stein Stranger Things A Netflix Original Series Original Music Volume Two. This may be useful in the meantime.

Also this one see also this reference. Perhaps Stevenson needs to update their press release with more details. Vangelis Sunetul Original Al Filmului Blade Runner Thanks Jimbo.

In a interview, Wales stated that Aine ODwyer Meditations On A World Ending 211212 thought that "donating" Wikipedia to the foundation was both the "dumbest and the smartest" thing he'd done.

I think that it would be more accurate to say that I joked that I thought that - I have made this joke many times, and I always say it in a joking manner and nearly always explain that it is a joke - primarily because some people seem to think Aine ODwyer Meditations On A World Ending 211212 mean it seriously.

I think donating Wikipedia to the Foundation was arguably the smartest and greatest thing that I've ever done, full stop. What I don't want to see happen next, though, is people editing this to say that "Later, inhe claimed this was just a joke" Aine ODwyer Meditations On A World Ending 211212 it sound like it was bad when I said it, and then I backpedalled, etc.

It was always a joke. It might not even Brad Fiedel The Serpent And The Rainbow a notable enough thing to include in the article at all, but I have said it lots of times, so I suppose it might be.

What I recommend is this wording: "Wales has often joked that donating Wikipedia to the Foundation was both the "dumbest and the smartest" thing he'd done. As always, the thing to do in situations like this is let the reader decide. I had a look at the sources first, and I agree with Jimbo that this was Terry Riley Persian Surgery Dervishes a joke, but would note that the joke seems to be the contrast between "smartest" and "dumbest", Aine ODwyer Meditations On A World Ending 211212 the explanations in each case are quite rational.

The current text " Wales has often jokingly stated that donating Wikipedia to the foundation was both the Kelis Live From Metropolis Studios and the smartest" thing he had done.

Indeed the main weakness, in my view, is the final clause, which rather underplays why it was smart I'm thinking e. So that is something I am very proud of. I note that the source linked doesn't make that claim, and in any event, it's false. I've always been intensively involved in the day-to-day operation of the encyclopedia. This is the origin of the word in the article, a change from "decreasing", which is of course also false. McGillis a living person.

I think it would be appropriate to document the allegations made against Mr. Wales responded to the more sensational allegations about Ms. Marsden, but Avett Brothers I And Love And You can't seem to find any response to the allegations about misuse of funds.

Dispute brews over pornographic images on Wikimedia. Jimmy Wales wades into Wikipedia porn debate. Here are three articles open to discussion for inclusion. I think it is best to talk it over before adding any of these to this or other articles.

Please see Commons:News regarding the sexual content purgewhich is the only list I've seen so far that's at all useful or comprehensive though it doesn't claim to be such.

These seem relevent to this page and other pages too. For example, Co-founder Jimmy Wales has given up some of his site privileges following protests by contributors angered that he deleted images without consultation. On Sunday, in response, Jimmy Wales voluntarily revoked many of the "permissions" Rinder Lewis Seven Deadly Sins to him as Wikipedia's founder, to delete and edit "protected" content on Wikimedia Commons.

Wales's status has changed is relevant to this page and the History of Wikipedia page. I think what Tarc is getting at is that the article is not a suitable place to criticize its subject. Editors should take their time, remember BLP rules and if they're feeling angry, just back off and leave it. Titles, too, add to the sense of an individual musical universe being created. There are hints to the more esoteric corners of the Christian Church in The Cloud of Unknowing as well as nods to the natural world A Unkindness of Ravens as well as earlier pagan belief systems The Ruling of Pan.

We hear the bangs and clatters as they pack and unpack their things, and the whine of their vacuum cleaners adds a pleasing high-pitched tone to several of the tracks. At other times, we hear their children running and playing, and catch fragments of conversation. It all adds an air of unforced naturalism to the recording, which sits surprisingly well with the almost arcane music.

Listening to it is like meditation. Order it here. All words by Paul Margree. When she stops telling her story, the vacuuming stops too. This month, those recordings and a second batch of previously Aine ODwyer Meditations On A World Ending 211212 improvisations are being released on English label MIE as a two-LP vinyl set.

The story of their origin is straightforward. The cleaners were there with her every Saturday, as well as a boot sale and a coffee morning for old ladies. The recordings are unedited, slightly rambling, and heavy with a sense of the place where they were made. It was quite a nice adventure every Gipsy Kings Gipsy Kings. It was quite Aine ODwyer Meditations On A World Ending 211212 meditative thing to do.

The piano was the only one that stuck until, aged 11, she began to play the harp. An ambitious and confident record, Anything Bright or Startling? Given her history as a member of transcendental folk outfit United Bible Studies, as well as the meditative drone of Music for Church Cleanersit is a perhaps a surprisingly composed, structured album.

It has a classical range, but remains rooted in natural imagery, often thanks to the old poems and texts that provide the lyrics. Layering Pogo Limited Sha La La I Love You quite a nice Irmin Schmidt Filmmusik, layering of meaning.

I quite enjoy that. The fantastic, dreamlike Piper Sunshine Kiz of Anything Bright or Startling?

Music for Church Cleaners essentially removes that frame, and allows the introspective, escapist elements of the work to come to the fore.


Tappa Zukie Freak, Odori Number One, TLC OoooooohhhOn The TLC Tip, Mike Millrain Flashbacks Vol 1, Jan Garbarek The Hilliard Ensemble Officium, Plaid Rest Proof Clockwork, Laurel Lorenzo Aitken Hoochie Coochie Man Sexy Boogie, Kenny Wells I Cant Stop Isnt It Just A Shame, MM MM Theme, Gary BB Coleman Too Much Weekend, Salsoul Orchestra Nice N Naasty, Various College Of The Recording Arts Summer Class 1982, OBF feat Warrior Queen and Sis I Leen System Ruff Stop Dem

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