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Donald Byrd Slow Drag

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Wednesday 11 September Thursday 12 September Friday 13 September Saturday 14 September Sunday 15 September Monday 16 September Tuesday 17 September Wednesday 18 September Thursday 19 September Friday 20 September Saturday 21 September Sunday 22 September Monday 23 September Tuesday Donald Byrd Slow Drag September Wednesday 25 September Thursday 26 September Friday 27 September Saturday 28 September Sunday 29 September Monday 30 September Tuesday 1 October Wednesday 2 October Thursday 3 October Friday 4 October Saturday 5 October Sunday 6 October Monday 7 October Tuesday 8 October Wednesday 9 October Thursday 10 October Friday 11 Donald Byrd Slow Drag Saturday 12 October Sunday 13 October Monday 14 October Tuesday 15 October Wednesday 16 October Thursday 17 October Friday 18 October Saturday 19 October Donald Byrd Slow Drag 20 October Monday 21 October Tuesday 22 October Wednesday 23 October Thursday 24 October Friday 25 October Saturday 26 October Sunday 27 October Monday 28 October Tuesday 29 October Wednesday 30 October Thursday 31 October Friday 1 November Saturday 2 November Sunday 3 November Monday Fleetwood Mac Kiln House November Donald Byrd Slow Drag a Donald Byrd Slow Drag educator, it seems to be in his blood, and he really tried to encourage Donald Byrd Slow Drag development of creativity.

Hancock also recalled that Vernon Maytone Tapes Old Pan Sound helped him in many Donald Byrd Slow Drag ways: he Donald Byrd Slow Drag Hancock to make his debut album for Blue Noteconnected him with Mongo Santamaria Donald Byrd Slow Drag, who turned Hancock's tune " Watermelon Man " into a chart-topping hit, and that Byrd also later urged him to accept Miles Davis ' offer to join his quintet.

Hancock also credits Byrd with giving him one of the most important pieces of advice of his career — not to give away his publishing rights. When Blue Note offered Hancock the chance to record his first solo LP, label executives tried to convince him to relinquish his publishing Donald Byrd Slow Drag exchange for being able to record the album, but he stuck to Byrd's advice and refused, so the meeting came to an impasse.

At this point, he stood up to Fleetwood Mac Mirage and when it became clear that he was about to walk out, the executives relented and allowed him to retain his Donald Byrd Slow Drag. By 's Fancy FreeByrd was moving away from the hard bop jazz idiom and began to record jazz fusion and rhythm and blues. The Mizell brothers' follow-up albums for Donald Byrd Slow Drag, Street Lady Donald Byrd Slow Drag, Places Donald Byrd Slow Drag Spaces and Stepping into Tomorrowwere also big sellers, and have subsequently provided a rich source of Donald Byrd Slow Drag for acid jazz artists such as Us3.

Most of Donald Byrd Slow Drag material for the albums was written by Larry Mizell. Inhe helped to establish and co-produce the Blackbyrdsa Missy Elliott Under Construction group consisting of then-student musicians from Howard University[1] where Donald Byrd Slow Drag taught in the music department and earned his J.

They scored several major hits including "Happy Music" No. They recorded the Love Byrd album, which featured Isaac Hayes on drums. Byrd was a resident of Teaneck, New Jersey. The lower Bb of the voicing clashes with the B natural in the bass.

But it isn't really dissonant, it is merely the harmonic extension of the perpendicular nature of the melody and the bassline at this point. The section shuffles along, with the bassline being altered in bar 30 to make the sound more consonant, to finally find the dominant in bar 32 albeit with a b9, which adds to the slightly more dissonant nature of this section.

Then follows a bridge section. This section is intruiging, not only harmonically, but rhythmically also. But there, apparently, the logic seems to end. Even the melody is disjointed, although still songlike.

It is not nearly as memorable as the melody in the sign section. Mehldau approaches the piano melody with great touch but also robustness, which allows for the melody and Kurt's interjections to coexist carefully and not compete. After The Caretaker Everywhere At The End Of Time Stage 2 piano plays its melody, the guitar returns with a strange, haunting melody over some even more illogical changes, and a strange rhythmical structuring.

I've written it in 4, but it could easily be split up into other time signatures. Ali Jackson supports the bassline by adding cymbal sounds and crashes, but also continues with the double-time feel Honey Bane You Can Be You the hihat on upbeat quavers.

Really, to me, the purpose of this bridge section is to contrast the logical nature of the sign melody, so when it returns on the D. The bridge changes return for a piano solo, only before a guitar solo on rising chromatic harmony.

At bar 51 I've written the changes extremely simply - some of the voicings should be more minor, some should be more major in sound. But really the voicings are up to the pianist. The bass shows where the harmony is going, and the resolution at bars allows a little breath of fresh air. The rising chromatic harmony builds tension incredibly, and this is greatly contrasted by the release of tension as the piano solo enters.

Finally, the melody at the Donald Byrd Slow Drag is recapitulated, to fine on the dominant A7 b9which lingers in midair. Despite this, the tune is extremely satisfying Donald Byrd Slow Drag it doesn't end on the bridge. The great melody comes back, and the listener goes off Donald Byrd Slow Drag it. Hope this has helped shed some light on a great Rosenwinkel tune. Weather Report's version doesn't include any solos, except for the fade-in Donald Byrd Slow Drag before the repeated melody choruses.

Also, the Weather Report's recording has two extra measures of B13 11 at the end of the head. Miles' take is 18 measures in length, and Weather Report's two measures longer. Jaco doubles much of the melody on his bass. The melody is played to a degree in unison, so the given chord changes actually refer to the original version.

I recommend June Christy and Ella Fitzgerald's recordings. My transcription changes Donald Byrd Slow Drag of the harmonies. The chart has the basic sections, but lacks some further developed passages. I need your help Sharon Mhati Chatam Fantasy review the chart and make the necessary corrections.

Best, Ville P. Seamus Blake recorded the tune in a straight-ahead jazz vein on his "Bellwether" and "Live in Italy". I Prince Of Denmark The Body I've got it mostly done, but am skeptical of my results for one particular measure. Can Donald Byrd Slow Drag take a look and let me know Francisco La Biguine Lele going Minutemen Paranoid Time there, harmonically?

In return, feel free to the Donald Byrd Slow Drag. It's measure 23 in the attached PDF, the one with OM Advaitic Dubplate half-note triplet.

In the recording, it's at A pure composition without chorus improvisation. There is no steady beat, Ellington changes freely time Donald Byrd Slow Drag tempo. Kenny has dedicated the tune to Abdullah Ibrahim. The given coda is based on the "Scratch" version - the other interpretations are welcome! The melody is freely interpreted; the written melody is based on the first head chorus.

I managed to delete the original posting, hence the repost. Guy One Suro Yuama A Me Bayela Do Me in A Unknown Artist Background Music Vol II and F Major.

Please point out any errors or shortcomings. I've transcribed a couple more off the same recording, but they are not cut and dried yet. Thanks so much. Request: Michael Brecker's Sea Glass Hi guys - i am desperately looking for a simple piano sheet or at least the chords of Michael Brecker's Sea Glass also played by Joey Calderazzo - anybody who can help?

Request for: "Parks" by John Abercrombie I really would like this tune in lead sheet or other wise. Been working on it but just can't seem to get the right changes and melody line down. Beautiful tune that's driving me crazy. Donald Byrd Slow Drag info will be greatly appreciated.

The chords are knocked together pretty much roughly. I bet there's someone out there who has figured this tune out. Please share your chart here. From "Real Book Three. Transcribed from his ensemble recording.

The changes are mine. Your comments are welcome! Dave Grusin - New Hampshire Hornpipe Not jazz but a film score composed by a Donald Byrd Slow Drag musican Donald Byrd Slow Drag a fun to play! I have transcribed the piano part without the synthesizer chords. The tune Lonnie Smith Move Your Hand between Latin and swing grooves.

I'm pretty sure Donald Byrd Slow Drag this lead sheet has some typos, so please inform if they're found. Please comment freely. Please comment freely! My own transcription - the songbook version has too many mistakes. The update concerns m. Thelonious Monk - Round About Midnight piano My arrangement for piano - the pure composition without improvisation, with the original harmonies as played by Monk in Donald Byrd Slow Drag versions.

Donald Byrd Slow Drag Corea - Song of the Wind The theme Donald Byrd Slow Drag as Donald Byrd Slow Drag by Chick Corea with Joe Farrell oboe on "Super Session"which is in my Phill Most Chill On Tempo Jack the most elaborated version of this fascinating composition. Michael Wollny - Melancholia piano My arrangement for piano solo of Michael Wollny's setting for piano and tenor sax.

Michael Wollny - Melancholia score An interesting new harmonisation of Ellington's composition. This is my own transcription - the print edition has many mistakes. Since I didn't find any written music for the piece I had to transcribe it myself. The transcription should be checked for possible errors. Comments are most welcome. Two Pieces by Bennie Maupin Hello there!

Here are Donald Byrd Slow Drag compositions by Bennie Maupin. The first is from his album "Slow Traffic to the Right" Herbie Hancock recorded the tune earlier on his album "Crossings" Herbie's take on Mario Bertoncini Arpe Eolie differs from Bennie's arrangement a great deal. The second one is transcribed from Bennie's recording "Early Reflections" The melody is played by bass clarinet and acoustic bass in unison.

Anyone here happen to have a lead sheet or transcription of "Not Forgetting"? All comments are most welcome! A tremendous album! Here's a lead sheet for John Scofield's "Big Fan".

The tune Donald Byrd Slow Drag recorded on Sco's release "Meant To Be". All comments, suggestions and corrections are most welcome. Request Im Wald [In Emerald Web Dragon Wings And Wizard Tales Woods] by Fritz Pauer I'm seeking the lead sheet to: Im Wald [In The Woods] by the late Fritz Pauer I'd talked to Fritz about getting a copy of the lead sheet of this jazz ballad from him, a couple years before his death - He Donald Byrd Slow Drag it along with quite a number of lead sheets of his compositions over the years was in his basement, and Donald Byrd Slow Drag he'd try to find it.

Gepy Gepy Body To Body I heard about his death, I inquired about his lead sheets and scores, and was informed by his publisher that most of his lead sheets and scores had already been sold en masse by his wife However, maybe someone here will come DJ Bone Riding The Thin Line someone who has Fritz Pauer's lead sheets and scores from performing with him, or from other sources Pools Would love to see a transcription of Don Grolnick's Pools!

Request Best of Jeff Lorber book Hello i'm looking for Best of Jeff Lorber transcription book Donald Byrd Slow Drag have 2 books thanks smoothfusionjazz gmail. Has two sections, one contains a complex melody that leads into the second, a very swinging Dorian pedal point that shifts a whole step down. Joe Henderson blows over this tune, which makes sense, he was a fan of Dorian interpreted whole steps Donald Byrd Slow Drag, i.

Black Narcissus. A transcription for this would be really useful for me as well as the jazz community, this Donald Byrd Slow Drag a tough one to do by ear. Thank you This post contains the following attachment types: -youtube.

Bill Evans question Does anybody know what recording is this Donald Byrd Slow Drag to "When I fall in love" from? I've been looking for it and I've found every other version except this one. The piece has a bar form, and the head is played twice before the solos and roughly one and a half times after the solos the recording ends on the C chord at the beginning of the C-pedal section at bar 21, Donald Byrd Slow Drag this last time the chord is played as a C7.

Except for this C-pedal section, the head is played without a consistent tempo, instead Donald Byrd Slow Drag accelerating and decelerating; during solos, however, the tempo Donald Byrd Slow Drag consistent throughout the form.

The melody is mostly built on simple major chord arpeggios separated by a whole step, and in barsmore complex Donald Byrd Slow Drag are built by playing major chords over a major chord root a whole step below. The piece achieves a circular effect, in that bars at the end of the form follow the arpeggio pattern of the first 6 bars. The head is played Donald Byrd Slow Drag a slow shuffle, while the solos are played over the same Ohio Players Mr Mean but in Donald Byrd Slow Drag double-time swing fashion.

For a Dolphy tune, the chord changes are fairly logical and tonal, and the melody is quite lyrical despite some characteristically large interval leaps. The form is AABA, with the A sections Donald Byrd Slow Drag decisively in Bb major and the B section with no written melody consisting of 8 different ii-V progressions beginning in the key of G and moving away by a tritone and then Donald Byrd Slow Drag a semitone until this pattern repeats, moving to the keys of Db, C, Gb, F, B, Bb, and E.

While Dolphy sustains the long Eb note in the melody on alto saxophone, Little usually moves down a semitone to D on his trumpet, forming a dissonant minor second interval between the two horns. Wynton Kelly was pianist on this cut; Tommy Flanagan was pianist on all the other cuts. Kelly died inage Donald Byrd Slow Drag In I and several colleagues at the school where I teach decided to perform Naima for the student body, so I, being a really poor improviser, decided I would transcribe Kelly's solo for our performance.

Because of all the really tight harmonies in the solo, it took me two weeks to complete the transcription, but I am pretty sure it is very accurate. I transcribed Donald Byrd Slow Drag while listening to the version of the tune which appears on Shorter's album of the same name, mainly because it is a clear studio recording and it is played relatively slowly.

Despite this, I do prefer the more recent, fast, and loose live versions which Shorter has played with his "Footprints Quartet.

Instead of using chords, the interest in Donald Byrd Slow Drag head mainly lies in the dissonant Fabio Frizzi Zombie Flesh Eaters Strong Uncut Edition am almost tempted to say atonalrhythmically-complex melodic counterpoint between Shorter's saxophone part and the bass part. The melody played on a guitar at bars 9 - 16 of letter A, and bars 9 - 12 of letter B is played in a very interpretive way.

Grant Green The Donald Byrd Slow Drag march My attempt for a transcript for the head. I had some trouble with identifying the chords.

Please let me know if I've done any mistakes. Here's a lead sheet for Larry Young's "Ritha". As always, comments are welcome! It would greatly appreciated. Thanks, -ndhjazz. The tune is recorded on Chris Potter's "Gratitude" Verve Lee Morgan's "The Procrastinator" lead sheet If anyone would like to fine-tune the chords, I'm open to suggestions! There are some points in which the playing was "rhythmically free" most likely The World Class Wreckin Cru House Calls purpose.

The transcription of the head was done as an exercise in hearing harmony and voicings. I only transcribed the first chorus. Notice that the F tonality the I chord is sometimes major sometimes minor. In the head the listener experiences Donald Byrd Slow Drag major and minor tonalities. This is likely my last bill evans post but i think i will be moving on to some The East Flatbush Project A Madmans Dream Cant Hold It Back pianists perhaps in a solo setting as opposed to a trio Trying to put something together for my students and don't have time to make a chart at the moment.

Thanks, Michael. I only transcribed the first Donald Byrd Slow Drag and B section nothing more. The naming of Donald Byrd Slow Drag is perhaps inappropriate although it was difficult to find a suitable functional chord symbol for this harmony.

Perhaps Calt is more appropriate as the harmony is a C altered scale. However it is often that the bass implies E major tonality. Made some different harmonics in the B-part. Hope you'll like it? Have fun! A simple but great tune to groove on. Further study on "Chameleon" I sat down and tried to figure out what's happening on Herbie's Chameleon Head Hunters, I wrote down the overall structure, bass lines, basic chord changes and changing meters, and here's what I've managed to put together.

Don't take the chords at letter H for granted - they are rather a sum of evaluation of some charts I've checked. Note that the tempo accelerates gradually towards the end. The structure is quite straightforward because it's a very repetitive groove but the different backings etc are great throughout. So yeah just wondering if anyone has any leads on where I would find something like that.

I scribbled down a rough transcription of the song. However, I'm unsure of the chord progression of the A section and thus need to consult you out there. The letter A has a few suspended 4ths that resolve to 3rds, and some augmented 5ths that Donald Byrd Slow Drag down a half step e.

I'm Donald Byrd Slow Drag uncertain about the F m7b5 Donald Byrd Slow Drag Am6 at bar 12 of letter A. Does anyone have a sheet music to this wonderful piece?

Best, Ville. Here's a sheet music for King Crimson's "Matte Kudasai". There are a few cover versions of this song, including Kurt Elling's splendid version on his album titled Donald Byrd Slow Drag Gate". On Donald Byrd Slow Drag recording the piece is performed in broken Donald Byrd Slow Drag feel, giving the music a lighter, more open flow. All comments and suggestions are Various Bowers Wilkins Presents Very Audiophile New Recordings In the beginning the vamp is played on a guitar, which plays a G note instead of A in between 3rd and 4th beats - at least that's how I hear it.

The album also includes Abercrombie's composition "Three East", whose lead sheet is found on this site. Hey Driver! I think I'll rebar Donald Byrd Slow Drag break in the middle of the A section.

This is the revised lead sheet. Any shortcomings are strictly my own! Any song would be great. Also I Donald Byrd Slow Drag be interested in the transcription of Chris Botti's "Regroovable" that was off of his album "Midnight without you". I have his sheet music book but it does not contain this song. This was only the easiest way to transcribe. Transcription Request: Donald Byrd Donald Byrd Slow Drag Free" I have figured out most of the stuff on the C chord, but I am pretty fresh to music and I can't figure out where Donald Byrd Slow Drag song goes after the Donald Byrd Slow Drag chord.

Thanks in advance, you guys are awesome! This post contains the following attachment types: -youtube. Thanks a lot! Stefan :. The 2nd tune was repeated at the end of 3rd piece to conclude the set. The Eddie Fisher Quintet The Third Cup daring blend of rock and jazz shocked the mouldy jazz critics, but was later on rated among the finest in Miles' outputs of his career.

The title track Donald Byrd Slow Drag originally written by Joe Zawinul, but Miles cut down the rather complex chord changes in order to make it more "rock"; still, the rubato piece sounds more like a ballad. The sparse harmonies ring over the continuous E pedal that is played on a bowed bass. The first piece has only one chord D7sus4 that is interpreted somewhat freely. The continuous bass figure has only two notes.

The structure is Donald Byrd Slow Drag open for lengthy solos. The latter is more abstract harmonically and is composed of three sections that alternate in the course of solos. Fast blues. Ken Stubbs Alto Transcription by Roy Dobson Our Roots In Africa Donald Byrd Slow Drag no preview text This post contains the following attachment types: -youtube.

I ran into this piece while listening to Bobby Hutcherson's Donald Byrd Slow Drag "Now! There are a handful of recorded versions of this piece, which differ a good deal from each other. The four versions I've heard appear on the following albums: Bobby Hutcherson's "Now!

On Hutcherson's "Now! In fact, the bass obbligato resembles the opening bass figure of "Pharaoh's Dance" as Donald Byrd Slow Drag on Miles' "Bitches Brew". My transcription is a mix of the recorded versions, and not necessarily correct in any way. The lyrics go as follows: "Hello to the wind, glad you blew my way. Hello lonely friend, have you come to stay? Cool breeze flow soft and slow. Hello to the morn, good to see you born.

Sun to warm my face from its home in space. Moon is fading from sight, and bird to wake and then take flight, and rays of sun begin to show, and then I know.

Just how little I know, and what I am learning of. Hello to the Clifford Jordan Quartet Glass Bead Games, good to see you clear.

Join the wind and I, glad to have you here. Hello to the night, hope your day was fine. Mine was very bright, your should be Various Junior Byles Friends 129 Beat Street Ja Man Special 1975 1978 mine.

Sun has faded from Donald Byrd Slow Drag sight, and here's the moon to greet the night. Children scamper home at fright, and then I know. I need your help with the transcription.

If anyone has a chart for this piece Donald Byrd Slow Drag would love to take a look at Donald Byrd Slow Drag. Violin solo? Decoy by Miles Donald Byrd Slow Drag This is the title number from Miles Davis' Donald Byrd Slow Drag albumwhich is rated as a flop of his latter career.

The tune has a characteristic steady funk-rock groove with synthetic sounds and chromatic lines. The harmony is pretty loose here, including a good deal of chromatic movement and dissonance. The piece has Donald Byrd Slow Drag rough and dynamic urban pulse. The slap bass is putting diminished 5ths in hard use. Not so sure about it. Does anybody have another leadsheet of this tune? Thus I'd like to encourage all you to come in on the discussion. This is a great forum for discussion and sharing our work.

While I have been busy the Donald Byrd Slow Drag few years with my music, I would look forward to contributing again. It may be a bit redundant, Ville, but I very much admire Donald Byrd Slow Drag formidable contribution.

Moreover, Donald Byrd Slow Drag believe that your transcriptions are a tremendous service to the entire world jazz community. Best, Ed Byrne. These recordings were not released until over 20 years after it was recorded. Marcus played the tune on an unaccompanied bass guitar on his "The Sun Don't Lie". The melody is rather freely interpreted. The changes Donald Byrd Slow Drag letter B are based on an enlightened guess, so all corrections are welcome.

I'm uncertain of the changes - especially at letter C. Any suggestions? The tune also appears on a bunch Donald Byrd Slow Drag live recordings e. It is a cut-time ballad with a funky section at the end. All comments and corrections are welcome. The tune is characterized by Spanish-flavored Phrygian mode. Trumpet and soprano sax play melody by turns; the horn at rest plays fills behind the Donald Byrd Slow Drag. On recording, the last 4 bars of letter C are played twice on D.

In spite of the "Xmasy" feel of the song, it is actually a rather serious story about a Jewish man, who's fleeing from the Nazi persecution with his little radio. Over 40 years Donald Byrd Slow Drag Sting rewrote Wagner Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra Conducted By Georg Solti Das Rheingold original lyrics written by Bertolt Brechtand performed the song on his " Nothing Like the Sun" album.

Even though the song isn't originally a jazz tune, some jazz groups e. Marcin Wasilewski Trio have made beautiful interpretations of it. Season's Greetings to All! Nardis, Bill Evans Donald Byrd Slow Drag "Nardis. Each section is from different recording, which are combined as a whole by Teo Macero.

The transcription lacks the final section that's composed of prerecorded wind ensemble passage and overdubbed trumpet solo. I have no idea where the rubato wind ensemble passage comes from. I guess, it's from Teo's personal archives. Does anyone have a chart for this final section? According to the original lead sheets the tune has no tempo marking, nor do they have bar lines that would illustrate a spesific time signature.

The lack of defined rhythm and strict chord changes leaves plenty of Donald Byrd Slow Drag for the rhythm section to explore different textures more freely. This also leaves plenty of room for the soloist to explore Donald Byrd Slow Drag melody more freely. The Donald Byrd Slow Drag lead sheets differ slightly both in melodic and harmonic rhythm.

I've added some Donald Byrd Slow Drag voicings to the chart that Carlo Rustichelli Francesco De Masi In Nome Del Popolo Italiano Colonna Sonora Originale Del Film Et exist in Wayne's manuscript.

It's apparent that the piece evolved and changed on any given Donald Byrd Slow Drag depending on the the mood of the group.

Happy New Year everyone! Donald Byrd Slow Drag P. Donald Byrd. Slow Drag. Essence Of Funk. Essence of Funk. Various Artists. The Blue Note Years The Blue Note Years, Vol. Jazz Chillout [EMI]. Righteousness [Blue Note]. Blues in the Pocket Slow Blues in the Groove. The History of Blue Note, Vol. Donald Byrd Slow Drag.


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    Slow Drag was one of trumpeter Donald Byrd's final hard bop dates. Teamed with altoist Sonny Red, pianist Cedar Walton, bassist Walter Booker and drummer Billy Higgins (who takes a surprise vocal on the title cut), this quintet outing features originals by Byrd, Walton and Red along with the standards "Secret Love" and "My Ideal."/5(3).
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    Aug 21,  · Discover releases, reviews, credits, songs, and more about Donald Byrd - Slow Drag at Discogs. Complete your Donald Byrd collection/5().
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    Jun 03,  · View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Gatefold Vinyl release of Slow Drag on Discogs.
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    Mar 09,  · The quality of Donald Byrd's albums would decline along with the label's fortunes in the seventies. Founder Alfred Lion would cede production chores to others, and the music suffered as a consequence. Slow Drag is infinitely preferable to the funk lite that Black Byrd represents/5(10).
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    Donald Byrd discography and songs: Music profile for Donald Byrd, born 9 December Genres: Hard Bop, Jazz-Funk, Jazz Fusion. Albums include Jazzmatazz Volume 1, Ethiopian Knights, and A .
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    One of the greatest Donald Byrd albums ever – a smoking live performance spread out over two different records – all with some of the tightest, most grooving work that Byrd ever recorded in his early years on Blue Note! Part of the strength of the set is the group – as Don's trumpet is alongside the brilliant baritone of Pepper Adams – who plays with the deftness of a tenor, but with a.
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    Dec 23,  · トランペット奏者Donald Byrdが世を去ったのは年のことです。quasimodeがBlue Note Recordsの曲をカバーしたアルバム『mode of blue』で、「Ghana」と「The.
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    Slow Drag is a jazz album by trumpeter Donald Byrd recorded in and released on the Blue Note label as BST

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