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Junior Tucker Compass Point All Stars The Kick Rock On Peanut Butter

Download Junior Tucker Compass Point All Stars The Kick Rock On Peanut Butter

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Mikey Chung and Sticky Thompson did not participate. The event took place at Pinewood Studios dubbing stage, UK. A Video of it has been released as Island Alright Now. Percussionist Sticky Thompson still could not attend. In Septemberthe studio in the Bahamas closed. According to the Compass Point web page, "Compass Point Studios ceased operations in Nassau as of the end of September, because of a series of incidents, socio-political based happenings which made it untenable to continue business in The Bahamas.

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No cleanup reason has been specified. Please help improve this article if you can. Sometimes I play that way and when he mixes, he adds the delays. That guy on the left, just there. The wicked thing Johnny Flynn Detectorists that is you can plug the sound in the back and it will go exactly as you want it to the tape.

At that time, it seemed like an era of great vibrations, people going crazy over reggae worldwide. Where were you at that time? Bob was the only one, him and Jimmy Cliff. But Island sponsored Bob and before that — who was the singer who took Bob Marley out?

Johnny Nash. Thanks again for Junior Tucker Compass Point All Stars The Kick Rock On Peanut Butter great concert, I was wondering when I heard about the , records you made, are you happy with every one? Sometimes, making a record Various Stanley Kubricks A Clockwork Orange like a baby being born.

If it comes out, good, you have to give thanks to God. And not everything you love, other people will love too. Just work on it. Academy: Barcelona Benji B I feel super-privileged to be doing this because we have with us the most famous drum and bass section of all time. Robbie Shakespeare Some say , some say one million. Robbie Shakespeare Thank the world, thank the world. Sly Dunbar It was like magic, I always say. I think it was a John Holt session, but that was the first one I played on.

Sly Dunbar Channel One is a recording studio, one of the best in Jamaica. Benji B Can you explain the scene of the big backing bands like the Aggrovators and the Revolutionaries? Benji B And what period are we talking about? Robbie Shakespeare Yes. Robbie Shakespeare Yeah, Two Of A Kind Happiness little bit. Benji B Were you involved in a backing band too?

Sly Dunbar Yeah, I was involved in the Revolutionaries. Sly Dunbar No, we all looked Junior Tucker Compass Point All Stars The Kick Rock On Peanut Butter for one another.

Benji B And you both knew the first time you played together. Robbie Shakespeare: Yes, Michael Naura Quartet Rainbow Runner toured a lot.

Benji B Before you got involved in the Aggrovators, did Boulez Dirige Zappa The Perfect Stranger have a mentor, someone you studied to learn bass? Benji B Which band was he from? Benji B And what about you Sly, who was your mentor? Benji B And who gave you your nickname?

Sly Dunbar I was in a band called the Volcanos for three months in a Jamaican hotel. Robbie Shakespeare Jamaica is a place that loves a great music, so if we can do a good cover version of a song, we go for it. Benji B How did your style change when you became producers yourselves? Sly Dunbar We became producers because the radio was paying all these recordings for the producers and they were hitting.

Robbie Shakespeare Hold on. Sly Dunbar Junior Tucker Compass Point All Stars The Kick Rock On Peanut Butter up, we started doing our own stuff and none Junior Tucker Compass Point All Stars The Kick Rock On Peanut Butter the singers wanted to sign for us because we were just two little musicians. Benji B Tell me about your work with Black Uhuru. Paysage DHiver Paysage DHiver Dunbar Michael Rose was a friend Junior Tucker Compass Point All Stars The Kick Rock On Peanut Butter mine, we grew up together, his brother and I were good friends.

Sly Dunbar Recorded very differently, because it was originally done inso we have to update it. Benji B How did you first hook up with [the Rolling Stones]? Junior Tucker Compass Point All Stars The Kick Rock On Peanut Butter Dunbar It was Benji B And your musical collaboration with Mick Jagger went on quite a while, right? Robbie Shakespeare Yeah, we produced an album with Peter Tosh and we invited him on there to do a song.

Benji B Despite being so busy with all your work on the international scene, Junior Tucker Compass Point All Stars The Kick Rock On Peanut Butter with the Rolling Stones around the world, you always made time to release stuff in Jamaica, which has its own unique recording industry as well. Robbie Shakespeare I had a label called Bar Bells. Benji B How did you get the money together?

OK [ laughs ]. Sly Dunbar So me and Robbie came up with a plan to come away with some money. Sly Dunbar We did that the same time as the songs we gave to U-Roy. Benji B So how did you first meet Chris Blackwell? Sly Dunbar Ijahman Levi said his boss wants to meet The Alchemist And Oh No Welcome To Los Santos. Can I play that?

Sly Dunbar Yeah. Benji B When was it recorded? Sly Dunbar Junior Tucker Compass Point All Stars The Kick Rock On Peanut Butter Benji B And where was Compass Point? Sly Dunbar In Nassau, Bahamas. Everything was one take, no The Animals Animalisms takes. Benji B One take for everything, no exceptions? Robbie Shakespeare In a two-week period we did over 30 tracks.

Benji B So, would you Tangerine Dream Sorcerer down the rhythm track, then Grace voice it? Benji B It sounds to me as though you were the real producers on those records. There was no tension… Robbie Shakespeare [ Whispers ] Silent producers.

Sly Dunbar [ Laughs ] One cut and it was done. Sly Dunbar Everything was one take. Benji B I know you wanted me to play this. Sly Dunbar By Gwen Guthrie, right? Benji B So how long before it came out? Sly Dunbar It was put down on tape a year before it came out. Sly Dunbar No, but we were in Junior Tucker Compass Point All Stars The Kick Rock On Peanut Butter when it was recorded. Sly Dunbar It was nice. Benji B Al Junior Tucker Compass Point All Stars The Kick Rock On Peanut Butter was his hairdresser!

Sly Dunbar [ Laughs ] In Nassau the studio would be over here, and over there is the ocean. Sly Dunbar No, we wrote a song and wanted him to sing it. Benji B So who were some of the other artists who passed through while you were there? Sly Dunbar Iron Maiden. Sly Dunbar It was the Syndrum first. Benji B What was the actual turning point for dancehall, when it became digital?

Benji B Can we check that out? Sly Dunbar Same day. Benji B Same day. Benji B What kind of technology are you using now? Benji B You as a duo have been responsible for reshaping the landscape of Jamaican music over the last 20 years and more.

Sly Dunbar This is an acoustic drum kit, done at Federal Studios. Sly Dunbar This is the second record I played on, when I was Sly Dunbar Yes. Benji B One drop was prevalent for so many years. Benji B And the flying cymbal was what? Benji B And the steppers is the same as the rockers, the four-beat song. Sly Dunbar I can do that for you when Robbie comes back. Benji B Are there any artists who are well known in the dancehall world who we should be checking out? Benji B Can you give us a little demo?

Audience member How much time do you spend on the road, because obviously you spend a lot of time in the studio? Sly Dunbar When we first went to Luxembourg the band sounded so good that everyone stood up dancing, and it felt like there was 10, people there. Robbie Shakespeare The one for me was in Japan doing a jazz festival. Robbie Shakespeare Just like anything in Madonna Holiday, you go through a whole heap of obstacles, things you may allow to get in your way.

Robbie Shakespeare If I see it, I play it. Robbie Shakespeare We were on tour with a group named Pepper and they played it every night. Just straight on stage? Sly Dunbar But if we have to play with click, then we do Junior Tucker Compass Point All Stars The Kick Rock On Peanut Butter. Robbie Shakespeare Right now, the Mark Bass.

Audience member And in the earlier days? Benji B Time for one more. Audience member Thanks again for the great concert, I was wondering when I heard about Needa Come On And Rock Rock A Freak , records you made, are you happy with every one?


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    Listen: Meet Me Boys On The Battle Front / The Wild Tchoupitoulas 02 Meet Me Boys On The ghs-aichstetten.deinfo3. Listen: Brother John / The Wild Tchoupitoulas 01 Brother ghs-aichstetten.deinfo3. Listen.
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    Oct 26,  · Contrary to general belief, the "Compass Point All Stars" were never led by Sly & Robbie (as instrumental as they were in defining the core of the rhythm), but by Christopher Blackwell himself, legendary founder of Island Records. Early 80s, Blackwell dreamed of, created, called, inspired and directed the band at all times.
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    COMPASS POINT ALL STARS: ‘Peanut Butter’ (Island 12WIP ). Sensationally similar bpm 12in instrumental dub version of Grace Jones ‘Pull Up To The Bumper’ but out here long before as flip to Junior Tucker ‘The Kick’.
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    Junior Tucker - Love Somebody (Semi Accapella) Junior Tucker - Born To Love Junior Tucker - Properly Ride (Chronic Riddim ) INVYBZ Junior Tucker - Properly Ride (Greensleeves Sampler Vol 1p. Junior Tucker One Of The Poorest People. Junior Tucker Love Somebody. Download from EasyBytez Junior Tucker-One Of The Poorest People-VLSJRO.
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    Instead it came out as an instrumental B-side (as "Peanut Butter") to Junior Tucker's single, "The Kick (Rock On)." Sly Dunbar recalled to Mojo magazine December what happened next: "Grace heard Steven (Stanley) playing the rhythm track one day in the studio, and she said, 'a my riddim that!'.
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    Junior Tucker - The Kick (Rock On) // Compass Point All Stars - Peanut Butter Produced by Chris Blackwell Mixed by Steven Stanley Bunny Wailer - Dancing Shoes // Bunny Wailer - Walk The Proud Land Produced by Bunny Wailer Remixed by Chris Blackwell & Bunny Wailer Aswad - Babylon // Aswad - Behold.

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