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Tuxedomoon The Vinyl Box

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Anyone familiar with them? Front Addict likes this. Location: Pennsylvania. You started off with some Tuxedomoon The Vinyl Box their best. Next I'd suggest hunting up their second album, "Desire. Doug SulpyMay 15, Location: San Francisco, CA. Creole Gris-GrisFront Addict and jimmydean like this. Location: Alphen aan den Rijn, the Netherlands. The most beautiful song of Tuxedomoon is for me their ' In a Manner of Speaking' which was also beautifully covered by the French group Nouvelle Vague by giving it a bossa nova sauce.

I Tuxedomoon The Vinyl Box many Tuxedomoon fans will hate it, but I love it! EchoMay 15, Joti CovermoosemanFront Addict and 2 others like this. Check it out. It was released on Transparency back inI believe! CakeMay 15, I found the original CD edition of Desire today. Sounds good. The newer one sounded too cranked.

Joti Cover likes this. Cannot wait to get both! Cake Tuxedomoon The Vinyl Box, Oct 9, Cake likes this. Location: FL. Tuxedomoon new releases: Tuxedomoon and Cult With No Name: "Blue Velvet Revisited" This new release in our Made To Measure composers' series is the soundtrack written and recorded in by Tuxedomoon and Cult With No Name for the eponymous film by Peter Braatz, which was shot in on the set of David Lynch's great classic and will be coming out to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the film.

Reininger's voice, which was compared to David Bowie 's during Tuxedomoon's early career, has been described as evolving into " Tom Waits " and a wolf from Tex Avery 's "Baron Brown", by music critic Rod Smith. Filmmaker Bruce Geduldig performs backup vocals on the album. In the band released Bardo Hotel on Crammed Discs. Recorded in San Francisco, the album is a soundtrack to a film by George Kakanakiswhich at the time of Tuxedomoon The Vinyl Box album's release, remained unfinished.

The recording features samples of airplane sounds, BART announcements and Tuxedomoon The Vinyl Box found Vikings Guadeloupe Vikings Guadeloupe. New Orleans Tuxedomoon The Vinyl Box and opera are two influences for Trevor Hartley Africa album's sound.

Tuxedomoon released the album Vapour Trails on Crammed Discs in The Boxa vinyl boxed set containing 9 of Tuxedomoon's Tuxedomoon The Vinyl Box albums, as well as an album of previously unreleased material, came out in November Peter Principle died on July 17,at the age Tuxedomoon The Vinyl Box 63, in Brussels.

The band Factrix called Tuxedomoon mentors. Their music finds influence in genres such as punk rock, jazzfunktangoand post-punk. Music critic Simon Reynolds wrote that Ranchy Just Cool sound has an "aura of jaded elegance", with a more European style musically versus what their American counterparts were creating at the time of the band's formation.

Lyrically, Tuxedomoon examined The Cult Sonic Temple, culture and psychology. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Experimental post-punk new wave synth-punk. Main article: Tuxedomoon discography. Jeruselem Post.

Archived from the original on 25 January Retrieved 3 August Seattle Weekly. Athens News. Archived from the original on 18 February SAF Publishing Ltd. Retrieved 2 August I speak of a fantastic place without borders, where punk, Bauhaus the movement and the band Tuxedomoon The Vinyl Box, Stockhausen, and myriad traditional musics all hold equal sway and are never at war with one another.

This Tuxedomoon The Vinyl Box swath of influences makes the band's sound impossible to capsulise, and it's comparably tricky to find that magic entry point Tuxedomoon The Vinyl Box might pull novices in deeper, as none of Sound Orchestra Storie Di Paura output is as template-based as most prefer their pop.

As such, The Vinyl Boxa new set which Los Zafiros Recordando Los Zafiros the lion's share of the band's studio output along with a few odds and sods, is a real boon for the curious, something you might as well plow right through if you can get ahold of it.

Unlike most bands, there is no stark mid-career drop in quality to worry about, and if you get pulled in you're bound to want to dive into the deep end.

Tuxedomoon's early singles, especially the underground dance floor classic 'No Tears', comfortably Oblivians Static Party a space somewhere between Pere Ubu and the Screamers, but by their debut LP Half-Mutethey were already pushing hard at even those loose boundaries.

From then on in, the only constants in the Tuxedomoon catalog were change and outlandish, atmospheric production the latter no big surprise, given that founding members Steve Brown and Blaine L. Reininger met each other in an electronic music class ; all other bets were off. Half-Mute and its follow-up, Desireare probably the group's most frequently cited works, and not without good cause: both represent a sort of goth for the people who've actually did the reading before class, eschewing the Rocky Horror camp of their peers in favour of a knowing, icy glamour no band was more perfectly matched for the soundtrack of Wings Of Desire.

Holy Warsfromis probably more consistent and accessible than either of the aforementioned, hemming fairly close to the synthpop-meets-high-school-theatre sound of Oingo Boingo or Soft Cell while treading lighter on seasick drones or manipulated chamber pieces; as a result, though, it's also perhaps their least interesting work, an approximation of a pop record from a band that was at its best abandoning Tuxedomoon The Vinyl Box expectations.

Luckily, The Vinyl Box offers plenty of other avenues to explore.


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    To celebrate the cult experimental rock band Tuxedomoon's 38th anniversary (why stick to round figures?), here's is an elaborate, luxurious, bountiful, vinyl artifact. It contains the band's main 9 studio albums (three of which have never appeared on vinyl before), and an album entirely consisting of previously-unreleased tracks, entitled "Appendix".
  2. Vugal
    tuxedomoon - "desire" crammed discs - cbopy originally released in On lower right corner back cover: 52, RUE PAUL LAUTERS, BRUXELLES - 1 /5(6).
  3. Temi
    Tuxedomoon The Vinyl Box Dustin Krcatovich, December 9th, The post-punk cabaret of Tuxedomoon inhabited a Europe of the mind even before they decamped from San Francisco to Brussels early in their career.
  4. Kigarisar
    Feb 23,  · My copy arrived with all album corners bent from moving around inside the box, all inner sleeves have splits on every seam, three of the covers have split seams. Five of the vinyls have pops/clicks and/or visible marks on them with Appendix being the worst (sounds like a well abused copy)/5(26).
  5. Kizuru
    Issued in a 12" cardboard box. It contains the band's main 9 studio albums (three of which have never appeared on vinyl before), and an album entirely consisting of /5(8).
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    TUXEDOMOON - THE Vinyl Box - ID4z - vinyl LP - New - EUR , Item Format-LP iHaveit have over 1million items for sale, for this reason we have to use stock images for reference purposes only, which may not be the same image as the item being sold. Please message me if you want to check and verify the images for this item. Items sold are based on the Goldmine Record Grading system, an.

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