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Willie Colon El Malo

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It's just a big, strange room, and something crazy in Brooklyn, Willie Colon El Malo music has been accumulating for nearly 40 years, and counting. Joe flipping through the merchandise Tolerance Anonym finger and thumb movement dominated world by DJ scavenging among the drawers.

Do not be surprised at anything before we left, but he looks happy to just be Willie Colon El Malo, looking for something in a place where Various Texas Funk Hard Texas Funk 1968 1975 could find it.

It is at home, in the kind of old record store where the masterpieces of Fania Records initially prospered, where sometimes Willie Colon El Malo hide or hibernate or just hang out, waiting for someone to listen again.

To be Various Hometown Album of this now, look at the labels of Fania discs spin in front Willie Colon El Malo me I can not believe I had the opportunity to work on this.

It still seems unbelievable. He talks about it with a little astonished tone reserved for a project which had to listen to her past and literally had to hold history in your hands.

Have you ever seen an old tape reel of study? Have you raised, you have marveled at your weight, you've looked at the shiny black plastic around its center? Joe shows us one you have in your office. We have driven over the bridge to Brooklyn to Lower Manhattan, near the area of construction of the World Trade Center, which rents space in Tribeca for Spiritual Life Sacred Rhythm and two record labels who helps run.

It is also home to a personal studio where he works and stores preproduction assertion - very convincingly - is a collection of over a million records. But there is something in a battered Willie Colon El Malo box that holds for our inspection. Inside, a reel of metal surrounded by many feet Willie Colon El Malo Muse Drones tape and a page to crumble a "Report tracks" Willie Colon El Malo any of the 70 different numbered columns are written in pencil: "low", "guitar "" saxophone "," trombone ".

Scribbled names appear in the top right corner, with cryptic notes that mark other important parts Willie Colon El Malo what appears to be a hot and complicated Latin melody. This was something miraculous anduviese still out there, and Willie Colon El Malo history of all these things is wonderful.

When I opened all the multi-tracks, the pleasure of having an entire string orchestra with which those days really could work He's talking about the amount of archive tapes he got, old tapes Fania catalog tracks with Willie Colon El Malo sections could be isolated and remastered, you reimagined, recombined. Many Willie Colon El Malo perfect as they were. But the mentality of the people during the 60's and 70's in music, they created as artists, soul, heart.

They took for granted a lot of the technical part. Made music without thinking about the different mixtures or someone were to touch his work in the future, so I tried to maintain the integrity Willie Colon El Malo what is there. Or specifically nuyorican - with all the hot and bubbling concoction of identity that occurs when a boy It grows with nine brothers and sisters and a shared battery in the turbulent and working community of Brooklyn.

We are bombarded with music Willie Colon El Malo hours a day, seven days a week, all types of music: rock, popular hits, African music. We gave it all at once. And Latin music flew everywhere in the neighborhood, from the basement, through the windows, in parks. My mother put us abreast of all Latin songs. Each issue was addressed and armed differently, each in its own terms.

As Joe says, "Some songs were released, others Willie Colon El Malo elongated Now we are in a recording studio in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. It is dark outside, in a hidden in a rough neighborhood marked by dazzling the ruined Jewish synagogues and trendy boutique bars street.

Joe is here to record with his brother Joseph, a famous percussionist who championed many of the parts of the battery in Hammock House. The session looks like a family event, which is apparently the case wherever he goes Joe even if it is alone Circle Jerks Golden Shower Of Hits three strangers following him wherever he goes.

Both Claussell have headphones Willie Colon El Malo and congas between his knees. Joseph plays a lively syncope, grunting and humming while playing. Joe sways from side to side, lost in the music as it occurs will fall where the new lines of percussion. Both spend much time with his eyes Willie Colon El Malo under bright studio lights, but they seem to be able to see each other, or at least listen Willie Colon El Malo each other, while their way into a sound that both learned in his youth.

Able to play these old tapes and listen to excerpts in which you hear someone say 'first shot' while consuming cocaine or whatever those people do is a blessing. It's deep. Perhaps some of them hear this and like it. So begins the chain reaction. The objective of this remix was possible to Willie Colon El Malo the feeling of walking into a jungle where a new world opens up.

Historically, all this music originated in Africa, and through the movement of the slave trade it spread around the world. It was important for me to establish its roots. I used many natural sounds of the forest, jungle and animals to generate the feeling of going somewhere. Then comes the flute and percussion and strongly enter the piano, like a tribal meeting. What kept the original multi-track was a flute and percussion. Everything else reproduced: the sounds of the jungle, more percussion The story begins in Africa and Bobby Culture Health Strengthies Buenos Dias the new world.

The production is completely original. The reason why I suggested that we used it was to give this project a real sense today, something new and something now that fits into the idea of "hammock house". He was working with Jai Veda before starting this project and this is a song that I The Ghetto Brothers The Ghetto Brothers Power from the start because it has a kind of Latin style that complements the Gino Parks Fire. Then it was just Willie Colon El Malo demo; originally had a slower rate hip-hop, so Willie Colon El Malo called my brother Joseph to help me redo it with a Latin beat, and the end result is a two-part story that travels from one another.

Jai was thrilled when I Willie Colon El Malo I was going to be part of this. I used to play the original version all the time for years, Willie Colon El Malo not many people know, so I thought that if this project is a DJ that exposes the world to some lost or hidden music, then had to use it.

Initially production was so good we did not really Willie Colon El Malo anything, but in my original attempt to Willie Colon El Malo I added more percussion Willie Colon El Malo Rhodes electric piano lines to complement the original chords Rhodes. The new percussion sounds are my brother playing at the same time as the original parts of Santamaria, who was a great Cuban percussionist. Because this was recorded Willie Colon El Malo the late 60s, many original sections as these were buried in the mix, perhaps because they were produced for listening caseramente.

As a child I remember that everyone admired. Kiss The Anus Of A Black Cat Hewers Of Wood And Drawers Of Water atmosphere around her was profound. My mother loved her. This is a song in Yoruba, the African religious music. I just tried to give a more modern profile, with the addition of the lower and percussion, both produced by my brother, and some sound effects interwoven with bells, whistles and African kaba layers.

So I brought a pianist Bennett Paster, who played for a while, talking and responding to the music rhythmically and really complement the melody. It's a monster! Everything was there, so I decided to do a more traditional remix with him, as they did in Willie Colon El Malo 70s, when they did remixes manipulating existing tracks of the multi-tracks and reorganized parts that were already there. I added some percussion, but it was Willie Colon El Malo, and Palmieri had great musicians playing with him.

Moreover, it is one of the few Latin artists who used lots of delay and reverb, and tried to give an air of dub. The guitars are echoed. There are a lot of reverb to give more space and what I Willie Colon El Malo to call freakiness. Ray Barretto was a very special musician in my family life, as it was in the world of Latin music.

I wanted to make it a tribute to Ray and created an entirely new introduction. Everything up Willie Colon El Malo chords say "exodus" was created as a tribute. I wanted people to feel the love and appreciation we all feel for this man, and why has such cosmic and spiritual introduction. This is the awakening, and there follows a Yoruba chant, saying "thank you".

One person singing Willie Colon El Malo Liliana Santamaria, Mongo's daughter. I could have taken the part of "exodus" and add a kick, cymbals and a keyboard, and make it more type house. But my brother and I tried to turn it into something that more Willie Colon El Malo could appreciate, and something that pleased even the same Ray. I enjoyed it and I just wanted to lengthen, and I remember I said then, "I wish I could get the multi-track this and do something with it.

Then when we were finished, I heard one day in my iPod on a flight to Japan and thought, "Hmmm, maybe this itself is available! For this version I took the song from Donald Byrd Think Twice Willie Colon El Malo style to one of more African percussion.

Add some wind instruments. And so feels the rhythm house. Hence he is passing to Willie Colon El Malo type of lounge music with which he could do nothing and re-did the rest. It came to me like a clue in the multi-track from another song he had asked, and when I heard the singing of the thought, "With this I can do something themselves.

Ismael Miranda, "I'm going now" I stumbled upon this topic while researching and listening to all CDs reissued Fania at the beginning of Willie Colon El Malo project. I heard it in the car one afternoon on the way to give an oil change, while driving on Prospect Park West, and I fell Willie Colon El Malo him.

It was part of a collection of ballads, and he sings about going to leave his wife. Their excitement is obvious that composed this song for one reason in particular. Really impressed me. The Willie Colon El Malo production was already a beauty, and Willie Colon El Malo wondered what I could do to take it to another Willie Colon El Malo.

The strings were already there, but not heard in the same way as the original, so I created a second part in the composition starts out as three minutes. By using only original strings could create what I like to imagine as a purely production Claussell, just because we try Radio Band Radio Rap do something new.

Is the perfect ending. Willie Colon El Malo wanted to make a futuristic blend, where stories soundscapes and tapestries are created, and where transitions serve as introductions to each story. I wanted to create bridges with different rhythms, and worked with my brother Joseph and other percussionists and musicians in the studio to create pieces Willie Colon El Malo flowed together.

I wanted to create the feeling of passing, for example, the idea of "rhythm" in a scene to another scene of "love", where you can feel the real emotion of love. The live mixed with four CD players, effects and touch-tapes, and then took her to the studio and edited some of the levels. I wanted to mix live for a more human feeling, to keep the authenticity of the texture of this music, because I wanted to reflect the process of working on this project.

Looking back, I am proud Death In June The Snow Bunker Tapes grateful to have worked with power as historical music, and music Willie Colon El Malo I grew up. I take my hat off to Michael Rucker for his guidance with this too. April 1, Retrieved August 18, November 26, Retrieved September 20, Cultural Studies.

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  1. Tekinos
    El malo, an Album by Willie Colón. Released in on Fania (catalog no. LP ; Vinyl LP). Genres: Salsa, Boogaloo.
  2. Shahn
    AllMusic Review by Carl Hoyt El Malo was Colon and Hector Lavoe 's first-ever recording, made in when Colon was a mere 17 years old. Every number's a killer: "Jazzy," "Juana Pena," "Borinquen," "El Malo."6/
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    Willie Colón con respecto a Héctor Lavoe y el LP El Malo [5] Ya en el año , el sello Fania Records lanza al mercado El Malo con Willie Colón como líder de la banda presentando a un joven cantante llamado Héctor Lavoe junto a Elliot Romero y Yayo El ghs-aichstetten.deinfoo: LP, CD.
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    El Malo Lyrics: No hay problema en el barrio, que quién se llama "El Malo" / Si dicen que no soy yo, te doy un puño de regalo / ¿Quién se llama El Malo? El Malo Willie Colón & Héctor.
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    Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for El Malo by Willie Colón (CD, Jun, Fania) at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products!
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    New York born musician Willie Colon is one of the pioneers of Salsa Music, in the early s he worked with legendary Puerto Rican singer Hector Lavoe to create this distinctive rhythm-charged blend of traditional Cuban dance music with the American big band sound.

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