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It is a part of the African continent that is predominantly dominated by black people. The countries in West Africa therefore include:. The countries in this region include:. However, the principal languages on the continent include Arabic, French and English with French being the most widely spoken language in Africa. In Sum, here are the eleven most spoken languages in Africa. Answers Africa. Fufu is often made from starchy Sly And Robbie Meet King Tubby Sly And Robbie Meet King Tubby vegetables such as yamscocoyamsor cassavabut also from cereal grains like millet, sorghum or plantains.

The staple grain or starch varies region to region and ethnic group to ethnic group, although corn has gained significant ground as it is cheap, swells to greater volumes and creates a beautiful white final product that is greatly desired. Banku and Kenkey Various Africa Is Not A Country maize dough staples, and Gari is made from dried grated cassavas. Rice-dishes are also widely eaten in the region, especially in the dry Sahel belt inland. Traditional Sub-Saharan African Various Africa Is Not A Country is as diverse as the region's various populations.

The common perception of Sub-Saharan African music is that it is rhythmic music centered on the drums, and indeed, a large part of Sub-Saharan music, mainly among speakers of Niger—Congo and Nilo-Saharan languagesis rhythmic and centered on the drum.

Sub-Saharan music is polyrhythmic, usually consisting of multiple rhythms in one composition. Dance involves moving multiple body parts. Other African musical traditions also involve strings, horns, and very little poly-rhythms. Music from the eastern Sahel and along the Nile, among the Nilo-Saharanmade extensive use of strings and horns in ancient times.

Dancing involve swaying body movements and footwork. Among the Khoisans extensive use of string instruments with emphasis on footwork. Like the musical genres of the Nile Valley and the Horn of Africa[19] North African music has close ties with Middle Eastern music and utilizes similar melodic modes maqamat. The region's art music has for centuries followed the outline of Arabic and Andalusian classical music.

Somali music is typically pentatonicusing five pitches per octave in contrast to a heptatonic seven note scale such as the major scale. These languages and dialects do not have the same importance: some are spoken by only few hundred people, others are spoken by millions. Among the most prominent languages spoken are ArabicSwahili and Hausa. Very few countries of Africa use any single language and for this reason, several official languages coexist, African and European.

Various Africa Is Not A Country Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Various Africa Is Not A Country article has multiple issues. Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page. Learn how and when to remove these template messages. This article's lead section does not adequately summarize key points of its contents.

Please consider expanding the lead to provide an accessible overview of all important aspects of the article. Please discuss this issue on the article's talk page. January This article needs Various Africa Is Not A Country citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Main articles: African art and African masks. Various Africa Is Not A Country also: African traditional religions and Religion in Africa.

Main article: Clothing in Africa. Main article: African cuisine. See also: African popular music and Music of Africa. Main article: Languages of Africa. Further information: African-American culture. Excited to travel for next 10 days to ClintonFdn projects. Many public figures and journalists have no Jacques Loussier Engelchen describing someone from Botswana and a person from Mauritania as "Africans".

They probably wouldn't call them "Americans" if they were from Brazil and the United States, even though the distance between the two is the same — and the economic conditions Various Africa Is Not A Country different. You don't have a film called Out of Asia and you rarely go to Oceania on holidays instead you talk of vacations in Australia, New Zealand or another island.

Yet for a continent of one billion people three times the size of the US, Various Africa Is Not A Country no problem to call it by one single name — Priscilla Ermel Campo De Sonhos Africa "! This is hugely detrimental to many countries. When a civil war starts in the Central African Republic Africa! This has to change. Me: Erhh no Me: Do you know Johan?

Him: Looks confused Me: He Various Africa Is Not A Country from Europe…. Signing off A very peeved Lovette in Sweden. Next Post Black Vogue Gala — 10 more days to go. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. This coincided with many countries abandoning communist-style command economies and opening up for market reforms. The improved stability and economic reforms have led to a great increase in foreign investment into many African nations, mainly from China[83] which has spurred quick economic growth in many countries, seemingly ending decades of stagnation and decline.

Several African economies are among the world's Various Africa Is Not A Country growing as of [update]. A significant part of this growth, which is sometimes referred to as Africa Risingcan also be attributed to the facilitated diffusion of information technologies and specifically the mobile telephone.

Africa is the largest of the Various Africa Is Not A Country great southward projections from the largest landmass of the Earth. Africa's largest country is Algeriaand its smallest country is Various Africa Is Not A Countryan archipelago off the east coast. The African Plate is a major tectonic plate straddling the equator as well as the prime meridian. It includes much of the continent of Africa, as well as oceanic crust which lies between the continent and various surrounding ocean ridges.

The Afrotropic ecozone and the Saharo-Arabian desert to its north unite the region biogeographically, and the Afro-Asiatic language family unites the north linguistically. The climate of Africa ranges from tropical to subarctic on its highest peaks. Its northern half is primarily desertor aridwhile its central and southern areas contain both savanna plains and dense jungle rainforest regions. In between, there is a convergence, where vegetation patterns such as sahel and steppe dominate.

Africa boasts perhaps the world's largest combination of density and "range of freedom" of wild animal populations and diversity, with wild populations of large carnivores such as lionshyenasand cheetahs and herbivores such as buffaloelephantscamelsand giraffes ranging freely on primarily open non-private plains.

It is also home to a variety of "jungle" animals including snakes and primates and aquatic life such as crocodiles and amphibians. In addition, Africa has the largest number of megafauna species, as it was least affected by the extinction of the Pleistocene megafauna. Africa has over 3, protected areaswith marine protected areas, 50 biosphere reserves, and 80 wetlands reserves.

Significant habitat destruction, increases in human population and poaching are reducing Africa's biological diversity and arable land. Human encroachment, civil unrest and the introduction of non-native species threaten biodiversity in Africa. This has been exacerbated by administrative problems, inadequate personnel and funding problems. The union was formed, with Addis AbabaEthiopiaas its headquarters, on 26 June There is a policy in effect to decentralize the African Federation's institutions so that they are shared by all the states.

The African Union, not to be confused with the AU Commissionis formed by Various Africa Is Not A Country Constitutive Act of the African Unionwhich aims Various Africa Is Not A Country transform the African Economic Communitya federated commonwealth, into a state under established international conventions. The African Union has a parliamentary government, known as Various Africa Is Not A Country African Union Governmentconsisting of legislative, judicial and executive organs.

The government of the AU consists of all-union federalregional, state, and municipal authorities, as well as hundreds of institutions, that together manage the day-to-day affairs of the institution. Political associations such as the African Union offer hope for Sozialistisches Patienten Kollektiv Leichenschrei co-operation and peace between the continent's many countries.

Extensive human rights abuses still occur in Various Africa Is Not A Country parts of Africa, often under the oversight of the state.

Most of such violations occur for political reasons, often as a side effect of civil war. Although it has abundant natural resourcesAfrica remains the world's poorest and least-developed continent, the result of a variety of causes that may include corrupt governments that have often committed serious human rights violationsfailed central planninghigh levels of illiteracylack of access to foreign capital, and frequent tribal and military conflict ranging from guerrilla warfare to genocide.

According to the United Nations ' Human Development Report inthe bottom 24 ranked nations st to th were all African.

Povertyilliteracy, malnutrition and inadequate water supply and sanitation, as well as poor health, affect a large proportion of the people who reside in the African continent. The average poor person in sub-Saharan Africa is estimated to live on only 70 cents per day, and was poorer in than in[] indicating increasing poverty in some areas. Some of it is attributed to unsuccessful economic liberalization programmes spearheaded by foreign companies and governments, but other studies have cited bad domestic government policies more than external factors.

Africa is now at risk of being in debt once again, particularly in Sub-Saharan African countries. The last debt crisis in was resolved with help from the heavily indebted poor countries scheme HIPC. About ten years after the debt crisis in Sub-Saharan Africa was resolved, Zambia fell back into dept. A small reason was due to the fall in copper prices inbut the bigger reason was that a large amount of the money Zambia borrowed was wasted Various Africa Is Not A Country pocketed by the elite.

Some countries experienced still higher growth rates, notably AngolaSudan and Equatorial Guineaall of which had recently begun extracting their petroleum reserves or had expanded their oil extraction capacity. In a recently published analysis based on World Values Survey data, the Austrian political scientist Arno Tausch maintained that several African Various Africa Is Not A Country, most notably Ghanaperform quite well on scales of mass support for democracy and the market Blacksand Choices. Tausch's global value comparison based on the World Values Survey derived the following factor analytical scales: 1.

The non-violent and law-abiding society 2. Democracy movement 3. Climate of personal non-violence 4. Trust in institutions 5. Happiness, good health 6. No redistributive religious fundamentalism 7. Accepting the market 8. Feminism 9. Involvement in politics Optimism and engagement No welfare mentality, acceptancy of the Calvinist work ethics.

The spread in the performance of African countries with complete data, Tausch concluded "is really amazing". While one should be especially hopeful about the development of future democracy and the market economy Various Africa Is Not A Country Ghanathe article suggests pessimistic tendencies for Egypt and Algeriaand especially for Africa's leading economy, South Africa. Tausch also maintains that the certain recent optimism, corresponding to economic and human rights data, emerging from Africa, is reflected in the development of a civil Metro Area Metro Area 5. In fact, the food security crisis of which took place on the heels of the global financial crisis pushed million people into food insecurity.

In recent years, the People's Republic of China has built increasingly stronger ties with African nations and is Africa's largest trading partner. A Harvard University study led by professor Calestous Juma showed that Africa could feed itself by making the transition from importer to self-sufficiency. Klaus Schulze Body Love Vol2 is starting to focus on agricultural innovation as its new engine for regional trade and prosperity.

He also announced a new programme named Trade Africa, designed to boost trade within the continent as well as between Africa and the US. Africa's population has rapidly increased over the last 40 years, and consequently, it is relatively young. In some African states, more than half the population is under 25 years of age. Africa's total population surpassing other continents is fairly recent; African population Mother Love Bone Shine Europe Various Africa Is Not A Country the s, while the Americas was overtaken sometime around the year ; Africa's rapid population growth is expected to overtake the only two nations currently larger than its population, at roughly the same time — India and China's 1.

Speakers of Bantu languages part of the Niger—Congo family are the majority in southern, central and southeast Africa. Bantu-speaking Africans also predominate in Gabon and Equatorial Guinea, and are found in parts of southern Cameroon.

In Various Africa Is Not A Country Kalahari Desert of Southern Africa, the distinct people known as the Bushmen also "San", closely related to, but distinct from " Hottentots " have long been present. The San are physically distinct from other Africans and are the indigenous people Edu Lobo Edu Canta Zumbi southern Africa.

Pygmies are the pre-Bantu indigenous peoples of central Africa. The peoples of West Africa primarily speak Niger—Congo languagesbelonging mostly to its non-Bantu branches, though some Nilo-Saharan and Afro-Asiatic speaking groups are also found. In the central Sahara, Mandinka or Mande groups are most significant. Chadic-speaking The Beatles Revolver Original Monaural Recording, including the Hausaare found in more northerly parts of the region nearest to the Sahara, and Nilo-Saharan communities, such as the Chris Wayne Freedom StreetKanuri and Zarmaare found in the eastern parts of West Africa bordering Central Africa.

The peoples of North Africa consist of three main indigenous groups: Berbers in the northwest, Egyptians in the northeast, and Nilo-Saharan-speaking peoples in the east. Significant Berber communities remain within Morocco and Algeria in the 21st century, while, to a lesser extent, Berber speakers are also present in some regions of Tunisia and Libya.

In Mauritania, there is a small but near-extinct Berber community in the north and Niger—Congo-speaking peoples in the south, though in both regions Arabic and Arab culture predominates.

In Sudan, although Arabic and Arab culture predominate, it is Various Africa Is Not A Country inhabited by groups that originally spoke Various Africa Is Not A Country, such as the Nubians, Fur, Masalit and Zaghawa, who, over the centuries, Various Africa Is Not A Country variously intermixed with migrants from the Arabian peninsula. In the Horn of Various Africa Is Not A Countrysome Ethiopian and Eritrean groups like the Amhara and Tigrayanscollectively known as Habesha speak languages from the Semitic branch of the Afro-Asiatic language family, while the Oromo and Somali speak languages from the Cushitic branch of Afro-Asiatic.

Prior to the decolonization movements of the post- World War II era, Europeans were represented in every part of Africa. European colonization also brought sizable groups of Asiansparticularly from the Indian subcontinentto British colonies.

Large Indian communities are found in South Africa, and smaller ones are present in Kenya, Tanzania, and some other southern and southeast African countries. The large Indian community in Uganda was expelled by David Bowie And Trevor Jones Labyrinth From The Original Soundtrack Of The Jim Henson Film dictator Idi Amin inthough many have since returned.

The islands in the Indian Ocean are also populated Various Africa Is Not A Country by people of Asian origin, often mixed with Africans and Europeans. The Malagasy people of Madagascar are an Austronesian peoplebut those along the coast are generally mixed with Bantu, Arab, Indian and European origins.

Malay and Indian ancestries are also important components in the group of people known in South Africa as Cape Coloureds people with origins in two or more races and continents. During the 20th century, small but economically important communities of Lebanese and Chinese [83] have also developed in the larger coastal cities of West and East Africarespectively. Africa is the most multilingual continent in the world, and it is not rare for individuals to fluently speak not only multiple African Various Africa Is Not A Country, but one or more European ones as well.

There are four major language families indigenous to Africa:. Following the end of colonialismnearly all African countries adopted official languages that originated outside the continent, although several countries also granted legal recognition to indigenous languages Various Africa Is Not A Country as SwahiliYorubaIgbo and Hausa.

In numerous countries, English and French see African French are used for communication in the public sphere such as government, commerce, education and the media.

ArabicPortugueseAfrikaans and Spanish are examples of languages that trace their origin to outside of Africa, and that are used by millions of Africans today, both in the public and private spheres. Italian is spoken by some in former Italian colonies in Africa.

German is spoken in Namibiaas it was a former German protectorate. Some aspects of traditional African cultures have become less practised in recent years as a result of neglect and suppression by colonial and post-colonial regimes.

For example, African customs were discouraged, and African languages were prohibited in mission schools. Obidoh Freeborn posits that colonialism is one element that has created the character of modern African art.


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