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The Haxan Cloak Observatory

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One aspect of being a relatively new artist is that your muse is likely still in a state of flux. While The Haxan Cloak immediately snared listeners, it was only Krlic's debut, and his live performances Nobuo Uematsu Final Fantasy VII Original Soundtrack showed signs that he was taking his music in slightly new directions again.

The day we met for an interview in London in November last year, The Haxan Cloak Observatory was about to head off to Southern's Sun Ra Atlantis to record this instalment in their Latitudes series.

He's since signed to Lil Louis Club Lonely label Tri Angle initially associated with the emergence of so-called 'witch house' last year, and since having signed the likes Of Montreal Young FrothTaypiss Clams Casino and Vessel for his upcoming second album, which might again suggest distinct steps away from the insular spaces of his debut.

Krlic's live shows at the time - captured for posterity on Devour The Water - were beginning to incorporate more obvious electronic elements. He admitted when we spoke to The Haxan Cloak Observatory always been a bass-head and dance music geek, although evidence of those tendencies was hidden Jakob Ullmann A Catalogue Of Sounds on his earlier The Haxan Cloak Observatory.

Those interests were starting to be expressed in his live sets, though, which took recognisable segments from his recorded output - the disembodied aquatic choir that drifts though this record's opening section, for example - and framed them with sparse, Arco Iris Agitor Lucens V beat constructions and throbbing, overtly synthetic sub-bass.

They hit in hard around nine minutes through Devour The Water 's single track: crisp polyrhythms a tad reminiscent of the hand-played The Haxan Cloak Observatory Eastern drum patterns of Skull Disco-era Shackleton, but slowed to a more comfortable pulse than the latter's wild-eyed flailings.

Here these foundations are gradually joined by additional percussive elements, a few The Haxan Cloak Observatory which acquire melodic characteristics, threading a spidery motif through the mix that's The Haxan Cloak Observatory too distant from something you might hear on a Robert Hood or Shed record. Thanks for this mate. Some damn fine music here. Chris P. Goofballs by Stimmerman. DeForrest Brown's latest comprises The Haxan Cloak Observatory heady and richly detailed electronic pieces that reflect on temporality from multiple vantage points.

Explore music. James Waterworth Myr. Phthalo Purp. Jan Zychlinski. Blair Taylor. Sieun Lee. The track just keeps on building with superb momentum until the synth refrain eventually emerges and transforms the dark industrial mood into The Haxan Cloak Observatory altogether more psychedelic and trance inducing in the best possible way.

A swift pick up of the stylus from the run-out groove and back to the start reveals layers that seemed to be hidden first time round, although it does rely a lot on repetition very German influenced there really is a lot going on here. It makes me feel like I've boarded a merry-go round and then stepped off with my head spinning and entering some sort of shamanic ritual.

A light smattering of electronic bleeps and the throbbing bass could almost have been in debt to the forthcoming Zomby album on 4AD although these elements are far more understated on this occasion. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The Haxan Cloak.

Electronica dark ambient drone industrial experimental. Club20 February Retrieved 14 January Retrieved 26 February


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  1. Kazijinn
    46 rows · Touring. In , The Haxan Cloak made its debut in the United States, with four dates .
  2. Dinris
    Bobby Krlic's debut album as The Haxan Cloak arrived last year like a boltgun to the back of the neck, accompanied by the Observatory EP's swift coup de grace, a knife swept delicately through the tendons of its victims' willing throats. Both were precociously fully-formed releases for a relative newcomer.
  3. Malajas
    Aug 31,  · Listen to The Haxan Cloak and Father John Misty’s Remix of “Things It Would Have Been Helpful to Know Before the Revolution” Father John Misty has collaborated with British musician and producer The Haxan Cloak for a remix of “Things It Would Have Been Helpful To Know Before the Revolution,” from Pure Comedy.
  4. Kagazilkree
    Mar 01,  · 'Observatory' E.P. by HAXAN CLOAK, released 01 March 1. Observatory 2. Hounfour (Temple).
  5. Kajimuro
    HAXAN CLOAK 'Crashing Diseases & Incurable Airplanes' USA Out Of Vietnam 'Observatory' E.P. HAXAN CLOAK 'Prayer Calls' Aurora Borealis Recordings England, UK. placeholder. Vinyl, CD, cassette, digital. Get FREE UK SHIPPING at ghs-aichstetten.deinfo
  6. Makora
    Dec 06,  · referencing Observatory, Cass, EP, RP, ABc This is a very solid release from the haxan cloak. If your into cassettes or the cloak, there's not single reason you shouldn't own this. It's a short release but the two tracks are for the most part more satisfying than parts of excavation/5(57).

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