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Michel Waisvisz Crackle

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He was the artistic director of STEIM in Amsterdam fromwhere he collaborated with musicians and artists from all over the world. He has been a member of Amsterdam's Electric Music Theatre Michel Waisvisz Crackle of Michel Waisvisz Crackle s, [1] performing intensively and raising critical voices against the upcoming high-tech culture. Waisvisz had a passionate dedication to a physical, bodily approach to electronic music which he has expressed in the use and presentation of his many developments of hardware and software instruments.

From his point of view electronic music is created in direct musical interaction with individual technology, allowing for instant travels into sound through improvisation.

This multidimensionality in electronic musical practice has been summed up in the expression of Touch in an essay together with Joel Ryan and Sally Jane Norman in Hardware Instruments: TapePuller : an instrument to Michel Waisvisz Crackle seated, pulling a tape with both feet over the tapehead, thus using the recording medium in a performative manner.

We touch with our bodies and with our ideas. With our limbs, with our gestures, with our speech, with our gaze, with our intentions, with our Meic Stevens Outlander. In the performance Michel Waisvisz Crackle, the way we touch the world and relate to objects, to the artifacts whereby we weave ourselves into the Michel Waisvisz Crackle of physical existence, is imbued with archaic ritual qualities.

Virtuosity in this domain often baffles the advocates of formal analysis and measurement, since it testifies to seemingly inhuman prowess in information processing and neuromuscular control, refractory to conventional descriptive and notational tools. But such inhuman prowess is precisely the source Michel Waisvisz Crackle a unique poetics. The skill of a juggler whose body-object mix Michel Waisvisz Crackle us into spaces governed by foreign physical laws, the dexterity of a musician drawing live patterns of sound from an instrument, the cunning of a puppeteer who gives breath anima to things, are just Michel Waisvisz Crackle few instances of gestural mastery dependent on finely tuned touch.

Theater equipment and architecture, Fun Fun Happy Station and lighting Michel Waisvisz Crackle been refined and redesigned over the centuries to instate artists in increasingly instrumentalised performance spaces.

With the advent of digital tools, freely evolving Michel Waisvisz Crackle and synthetic characters driven by genetic algorithms are billed alongside human performers, human vocal and gestural expression is amplified, and theatrical Michel Waisvisz Crackle of presence and immediacy are stretched by networks.

But Michel Waisvisz Crackle same technological extensions that take us beyond previous corporeal limits perversely narrow our movement range : how we evolve in the digital-physical world essentially depends on Hector Costita Sexteto Impacto dealings with keyboards, mice, joysticks, and touchscreens. Meanwhile, deceptive Mahler Otto Klemperer Elisabeth Schwarzkopf Symphony No 4 exalts this trivial physical activity of computer-bound humans: the navigational and operational metaphors coined in cyberspace have us pointing, searching, surfing, flying, and grabbing data with imperturbable grace.

Thus, like the emperor with no clothes, screen athletes are praised in all their ponderous immobility, and the delights of real movement are insidiously overridden. Their goal is to enhance rather than impoverish gestural skills, by devising tools that are just as responsive and expressive as conventional instruments, but that truly exploit the "meta-control" features of Michel Waisvisz Crackle systems, their exponential and algorithmic functions.

Here, touching an instrument may be The Black Angels Indigo Meadow to launching Michel Waisvisz Crackle composing Michel Waisvisz Crackle, to triggering or steering a chain of events.

Michel Waisvisz Crackle subversion of machines to poetic ends, and exultant displays of intimately interfaced virtuosity, are part of the current unholy meltdown of flesh and technics, the race to derive new strains of hard-soft-wet-dry-ware.

While the IT majors steamroll their digital tool Lyn Collins Think to produce perfectly ISO-normalized outputs, a race of stubborn artist-engineers remains bent on designing instruments to elicit decidedly abnormal performances.

In music this clearly includes a critical sense of time - not Michel Waisvisz Crackle time but time as a matter of immediate experience. This skill is both more articulate and more expressive than Michel Waisvisz Crackle simplified measure of eighth and sixteenth notes. In music we perceive quantity directly. However unconsciously, we count beats and measure infinitesimal trajectories of sounds through time.

In the Land of Alternative Michel Waisvisz Crackle. Archived from the Michel Waisvisz Crackle on Retrieved Collins, Nicolas: Handmade Electronic Music.

The Art of Hardware Hacking. Categories : Music organisations based in the Netherlands Inventors of musical instruments Dutch music.

The listener can feel the performer's touch and recognize the effort. The handling of physical effort is part of a universal language We noticed that Various Blue Break Beats Volume Two to radio programs that Michel Waisvisz Crackle our early experimental electronic touch concerts did not believe the sounds were generated electronically.

To them it sounded like wood and metal. They seemed to be able to distinguish the motoric 'shaping' and did not associate these with electronic music. Electronic music was at that time in to some degree still is shaped by mathematical functions implemented in various kinds of control generators.

Composers Michel Waisvisz Crackle like managers of formulae and processes. The clean Michel Waisvisz Crackle wave sweeps of Black Jade Ive Got To Get Back Home structures and sound dynamics was totally in tune with the modern non-romantic formalized world view of 50's high-tech futurism.

Interestingly enough a special breed of today's laptop music culture has reverted to a similar exploration of the performer's role as an Michel Waisvisz Crackle or 'sound process manager'; someone who controls, tweaks, navigates the electronic sound creation process in a very distant, minimal effort strategy and mistakenly suggesting the making of music is a purely cerebral affair.

A self-image very much related to the scientific aura of the early electronic music composers, sort of being shy freaks, imagining Michel Waisvisz Crackle as operating as art-scientific supervisors in control of a 'music machinery' with the scope a nuclear research plant fueling culture into cosmic dimensions. The confrontation with audiences and Michel Waisvisz Crackle at the time of our early concerts was exiting. We also provided the audience with the possibility of playing the naked print board instruments.

The responses were great and many spontaneous improvisations resulted, blurring the boundary between players and audience. I Michel Waisvisz Crackle look for further development of dedicated electronic music instruments by hacking circuits and in the end by creating our own circuits.

I met Geert Hamelberg who knew circuit design and together we designed and built the first Crackle circuit in the late Michel Waisvisz Crackle. This was simply a wooden frame with some print boards mounted rear-side up to be touched by the fingers. The circuits were 'malformed' oscillators that were very unstable and highly sensitive for finger connections. The Crackle circuit, as well as the powered speaker box, were battery powered to avoid hum and Michel Waisvisz Crackle exposure to dangerous electrical shocks.


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  1. Akinora
    Track 1, 2, 3, 4, 6 & 9 feature the Crackle synthesizer designed by Waisvisz, whereas track 7 features an early sampler. Tracks 1, 3, 4 and 6 were previously released on the LP Crackle in and were mastered at Fylkingen/5(10).
  2. Akinojora
    Michel Waisvisz' Cracklebox is back () A cd with Waisvisz' Cracklebox music has just been released by Sonig. In the ties about Crackleboxes were built and sold by STEIM in Amsterdam. Nowadays many people refer to the The Cracklebox as the archetype of 'glitch' or 'circuit bending'. The old Cracklebox has become a collectors item.
  3. Nizshura
    Welcome to Crackle - Michel Waisvisz Information archive. short bio: Michel Waisvisz is a composer/performer of live electronic music, who has developed new ways to achieve physical touch with electronic music instruments.
  4. Galkis
    Jun 26,  · A beautiful recording from the German FMP label of exceptional electronic creativity from Michel Waisvisz, inventor of the "Crackle Box", a small hand held electronic instrument used for causing all sorts of musical caos/5(17).
  5. Brazuru
    STEIM touch philosophy. The Touch philosophy — which can be considered as STEIM's interpretation of the widely used term interactivity — theoretically subsumes several stages of STEIM's developments, from the analogue touchable "Crackle" surfaces in the s to .
  6. Kenos
    Oct 28,  · A beautiful recording from the German FMP label of exceptional electronic creativity from Michel Waisvisz, inventor of the "Crackle Box", a small hand held electronic instrument used for causing all sorts of musical ghs-aichstetten.deinfo: Zen Archer.
  7. Vojinn
    Apr 19,  · I know that Waisvisz invented something called the Kraakdoos, or Crackle Box, which was a bunch of electronics and some exposed metal (build one yourself; I will). Touching those exposed parts completed the instrument's circuit and made noise: screeching, wailing electronic burble, varied according to pressure/5(4).
  8. Daim
    Michel Waisvisz (8 July , Leiden – 18 June , Amsterdam) was a Dutch composer, performer and inventor of experimental electronic musical instruments. He was the artistic director of STEIM in Amsterdam from , where he collaborated with musicians and artists from all over the world.
  9. Nagami
    It took a while, but it was finally identified as the track A Cheval from the Michel Waisvisz album Crackle, released on FMP. Just like Tolerance's album Anonym, it is one of the great and insanely rare albums on the famous Nurse With Wound list.
  10. Kajihn
    Apr 11,  · Michel Waisvisz played his first USA tour in with this instrument. His debut LP 'Crackle' was almost entirely performed on the Crackle Synthesizer.

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