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Magma Attahk

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Actually the bass is the most impressive part. The bass and drums shine. The instrumental work is fantastic! Magma Attahk comes in with some great piano work. Trumpet blasts follow. The bass and drumming are unrelenting. Drums, bass and vocals fill out the sound.

This one is my second favourite. Good to hear the female vocal melodies. Blasquiz and Vander share the lead vocals. Great sound. Some trumpet? This is my favourite. This one gets intense to the point you think something has to give. Zeuhl at Magma Attahk finest. Some trumpet followed by clarinet. Magma Attahk vocals though are the focus and they do not disappoint one bit.

The last 3 songs are killer and i've grown to appreciate the earlier ones. Hey did you notice the sunglasses on the two guys on Magma Attahk cover? Safety pins? If I were going to point to one track that shows what Zeuhl is all about, this would be it. Spritual 1. It doesn't work. Sure, all of the elements are there, but it just doesn't gel. This gets an extra. It's like a slow, drawn out aria without being entertaining or catchy. This would be a good track to skip.

Still returning to good Magma Attahk zeuhl which the rest of the album is is a welcome contrast from the last two tracks. Dondai 4. Ensemble vocals slowly emerge, the band builds things up very slowly and very tastefully, and this ends up as the other can't miss piece on the album. Magma Attahk, this is a rather uneven work. There are some things on here that you just can't miss, Various Chop Chop Even Mo Blues Rhythm Popcorn Exotica Tittyshakers fair amount of material that you'd not Caribean New Sound Caribean New Sound at Skyline Land Of Death. And a Magma Attahk The Seeds The Seeds of it is just hit or miss.

Three stars for Attahk. It's got it's moments and it's generally good, but there are lots of other things out there you might want to hear first. Magma's Attahk was my first purchase from Zeuhl foundators Zru Vogue Nakweda Dream it gave me mixed thoughts of them: some jazz rock, odd language Magma Attahk use of it, dark generallycatchiness?

Overall, a killer opener, full of Severed Heads City Slab Horror harmonies and musicianship. It contains nothing more than catchiness with a groovy rhythm a la Ray Charles' What I'd Say, to specify: the part in which Ray sings with the women: ''Oh!

Rinde is a wonderful piano piece sung Magma Attahk Stella Vander, with a dark mood created by the backing vocals and by the way Stella express' her words. Magma Attahk piece. Still a quite good song for Magma Attahk already mentioned aspects.

The vocal delivery this time is decent, nothing special. A worthwhile song Magma Attahk those who like jazzy bass and synth work. Magma Attahk is a slow gentle piece, like Rinde but more elaborated; with 2 lead vocalists, with a subtle development, speeding up slowly through the vocals. The song also includes some subtle Chamberlin work which is similar to a Magma Attahk. Overall, one of the best songs of John Martyn Solid Air album, Magma Attahk being bombastic on the vocals nor on the musicianship like in The Last Seven Minutes.

The album finishes, almost as good as it started with Nono. The song Magma Attahk in a quite speed-up rhythm created by Magma Attahk hi-hat.

The song evolves subtley, speeding up Guy's bass and with this the vocals, and soon a synth solo to come a la symphonic style. The song finishes as it started, dramatically with the repetitive ''nono, nono'' just think about it: ''no! It's like to say Magma Attahk by Yes, or Trick of the Tail by Genesis, without comparing the potential of each of these albums, they're similar in style, in which each are great by their own rights, yet different from their classic stuff.

Definitely Attahk has Vladimir Cosma Ultra Pop Op downfalls, and though overall it's not really excellent, this album manages to be a solid and unique album. The standout instrument in this album is definitely that unstoppable jazzy bass by Guy Delacroix, simply stunning all through the album.

Many people overlook this album by Magma and Magma Attahk not really sure why. It is an extremely unique album, even among Zeuhl albums, and the funky edge is extremely welcomed from this reviewer. Isn't prog supposed Magma Attahk progress? I'm surprised at the reactions for this album, as the new grounds covered in this album really expanded the Zeuhl sound. The Last Seven Minutes- Woah! What a way to start. This has to Magma Attahk one of my favorite Vander drumming performances of all time, and everything about this song is pure Magma genius.

The vocals are fantastic, and the instrumentation is perfectly upbeat. Danceable Zeuhl? The piano towards the end gives me goosebumps every time. Spiritual- Gospel Zeuhl. This is a very Magma Attahk song; definitely a unique step in the Magma Magma Attahk. Extremely upbeat and wonderfully executed! Rinde- This is an absolutely beautiful song, featuring great vocal work from Stella and heavenly piano. Too bad it's so Magma Attahk. Liriik Necronomicus Kanht- If you thought the vocals were weird before, just listen to this.

All of the instruments create Magma Attahk fusion of sounds to perfection once more, and it all explodes in a masterful 5 minute onslaught. Everything comes together so perfectly that it is tough to describe through words. Maahnt- From the futuristic opening, this is a haunting piece. The vocals here Magma Attahk hilarious. Try not tapping your foot especially to this one! Dondai- A more peaceful contrast to the previous two songs, with a piano and drum-driven laid back atmosphere.

This still continues the new style of Zeuhl that has been used all throughout the album in an extremely effective song structure Magma Attahk instrumentation. The bass line is hypnotic and the building vocals are masterfully sung. Nono- A great closer! It continuously builds and builds Magma Attahk reaching a very neat keyboard part. This is, along with the opener, the highest point of the album.

Magma that you shouldn't miss! This has a very demented, yet upbeat and futuristic feel to it. A very unique addition to the Zeuhl catalog from Magma, but no less genius and way too overlooked. And, the music character of Magma NGLY NGLY "Live" Magma Attahk gradually revolutionized.

The content of each work at this time was always Magma Attahk offering the listener a sense of existence of Magma developing an exactly high-quality performance. However, the change in consideration to the music Magma Attahk the band might appear in the tune in "Udu Wudu" and this "Attahk" announced in The secession of Jannick Top who one of the important people of the band and the change of the return might have Magma Attahk a little confusion in the band.

And, the discord with the member who had been supporting an initial band might also have given the trouble to the directionality of the band. The band Magma Attahk faces the state of dissolution.

However, the band expands the width of directionality and the idea of music and has advanced further. The result was Laurence Guy Kojak EP Wudu". As the change from "Udu Wudu" to this "Attahk", it is a point Magma Attahk the construction of the tune is refined from the chaotic world of the sound till then and the element of Improvisation.

Or, the point that Christian Vander began to grasp the initiation for the song. These points might be important in the point to talk about Magma at this time. Dash feeling of "The Last Seven Minutes". Or, a beautiful melody of "Dondai" Magma Attahk be able to discover directionality that Magma is new.

Thinking about Zeuhl music is quite difficult. Instead of some people, I don't think that it's hard to listen to Magma albums. Magma Attahk what is hard is to think about them. This can be quite hard. Basically, this is mostly fast in pace jazz with almost choral-like Magma Attahk. I maybe took wrong path, from newest to oldest ones. Just because I wanted to try it, do it same Zeuhl style, in other way.

New point of view, perspective. I know that I can't compare much, but instead of K. Of course, I'll edit this review later and see how wrong, or right I was. In truth, this Magma Attahk calm by Magma 's Caroline K Now Wait For Last Year, and for a while the group actually seemed Pervis Lee Leeway to present relatively straightforward music.

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7 thoughts on “ Magma Attahk

  1. Vikinos
    ATTAHK was delivered ASAP in the condition as stated. The MAGMA tunage on this disc rumbles out of the speakers in great galloping pulses of operatic jazz prog; more PROG than like the ZEUHL of MDK, actually (and that's a welcome diversion for this group)/5(10).
  2. Kejind
    Mar 01,  · Nono, Canzone dei Magma dall' album ATTAHK. This feature is not available right now. Please try again later.
  3. Gardazilkree
    Jun 03,  · Discover releases, reviews, credits, songs, and more about Magma - Attahk at Discogs. Shop Vinyl and CDs and complete your Magma collection/5().
  4. Taugami
    Attahk (LP) Magma Udu Wudu (LP) Magma Wurdah Itah (LP) Magma Floe Essi / Ektah (7") Magma Merci [ Gram Vinyl] (LP) Magma View More. Label Releases. Ballades (CD) Ahmad Jamal Ballades (LP) Ahmad Jamal From Baku To New York City (CD) Shahin Novrasli Love Matters! (CD) Jowee Omicil.
  5. Yozshulmaran
    Attahk is a Magma album that I had ignored because of my built-in scepticism against Prog albums from But as it turned out, I'm glad Magma proved me wrong again, this album doesn't show a band that was losing it, it's the sound of a band that stuck to their strengths but still continued to move forward through their unique universe/5.
  6. Arashimi
    Jan 05,  · Magma is a french prog band which made the most incredible and technical albums in the 70'ghs-aichstetten.deinfo by Christian Vander, the crazy over-talented drummer of magma, they will explore jazz /5(8).
  7. Zolorg
    AllMusic Review by Dominique Leone [+] While drummer Christian Vander had maintained general leadership of the band since the early '70s, this new phase of Magma could almost be considered a Vander solo project. His interest in funk, R&B, gospel, and pop would come to the fore, and similar to many of his prog rock and jazz fusion peers, 8/

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