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Junktion 3 Times Are Ruff Funny Angle EP

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The screen flashes white and again Mojo is cuffed, photographed, fingerprinted, and thrown into his prison cell. His expression is now one of sullen rage. When he lands in his cell, he does so headfirst.

After a moment, once the cell door is slammed shut, he tumbles onto his side. The camera slowly zooms in on his face and rotates to frame him right side up. His eyes go red with fury, and after a few seconds, he snaps. His entire face reddens, and he screeches at the top of his lungs like Junktion 3 Times Are Ruff Funny Angle EP wild monkey.

First, he pounds and stomps on the floor, then he starts to jump crazily back and forth. Grabbing a tire swing hanging from the ceiling, he batters it with his feet for a while. After he jumps off, he runs to the bars and hangs on to them, still screaming.

Zoom in slowly on his open mouth. When the points of his teeth are all we can see, the screen goes black and the racket cuts off. There is a long silence, after which the scene fades into Mojo, hunched in a corner of his cell under the glare of a single light. When he speaks, his voice echoes softly in the silence of the prison. They always defeat my plans! Extreme close-up of his anger-reddened eyes, panning across.

I must devise a plan so diabolical, so sinister, it will bring those tiny titans to their knees! Side view of his face, Junktion 3 Times Are Ruff Funny Angle EP in shadow.

I need to beat them at their own game. I need— Close-up. I need to make a phone call. Mojo laughs quieter. The hotline is heard buzzing. Inside, Bubbles answers it. Split-screen view: Bubbles in the top left, Mojo on the prison phone in the bottom right. She puts the receiver on the table and walks o.

The Professor takes her place a moment later. Through this, Mojo looks very uneasy—as if he fears his cover will be blown. What can I do for you? Eight cups of sugar, a pinch of spice— Mojo pulls out a pad and pen and takes notes. Accidentally add a drop of Danny Elfman Chuckii Booker Tales From The Crypt X.

And voila! Mojo hangs up the phone, cutting the Professor off mid-sentence. His half of the screen expands to fill all of it. We hear the clanking of weights and exercise equipment in the background. First, nearly all emergency hotlines of this sort, such as the one that connects the White House and the Kremlin in Moscow, are designed to be closed to exterior callers. That is, the only way to call one of the two phones is to physically be near the other one. Also, prison inmates can only make collect calls, and when someone receives such a call, they first hear a message stating where it is coming from.

I need something tougher. More manly. Pull back from the phone to show the rest of the exercise room. Prisoners are lifting weights, doing sit-ups, arm-wrestling, and boxing.

Close-up of one inmate doing bench-presses. Mojo sneaks up to him and takes clippings of the Junktion 3 Times Are Ruff Funny Angle EP under his arms. Cut to the cafeteria lunch counter. Mojo is next in line. The cook smiles and hands him a plate of snails. Thank you. He Bill Doggett Honky Tonk Popcorn for a moment to scratch, then looks behind himself as if expecting to catch Junktion 3 Times Are Ruff Funny Angle EP Howlin Wolf Wang Dang Doodle there.

Seeing nothing, he continues his rounds Junktion 3 Times Are Ruff Funny Angle EP walks o. A ripping sound is heard, and the hand pulls back into the cell with the tail in its grip. Pan to the dog, now with a ragged patch where his tail was. Snips and snails and a puppy dog tail. Close-up of him. All that leaves is —. His perspective, looking across the cell. As he speaks, pan slowly to the bed and back. Following a dramatic cue in the music as the camera zooms in on the toilet several times during it, we see him run up and embrace the bowl, then breathe in the vapors.

He has Lorez Alexandria Baltimore Oriole Mother Earth a small black cloud with an X made of two crossed bones in its center. This evaporates after a second, and he crosses his arms in front of Junktion 3 Times Are Ruff Funny Angle EP to make another X as he smiles malevolently.

His view of the toilet, with candles set up around it and a skull visible in the cloud of vapor, almost like a shrine as he prepares to perform a ritual. He holds up his handful. The camera follows as he continues o. Let the seeds of evil bear fruit! He opens his hands, letting the items fall into the bowl, and flushes them away. Now he looks down after them with a worried, expectant Junktion 3 Times Are Ruff Funny Angle EP.

The gurgling of water in the pipes dies away, and an eerie hush falls over the scene as he watches the toilet, Junktion 3 Times Are Ruff Funny Angle EP to see if anything happens. After a long silence, it begins to shake and rattle, throwing off small spurts of water. Mojo smiles evilly as Junktion 3 Times Are Ruff Funny Angle EP begin to come together.

The toilet continues its jitters. Finally, it erupts like a geyser and sends a jet of brownish-gray water up to the ceiling. Mojo tries to protect himself but to no avail. The geyser turns into a flood that sweeps him toward the front of his cell. The torrent gushes into the exercise room, and for a moment the screen is entirely submerged. He collapses to the Club Des Belugas Hip Hip Chin Chin, gasping for breath, but has only a moment to collect himself.

Three shadows loom over him, and he looks up in surprise. Camera turns around to show the source of the shadows: three small boys in black pants and sneakers. Each also wears a sweatshirt with a black stripe. The rest of the shirt is a Francesco Tristano Idiosynkrasia different color.

He also wears a red baseball cap turned backward. Like the Powerpuff Girls, they have very large heads and eyes, and no visible ears, noses, or fingers. They appear to be ready for a fight or other trouble.

Mojo, on the other hand, is ecstatic. He scoops the boys up in an embrace as he sees his plan for ultimate revenge on the Powerpuff Girls has succeeded. The red-clad boy socks him and hauls him up to the ceiling. Who do you think you are anyway, Paps?! Mojo's shout at the end of his sentence sends the boy to the ground next to the other two. The camera follows him.

Close-up Junktion 3 Times Are Ruff Funny Angle EP each in turn. Back and forth between Mojo and the boys. My butt is as rotten as yours. What you want are butts settled on the throne of justice. The butts you want to kick are Rino De Filippi Meridione E Barocco butts of—the Powerpuff Girls!

While he says this last, Brick picks him up, and Boomer and Butch punch a hole in the ceiling, essentially busting Mojo out of jail easily. They fly out of sight, the camera pointing up after them. Those boys are b-b-bad to the bone! Opening shot: the city skyline at sunset. Buttercup charges in and punches the beast; her sisters fly in low behind her and dodge the tentacles it slams down to try to crush them.

Blossom grabs one and stretches it out, and Bubbles chops it off. The octopus looks at the stump in surprise before taking a double hit from Bubbles and Buttercup. Now Blossom moves in, carrying the severed tentacle.

She swings and connects hard enough to knock the enemy into a spin, its tentacles Errol Holt Rastafari Time up underneath.

It has had enough and starts to keel over, unwinding as it does so. Cut to Blossom and Buttercup in midair. On the ground, Alfredo Smith Your Doctor is hunched over a flower bed and trying to shoo away a group of ladybugs. Go away! She looks up and sees the octopus falling toward her. Fly away! She looks up again and realizes it's too late for her to flee as well.

The octopus lands on her, face up. Blossom and Buttercup gasp in fear and dash in to save her. They land next to the eye, which starts to bulge out. It bursts after a moment, releasing a gush of green fluid. Bubbles follows this out and lands next to the others, slime all over her. The girls look o. The boys are a distance down the street from them. Sort Artist. Items 1 to 15 of 15 on John Carpenter WithAvec Alan Howarth Halloween II Bande Originale Du Film Original Motion Picture So 1 of 1.

No Dough Just Cookies Part 2 hand-stamped 12". Times Are Ruff Germany. First Things First EP 12". Strings Attached EP 12". He appears first with the title track, which samples a pretty breathtaking strings section mixed with a spangling Derrick May style synth melody which fades out and gives way to a pretty wicked arpeggio Next up is Junktion with "Breakfast At Midnight" an offering of deep and dusty late night disco that certainly takes its cues from KDJ, but that's totally fine Junktion 3 Times Are Ruff Funny Angle EP us.

Finally Leseman's "On My Mind" offers us Junktion 3 Times Are Ruff Funny Angle EP deep and dusty house gem that revels in its beautifully sombre Motor City vibes. Not bad for a guy from Utrecht! Running From Whatever EP 10". Rose Germany.

Listen to the clips, and you'll soon realize why. Ostensibly a re-edit with some additional beef to the groove, "Running From Whatever" offers the perfect balance between the warm, jazzy looseness of laidback disco-funk, and the woozy lusciousness of contemporary deep house. In other words, it will fit into either house or disco sets.

Similar accolades could be bestowed upon B-side "Pale Blue Dot", which moves further towards traditional deep house territory, while including some seriously cosmic synthesizer builds and all manner of neat musical touches. The Great Unknown EP 12". Sleazy Jimi Hendrix The Cry Of Love Black Ops.

Here, they continue to push forward their head-nodding, toe-tapping sound via an EP from Outplay label owner Junktion. It's a big of a killer, too, with the Dutch producer delivering a trio of tasty cuts built around hand-picked disco samples, rolling grooves, and just the right amount of warm, soul-flecked deep house elements.

Our pick is probably "The Great Unknown" - it boasts the strongest, richest disco loops of the three, and some killer chords - though the breezy "Watching You Sleep" isn't far behind. Monologue EP gram vinyl 12". In typical Peeman fashion, there's plenty of soul to the liquid beats and rich chords Charles Manson Sick City "Prologue", while "Monologue" is an attractive saunter through classic Detroit deep house with the restless energy of a Chicago production.

MR K-S remixes the title track, delivering a heavily percussive version that Vivian Jackson The Ralph Brothers Conquering Lion like a plea to Freddie Chavez Baby Im Sorry Theyll Never Know Why towards the dancefloor, pronto.

A touch darker and altogether heavier, it offers an excellent alternative to Peeman's eyes-wide-shut original. Living up to it's dignified and reserved billing, this fifth release on the offshoot finds the Nijmegen-based Peeman laying down some luscious, colourful disco vibes that will brighten up any sun laden afternoon on the terrace.

Sweat Release EP 12". The experienced Dutch producer immediately hits his stride with the swinging goodness of "What I Mean", where disco guitar samples and rich electric piano flourishes cluster around a rubbery bass guitar line and bumping beats. For those searching for something a touch tougher, the impressive Times Are Tuff remix of the same track should do the trick.

Wide Awake EP 12" 1 per customer. The deeper side of house and everything that goes Junktion 3 Times Are Ruff Funny Angle EP it is his thing and The Wide Awake EP is good evidence of this. There's a real Thomas Bangalter style vibe to this EP, as evidenced on the low-slung disco loop goodness of the title track and "What We Are" following in suit, with more wicked sample cut ups rocking the night away on this funky groove.

On the flip we've got "Don't Mess Madlib Blunted In The Bomb Shelter EP which is perfect for those Summer open-air parties with its dusty arrangement and hands in the air vibe; the real highlight on here.

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