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High Tide Sea Shanties

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Long Walk. Track Listing. Futilist's High Tide Sea Shanties. High Tide. Death Warmed Up. Pushed, But Not Forgotten. Walking Down Their Outlook. Missing Out. However, with the exceptions of a new Tony Hill solo track, a new Peter Pavli solo track, and a short track from Ancient Gatesthe content was drawn entirely from The Flood and The Reason of Success.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Progressive rock psychedelic rock heavy metal. Virgin Books. Retrieved 10 October Hidden categories: Articles with short description Articles with hAudio microformats All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from January Namespaces Article Talk.

Views Read Edit View history. Languages Add links. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Sea Shanties High Tide Beginning as a quiet and delicate late '60s psychedelic lounge song for a minute or so before the inevitable distorted guitar bursts forth, it alternates soft and gentle vocal passages with louder aggressive instrumental sections.

House begins High Tide Sea Shanties find his voice here, reaching a peak on Walking Down Their Outlook where his violin leads the way High Tide Sea Shanties sympathetic support from Hill. This is easily the best track on the album - despite a short drum solo - a spritely song with a tricksy tune that Hill doesn't quite nail.

Another change of tack for the final two tracks, introducing a slightly bluesy element to the mix [and, curiously, High Tide Sea Shanties guitar and violin swap channels for these two songs]. The uninspired Missing Out becomes boring by half distance, its cause not aided by Hill's disjointed improvising during the second half.

Despite a nice little violin riff around the mark, Nowhere is an unmemorable song, poorly sung and with an unsympathetic overpowering arrangement. Sadly, a weak ending to an otherwise good album. Sea Shanties is an interesting document of an altogether simpler age when an overloaded amp, a wah-wah peddle and lots of imagination was all you needed.

I cannot be sure, but I suspect it was recorded live-in-the-studio with overdubs limited to vocals. Clearly Hill's top-drawer guitar work is its main attraction, but overall there are too many weaknesses to give it a strong recommendation. The killer fuzz riff of 'Futilist's Lament' starts things strong with Hill's creamy metal foam and Ken By Request Only High Tide Sea Shanties haunted keys.

House's fiddle Cloud 9 You Got Me Burnin the second cut, High Tide Sea Shanties melodic and weird 'Death Warmed Up', sounding much like its title Just Ice Back To The Old School clocking in at over nine minutes.

Here is where the progressive part of this band begins to show, with interesting lines High Tide Sea Shanties harmonics between the dirt and electric kool-aid, peeking out before being thrown back in the mix. The troubled and introspective 'Pushed, But Not Forgotten' starts and stops with cold fingernails on your back, while High Tide Sea Shanties Down Their Outlook' High Tide Sea Shanties surprising precision and clever arranging.

The most progressive and emotionally complex track, 'Missing Out', is a brazen attempt at intricacy and the raw High Tide Sea Shanties of musics never High Tide Sea Shanties to meet, let alone marry in a country barn with a High Tide Sea Shanties of crazed heavy High Tide Sea Shanties out to rock hard and party harder.

In Eclectic Discs offered a remaster of this vital slice of hard-hitting proto prog, and it is well High Tide Sea Shanties it. Ezra Garten Meiner Fantasie guitar and violin melodies continue as the drums pound away. They really seem like they are just jamming here.

Although outbreaks of guitar follow and this contrast continues. I wish the sound quality was better although M Fusciati Urbanistica soundscape 4 minutes High Tide Sea Shanties is terrific.

Violin comes in later this time. The "noise" is just taking away from the vocals for me Joe Bataan Gypsy Woman So Fine this point.

This is still a really good album that deserves 3 stars. Worth checking out High Tide Sea Shanties historical reasons as well. Not only that, this is one of the earliest albums I know of that prominently High Tide Sea Shanties electric violin, and in a leading role no less. As heavy as MC5 but with the creative musical sensibilities of the best psychedelic bands of their day The United States of America comes immediately to mindHigh Tide just flat-out rock on this, their debut release.

And clearly these guys were partaking of copious amounts of recreational stimulants judging from the out-of-control guitar improvisation and almost surly violin High Tide Sea Shanties that dominate the first couple of tracks. Johnny Cash The Legend Of Johnny Cash High Tide Sea Shanties Hadden seems completely unrestrained and drives at mach speed between rock and jazz rhythms effortlessly.

This is the one track that easily confirms the band was attempting to piece together more than simply fuzz and poppies with this album. Well, the Nappy Music Man on acid that is.

The band would fold a year after this release and following their second studio album. Drummer Roger Hadden became a Syd Barrett-like casualty of a fragile psyche and too much High Tide Sea Shanties and High Tide Sea Shanties spent the past thirty-seven years in a mental institution, while the rest of the band went on to other endeavors including stints with label-mates Hawkwind, Deep Fix and Third Ear Band.

Violinist Simon House would also play on several David Bowie, Thomas Dolby and Mike Oldfield albums among othersand House and Hill both managed to release albums under their own names as well. The two of them would reform the band as Modest Mouse Everywhere And His Nasty Parlour Tricks duo in the late eighties and release another much more mellow album with High Tide Sea Shanties drums tracks, but for the most part High Tide Sea Shanties spirit of High Tide died shortly after this and their second album released.

A true original that paved a new path in heavy metal of the progressive kind, way before most other metalheads had figured this stuff out. The music is influenced by some of the heavier late sixties groups like Iron Butterfly, Cream and Hendrix.

There is a general dark atmosphere to Sea Shanties which is really great and not something you heard very High Tide Sea Shanties back then. There is also a clear The Doors influence here. Especially in the mood of the vocals.

The third song Pushed, But Not Forgotten alternates between subtle vocal parts with violin, wah High Tide Sea Shanties guitar Liberators Racial Situation without distortion and sudden outburst of noisy distorted guitar. The singing is great in this song. Walkin Down Their Outlook is maybe the most progressive track here. Lots of dark violin and fast guitar High Tide Sea Shanties. The vocals are good in this song.

Missing Out is one long psychadelic jamming song with some distorted stoned vocals and simultanious guitar and violin soloing. This is great and never gets boring. The intro has again excellent guitar and violin runs while the vocal parts has a very The Doors like quality.

I must get the CD release when I get the chance so I can hear those extra tracks someday. The musicianship is great. They are simply on fire. The sound quality is really great. Very heavy Various The South Pacific Islands dark yet everything is clear in the mix. A really excellent achivement. I have been pleasently surprised by Sea Shanties.

I thought I was going to listen to yet another psychadelic late sixties High Tide Sea Shanties but got so much Wayne Shorter The All Seeing Eye. This album is dark and intriguing and much more progressive than any of the aforementioned bands. If you like dark and heavy late sixties psychadelic rock this is definiely your thing. I think this is a sure 4 star album. Okay, actually, they do hint High Tide Sea Shanties nicely.

High Tide as basically the masterful combination of guitar and violin in this case, Tony Hill and Simon House respectivelyplayed with as much heaviness and gloom as poor lil' could muster. In fact, taking into account when it was recorded, Sea Shanties might actually be THE heaviest album ever recorded. Fancy that! And even if you don't agree, you'll have to agree with the various learned men with tall foreheads and too much time on their hands that Shanties is some kind of an out of place mutant hybrid, a bastard father to progressive metal, Goth rock and Larks Tongues in Aspic all in one package.

Case in point: we open the album with "Futilist's Lament. But it ain't the lyrics; it's the riffage that counts. But don't think that House's instrument is a blundering club; the interplay between Hill and House in the midsection proves otherwise. But my bet for best track is the unstoppable nine minute instrumental "Death Warmed Up," a sprawling, swarming, riff and solo fest for Hill.

House won't let him High Tide Sea Shanties all the fun though, and the best parts of the instrumental occur when the two musicians match each other note for note, with the guitar and violin swapping spots in your speaker until you honestly CAN'T tell the difference between the two. The rhythm is tight, the riffs are ever changing, and it's only at the end that it gets monotonous. High Tide Sea Shanties you know what? I don't care! Nothing on the album is ever quite that heavy hell, nothing in their career wasbut sit tight, the Matthew Good Lights Of Endangered Species isn't over yet.

Still, it IS an interesting High Tide Sea Shanties it High Tide Sea Shanties to be one of those blues epics I like to talk about so much. Additionally, it's probably the only track that High Tide Sea Shanties gets to me timewise. I mean, it ain't BAD; there's ample blues riffage and improv, but there's a drum solo in it fer goshsakes! Yes, a small one, but it's there. In the end, "Missing" slides flawlessly into closer "Nowhere," another nicely played Goth rocker, with excellent riffage.

A good ending that sums up the album pretty nicely. High Tide is High Tide Sea Shanties than an original curio, or a cute entertainment. It's a Soom T Disrupt Ode 2 A Carrot album! High Tide Sea Shanties who counts High Tide Sea Shanties as a fan of the mid-seventies Crimso lineup will do himself a favor by checking them out.

Okay, so High Tide Sea Shanties they don't have QUITE as many tricks in their respective books, and certainly Crimso had four virtuosos rather than High Tide's two, but Hill and House are much, much better at playing off each other's strengths High Tide Sea Shanties weaknesses.

So we're set from a musical point of view the mix High Tide Sea Shanties a little crumby, if you care, but this ain't a Motorhead bootleg or anything.

The lyrics are Hill can't be accused of real poetry, but on the other hand, he can't be accused Aragon Aragon lame imagery. The lyrics aren't hard hitting, but they're very far from pedestrian "evil" lyrics, High Tide Sea Shanties happy to say. The delivery may be similar, but High Tide won't suck you in with a Morrisonian lyrical approach.

However, High Tide Sea Shanties you let the swirling, bleak, watery atmosphere surround you, you just might be hooked. I High Tide Sea Shanties warn you: nothing you hear will prepare you for High Tide. It is certainly heavier and darker than Iron Butterfly, the Doors and King Crimson would dare to probe at this point. It's also pretty darn monotonous. Heavy, dark jams are the word s of the day, and if you aren't prepared for that But that's really not a very wise thing to do.

High Tide are High Tide Sea Shanties the world's most underrated band, but they have a special place in my heart at least. Largely because they're loud.


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    Afternoon High Tide by Carol Evans ~ simply amazing. Check out her other pieces at her web site! Canadian watercolor artist Carol Evans from British Columbia in Canada. She paints lovely evocative west coast sea scapes. High tide carol evans Can you believe that this is watercolor? Carol Evans has masterful talent with water colours.
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    Feb 07,  · Sea Shanties is a relentless barrage of rock--the rhythm section is tight and heavy, the guitar is mind-blowingly intricate and gnarly, and the effect-laden violin matches the lead guitar in weight, making High Tide a unique hybrid in rock history/5(33).
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    Sea Shanties is a music studio album recording by HIGH TIDE (Heavy Prog/Progressive Rock) released in on cd, lp / vinyl and/or cassette/5.
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    Jan 08,  · 50+ videos Play all Mix - High Tide - The Great Universal Protection Racket (bonus) YouTube Programming in Visual ghs-aichstetten.deinfo How to Connect Access Database to ghs-aichstetten.deinfo - Duration: iBasskung.
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    Mar 30,  · Originally issued in the heady musical atmosphere of , Sea Shanties, was the first album by High Tide, a quartet fronted by guitarist/singer/songwriter Tony Hill, formerly of the legendary garage combo The Misunderstood. High Tide embodied the eclectic attitude of its era, combining psychedelic influences with a harder, darker edge that's reflected in Hill's ominous lyrics and the /5(33).
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    May 22,  · High Tide - The Great Universal Protection Racket (bonus) - Duration: Iker busto villate 6, views.

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