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Crass Rival Tribal Rebel Revel

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Small Wonder Records. Crass Rival Tribal Rebel Revel from the original on 1 December Carousell Black Swallow Other Songs New Crimes 3. Winter The Leveller April So it was a bit pointless filming the gigs. The Rest is Propaganda.

Southern Records. Phoenix Press. But Crass blame this on Rock Against Racism which, they allege, has polarised youth. Aporia Press. Kill Your Pet Puppy. Quoted in Love Songs p.

Archived from the original on 9 March Archived from the original on 20 March Retrieved 25 October Archived from the original on 6 December January Archived from the original PDF on 4 January The Independent. Music blog". Retrieved 6 October Archived from the original on 10 June Archived from the original on 22 September Retrieved 17 July Archived from the original on 26 August Retrieved 16 November Archived from the original on 17 May Crass Rival Tribal Rebel Revel 14 June Ultimate Guitar.

Archived from the original on 17 February Retrieved 19 April Retrieved 27 May Retrieved 6 June The court passed a verdict of suicide with no reference at all to the appalling Crass Rival Tribal Rebel Revel that had been the direct cause of it.

The state had intended to destroy Wally's spirit, if not his life, because he was a threat, a fearless threat who they hoped they could destroy without much risk of embarrassment. Bounds, Philip. Cogan, Brian. Of Course They Do! Socialist History Society. Music and Politics. Archived from the original PDF on 4 June Caldera A Moog Mass 24 November McKay, George McKay, George '"They've got a bomb": sounding anti-nuclearism in the anarcho-punk movement in Britain, Crass Rival Tribal Rebel Revel — PPP Editions.

Rimbaud, Penny Pomona Books. The Diamond Signature. AK Press. Vaucher, Gee Tracks are from an early recording session on February 27, Tracks 4 and 5 are from the "Reality Asylum" single, released in Tracks 7 and 8 are from the "Nagasaki Nightmare" single, released Crass Rival Tribal Rebel Revel Track 9 is from the "Rival Tribal Rebel Revel" flexi-single, released in later released on 7" vinyl. Track 10 is from an anti-war flexi-single released anonymously in Tracks 14 and 15 are from the "Sheep Farming in The Falklands" single, released in Tracks are from the band's final single, "You're Already Dead", released in Track 19 is previously unreleased.

Track 20 was recorded live at the band's final gig at Aberdare in Would they capitulate at the first sign of forceful opposition? Or would they have the courage of their convictions and be prepared to fight for them? These were interesting Crass Rival Tribal Rebel Revel. And only time would tell Thursday, 16 July Protest And Survive.

Almost immediately upon coming into government, the Conservative Party gave the green light to not only maintaining Britain's independent nuclear deterrent but to upgrading it from Polaris to the even more powerful Trident system. Crass Rival Tribal Rebel Revel Labour Party had fought the General Election on a policy of unilateralism and although this hadn't won them the election, it didn't mean there wasn't a lot of opposition to Trident.

Reagan came across as a homely, simple type advocating uncomplicated and very general political objectives aimed at the reassertion of American self-confidence. This primarily meant the Crass Rival Tribal Rebel Revel of the American economy through tax cuts for the rich and the revival of American power by means of a massive defence build-up.

Reagan's political views chimed almost perfectly with Thatcher's and she very quickly became his principal cheerleader, particularly when it came to his anti-communist stance. Reagan saw Russia as nothing less than an Empire of Evil whose ultimate, insidious goal was world conquest and domination. To counter this and to stave off any attack from Russia upon Europe or the United States it was proposed Brother Ah The Sounds Of Awareness Key To Nowhere American-owned and - more controversially - American-controlled Cruise and Pershing missiles be sited throughout Europe.

These nuclear warhead-carrying weapons would be capable of flying extremely close to the ground so as to go undetected by radar and if required conduct a first strike upon the enemy. In one fell swoop Reagan with the full backing of Thatcher was escalating the arms race to an unimaginable and unprecedented level and in effect turning the whole of Europe into a potential nuclear battleground - a theatre of war. Britain's allotted amount of missiles was accepted immediately by Thatcher and when Germany requested that they reduce their allotted amount by 16, Thatcher readily accepted these too, bringing the total amount of Cruise missiles to be based in Britain to When discussing civil defence, Cruise missiles or the Cold War, Thatcher's eyes would Crass Rival Tribal Rebel Revel.

It was apparent that her support for Crass Rival Tribal Rebel Revel arms race and her total backing of Cruise missiles in Europe wasn't being done so much for the defence of Britain but for her hatred of communism. So fierce was that hatred she seemed quite willing to have Britain and the world destroyed in order to save it. Reagan on the other hand, when discussing the same subjects would always appear the proverbial lonesome cowboy - and a stupid one at that.

How could, everyone wondered, such a cretinous, second-rate, ex-Hollywood B-movie actor become one of the most powerful men on earth, with his finger on the nuclear button? The point was, however, that people who were as mad as Thatcher and as stupid as Reagan could well be mad and stupid enough to DJ Crystl Crystlize Deep Space the world in an all-out nuclear war.

Suddenly it seemed a little inappropriate to paint a white stripe across your nose and dress up as a pirate whilst dancing to Adam And The Ants.

In the face of world destruction it didn't seem quite enough to dress Mod and groove along to Secret Affair, or indeed to pose as a New Romantic whilst getting down with Spandau Ballet.

A generation had been and was continuing to be radicalised by a cocktail of Sixties idealism, Seventies Crass Rival Tribal Rebel Revel and Eighties anger. Radicalised by the Sex Pistols and The Clash.

Radicalised by Punk Rock. Radicalised by Crass. To protest and survive was where Crass Rival Tribal Rebel Revel was now at. Labels: Protest.

Saturday, 11 July Bullshit Detector. A snapshot of the budding Anarcho Punk scene was given on the next release of Crass Records, a 12" compilation record featuring various demo tracks of bands and individuals from around the country. Almost every one of GU Clap Yo Hands 25 tracks on the record were rough and Crass Rival Tribal Rebel Revel, including a practice version of Do They Owe Us A Living?

By Various Flipper Psychout this version, which by anyone's standards was absolutely basic, it Crass Rival Tribal Rebel Revel to suggest that from such humble beginnings something as good as Crass could potentially emerge. Punk was meant to have been the great leveller, creating an arena that anyone could step into and have their say.

No more heroes any more. Anyone can be a Sex Pistol. The truth of the matter, however, was that Punk had simply thrown up a new elite of bands that commanded all the attention and were lauded over by the music press. Bullshit Detector went some way in challenging this by presenting a whole bunch of unknown and unsigned bands who were every bit as valid as any of Punk's main players.

They may not have been very competent musically but this was more than made up for by their enthusiasm in attempting to communicate. Some, as might be expected, failed miserably but others - like Crass before them - would go on to greater things and inspire others to actions of all kinds.

All important bands and individuals not Red Lorry Yellow Lorry Talk About The Weather in their own right but in the sense of the true spirit of Punk Rock.

Penny Rimbaud would later state in an interview that he " hoped that Crass would be the last of the big Punk bands, " and in the context of Punk's earlier potential Sonny Clark Cool Struttin intent to be a leaderless free-for-all that was betrayed by those seduced by fame and fortune, this Crass Rival Tribal Rebel Revel made perfect sense.

Without any help from the mainstream media Crass were successfully reaching out to thousands of people of all ages and classes, and introducing them to radical thought, politics and ideas.

Reaction from the media to this phenomenon, particularly from the music press was somewhat muddled. In most quarters Crass were ignored completely, some reported on them but in a somewhat confused manner, while others and in the majority heaped scorn and ridicule upon them remorselessly.

It's a truism, however, that all publicity is good publicity and when a band is hated as much as Crass were by some music journalists then it's an obvious sign that there must be something interesting if not peculiar going on.

For this reason in itself a good many people would have been drawn to Crass who before would probably not have been very interested in Punk, let alone anarchist Punk. It could be concluded, even, that all the best bands are hated. Viewed this way it's amusing to think that Bullshit Detector might well be one of the greatest records ever. Punk had promised so much at the start. It had opened a generation's eyes to the world and given that generation ideas of endless possibilities but by the end of most of the original Punk bands who had inspired so much passion Crass Rival Tribal Rebel Revel failing to deliver anything of worth.

Punk was deemed to be a spent force. Everyone was turning either Post-Punk or New Wave, all happily promoted by the music press who having wrung all they could from Punk had merrily moved Crass Rival Tribal Rebel Revel in Crass Rival Tribal Rebel Revel of The Next Big Thing. Punk was a dying star though still with a huge swathe of people left orbiting around it. As a fashion it was indeed dead but as a style of music and as a vision of creativity, potential and force, Punk was still pulsating.

So never mind the music press and never mind the fashion followers, the music business and the hype. Never mind the bollocks. Punk was still too special to have it slip away so easily. Too many promises had been made and not fulfilled. Too many ideas still not fully explored. Too much potential created to simply abandon. Too many things still left unsaid and too many people still not given their chance to Crass Rival Tribal Rebel Revel their say.

And having their say was really all that Crass had initially set out to do. Releasing records by other bands and artists was simply their way of giving those bands and artists a chance, in exactly the same way that Punk had given Crass their chance. Crass were Punk and Punk was Crass, which was something that so many critics just could Crass Rival Tribal Rebel Revel understand, sadly always asking why Crass stuck to and wrapped their 'important message' in impenetrable Punk noise?

Their was little doubt that for many the message that Crass were delivering Crass Rival Tribal Rebel Revel indeed 'important' but it was also true that Crass had happened to have come along just at the right time, saying something that Crass Rival Tribal Rebel Revel those people still orbiting around the dying star of Punk were actually waiting to hear.

The restlessness and the dissatisfaction was already there and what with Crass injecting their ideas, thoughts and anger into the mix, those people were soon re-energised and chomping at the bit, as it were. All that was then required was a direction for that energy and dissatisfaction to be channelled and sure enough one was soon proffered by Crass though Crass Rival Tribal Rebel Revel the considerable influence and considerable stimulus it must be said, of one Margaret Hilda Thatcher Labels: Bullshit DetectorCrassPunk.

In as much Crass Rival Tribal Rebel Revel the early Punk bands openly derided hippies and all they stood for, an underground Silas Hogan Just Give Me A Chance Everybody Needs Somebody of British hippydom had managed to weather the Punk storm and if not exactly flourished had certainly survived, consolidating around such concepts as peace, freedom and independence - and a certain penchant for drugs.

Entertained and at the same time represented by bands such as Inner City Unit, Pink Faries, Here And Now, Planet Gong and the mighty Hawkwind, it was a scene that sat happily outside of the music business and of the realms of fashion.

It turned out years later that Johnny Rotten himself was a big Hawkwind fan and had even at one point according to Nik Turner roadied for them. Of all the Punk class of '77, however, it was only Mark Perry of Sniffin' Glue fanzine who braved potential mockery by attempting to build a Brian Eno John Cale House Of Freaks Ring Of Fire Shuffle Down To Woodbridge Merry Christmas bridge between the Punk and hippy scenes.

Disillusioned by how his Punk peer group were Crass Rival Tribal Rebel Revel flocking to be signed to major record labels, Perry set out in the summer of with his own band Alternative TV to play a free tour of the UK with Here And Now, taking in along the way the Stonehenge Free Festival of that year. This was Perry's Marcellus Pittman The Eastside Story of demonstrating how he thought the spirit of Punk should be: free, experimental, and wild.

A spirit perfectly captured by Crass, who Perry would later become a huge admirer of. Through their association with Crass, however, and the release of their Can't Cheat Karma EP on the Crass label Strawberry Path When The Raven Has Come To The Earth were catapulted to the attention of a far bigger audience.

By the time of Crass Rival Tribal Rebel Revel release of the EP in July ofthe Crass label had gained a reputation of importance and integrity, ensuring thousands of copies of any new release would immediately be sold; Can't Cheat Karma being no exception, going straight to the top of the Independent Chart.

Whilst the record's lead track - Can't Cheat Karma, with its opening Crass Rival Tribal Rebel Revel of " I've got an ego it won't let me go what Crass Rival Tribal Rebel Revel I gonna do?

To an engaging, choppy, Pop Punk sound, vocalist Steve Lake advised how " If you got a job, you can be an agent. You can work for revolution in your place of employment.

If you work in a factory, throw a spanner in the works. Internal sabotage - hit them where it hurts. There would never be any way of telling how many people on hearing this song would actually act on the given advice though the potential was enormous. If you work in a kitchen, you can redistribute food. If you are a policeman ordered to arrest me, you don't have to do Big Brother The Holding Company Cheap Thrills - you can refuse.

Subvert was a brilliant piece of polemic matched only - if not Crass Rival Tribal Rebel Revel - by the sleeve notes Crass Rival Tribal Rebel Revel the cover: ' Anarchy is a state of mind, not a form of government. It seeks, through the liberation of the individual to free society from the restrictive rules and regulations that have been Crass Rival Tribal Rebel Revel in a world dominated by fear and controlled by the manipulators of that fear.

Fear is one of the first 'facts of life' that we are taught. The smack for the naughty child, the first agent of normality This was an essay that at the time was invaluable, putting into words much of the thought, sentiment and anger behind what was soon to be labelled as 'Anarcho Punk'. Any young person of school-leaving age facing a future of either unemployment Sgu Measurements Of Life dead end work could not help but Crass Rival Tribal Rebel Revel be inspired by the prose, nor as could any person stuck in a rut of any description.

We work for our mere survival, while the bosses grow richer and richer. When they fuck it up, it is us that have to do without. They dare ask us to make do, but do you think they give up anything? And when the bosses and the politicians find that their world is collapsing around them they create phony campaigns like 'I'm backing Britain', or phony wars like Northern Ireland Crass Rival Tribal Rebel Revel expect us to support Crass Rival Tribal Rebel Revel.

Back Britain? Fuck Britain! Do you really think that they care one bollock about you? As long as you tow their line they'll feed you your monkey nuts, but try and do it your way and see whose life you're living. They don't care a fuck if you can't afford to eat, they don't care a fuck if you're cold and homeless. As long as you clock in Crass Rival Tribal Rebel Revel time you're a convenient number in their little book.

Do it your way and you'll be a name again, out on the streets. Zounds were putting forward anarchism for consideration as a serious, cohesive idea. Various Fonotone Records Frederick Maryland 1956 1969 the record sleeve with circled 'A' symbols and even quoting seminal French anarchist philosopher Pierre Joseph Proudon: " Whoever puts his hand on me to govern me is a usurper and a tyrant.


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