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Charlies Roots Fugue For Tin Horn Pastime Paradise

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Change the Triple Crown? Which horse should Calvin Borel have chosen for the Preakness? But we have a deal: They show me theirs and I show them mine. Tuesday, June 30, Lasix works: No cheerleading necessary. A groundbreaking study proves that furosemide often known by the brand name Lasix does just what its proponents always touted: It enhances the racing performance of thoroughbreds by reducing the incidence Charlies Roots Fugue For Tin Horn Pastime Paradise exercise-induced pulmonary hemorrhage.

That's more like what the lead paragraph should be of a story reporting that study's findings at The Blood-Horse online. I will go on record as being a fence-rider at this stage on the subject of Lasix. I'm not against it outright and I'm certainly not among those who fear that Lasix is the hidden factor that is leading to fragile bones in thoroughbreds.

DJ Seinfeld Season 1 EP I do believe it would be best for horses Charlies Roots Fugue For Tin Horn Pastime Paradise for the sport if there were some way to race without any race-day meds.

And they do race without meds in virtually every jurisdiction other than the U. The Daily Racing Form's reporting of the study -- which is more thorough and objective The Blood-Horse calls its unbylined piece an "edited press release" -- goes into the study's specifics in greater detail. The headlines on the two are also an interesting contrast.

The Form is direct and factual: "Study finds that Lasix reduces bleeding. This is not to say that the research is flawed Otis Blackwell Tears Tears Tears Daddy Rollin Stone offers fraudulent information. That appears not to be the case. I've read the study as it will be printed Damian Jr Gong Marley It Was Written the Journal of American Veterinary Medicine myself, as you can online.

For the Charlies Roots Fugue For Tin Horn Pastime Paradise time, researchers set out to specifically study whether furosemide had the intended beneficial effects of controlling pulmonary bleeding which some horses suffer under extreme exertion on a controlled population of racehorses, when administered on race day.

Researchers included: Kenneth Hinchcliffprofessor and dean of the faculty of veterinary science at The University of Melbourne ; Paul Morley of Colorado State University who undertook earlier research of furosemide's effects by simply reviewing past-performances of horses on- Charlies Roots Fugue For Tin Horn Pastime Paradise off-Lasix ; and Alan Guthrie of the University of Pretoria in South Africa.

The study used thoroughbreds racing in South Africa. Each horse was raced twice, in fields ranging in size from nine to 16 competitors, once using furosemide and once without. And researchers determined that "horses were substantially more likely to develop EIPH" when racing without the furosemide than they were when administered the drug. Case closed, at least in the debate of whether administering Lasix helps EIPH-prone horses -- known as "bleeders" -- perform better when racing.

But where is the evidence -- as The Blood-Horse's story reads -- of having "beneficial effects on the Aretha Franklin Young Gifted And Black and welfare of the horse? It isn't there, certainly not in so many words.

And such claim was in no substantial way inferred by the authors of the study. How their press release, received by The Blood-Horse and not by me, happened to be phrased, I don't know. If The Blood-Horse reports that "furosemide does more than enhance performance in Thoroughbred racehorses; it also has beneficial effects on the health and welfare of those horses," I need to see evidence in the study of precisely that.

To me, that passage reads as though there was some additional, surprising finding in the study, perhaps that furosemide unexpectedly protected horses from some airborne contagion or healed them of a seemingly unrelated malady. That isn't the case. In fact, the term "welfare" appears nowhere in the entire study, and the word "health" only appears once, when researchers state that "EIPH is Charlies Roots Fugue For Tin Horn Pastime Paradise to adversely affect the overall health of racehorses.

And from there, the next hop, skip and jump apparently lands the writers on the words "and welfare" as tagalongs for "health. But you know what foreign jurisdictions have found is also beneficial to the health and welfare of the racehorse who happens to be a bleeder? Not racing Charlies Roots Fugue For Tin Horn Pastime Paradise who are prone to EIPH and whose performance suffers greatly as a result likely has the additional effect of not chemically-inflating the performance of horses who have a significant physical flaw -- the predisposition to bleed in the lungs under exertion.

Thus, top runners in Europe, Japan and elsewhere are more likely to be those whose track performance wasn't restricted by their suffering from EIPH.

And it isn't much of a stretch, then, to wonder whether that means the horses who are champions and destined for stallion careers overseas are thus not bleeders, and RDK Meets Disciples The Soothsayers Horn Section Sandeeno Freedom Street Put Down De Guns as prone to passing along to their foals a predisposition to suffer from EIPH.

But back to the subject of neutrality in reporting this study. While The Blood-Horse leads with a phrase implying that furosemide is good for the overall welfare of the horses who take it, the study's "Conclusions and Clinical Relevance" -- in effect, the what you should know about this study part of the document -- does not attempt to make that case. It reads: "Results indicated that prerace administration of furosemide decreased the incidence and severity of EIPH in Thoroughbreds racing under typical conditions in South Africa.

So furosemide works as-advertised when used as a race-day medication. End of story. Anything else is educated conjecture and the study's authors state it as such, writing that EIPH "is believed" i. This might seem like picking nits. But to me as both an experienced journalist and a fledgling horseman, it's serious business.

The results of this furosemide study -- performed by a global cast of scientists on a well-documented population of racing thoroughbreds in South Africa -- are important and valuable enough without The Blood-Horse cheerleading those results by phrasing their coverage of the study in terms that go beyond the findings of the study itself.

What did Monday's Jerry do with Saturday's Jerry? Will Charlies Roots Fugue For Tin Horn Pastime Paradise real Jerry Moss please stand up? Or at least stop Charlies Roots Fugue For Tin Horn Pastime Paradise different tunes?

By Monday, Moss was backpedaling so quickly that the only way to make out his original statement now might be to run the tape in reverse and listen for it between the repeated phrases of " turn me on, dead man As owners, we plan for the Breeders' Cup. That is where championships are supposed to be resolved.

My brain is fighting my heart on this, because I'd like to give Zenyatta every chance to remove any doubts about her place in history, and Rachel Alexandra would be a challenge.

We'd like to meet her, but we don't want to swerve out of our program, because we still have the Breeders' Cup foremost in our sights. Shirreffs had said weeks ago that Zenyatta was going nowhere this summer, not in the sense that she wouldn't be running and winning races, only that she'd be running and winning them all on synthetic surfaces in Southern California.

Since Rachel's principal owner, Jess Jacksonhas said he doesn't want his filly running "on plastic" even though she has a synthetic surface victory to her creditit appears the leading Charlies Roots Fugue For Tin Horn Pastime Paradise filly in the country will not be Breeders' Cup-bound.

For the second straight year, the Cup will be run at Santa Anitawhich has a Pro-Ride synthetic surface. Jackson, whose superstar Charlies Roots Fugue For Tin Horn Pastime Paradise champion Curlin flopped in the Breeders' Cup at Santa Anita last year, says he isn't going back. Moss suggested that perhaps his unbeaten mare -- who won her 11th in as many tries by taking the Vanity Handicap Saturday -- and the outstanding Rachel Alexandra might be able to meet post-Breeders' Cup.

But he bellyached about the detention barn at Belmont "We had a very bad experience with Giacomo going to the dention barn at Belmont So there it is. What looked like a possibility Saturday -- that Moss would be sporting enough to send Zenyatta out to meet Rachel even if Jackson isn't sporting enough to have Rachel attend the Breeders' Cup -- seems an impossibility today.

Unless the two meet somewhere after the Breeders' Cup, in the six or weeks or so remaining before Zenyatta is almost certain to be retired to the breeding shed. And, pardon my asking, but exactly what suitable race remains on the calendar after racing's festival of festivals, the Breeders' Cup, which is intended to all but close out the season.

Sadly, much of Moss' reversal appears to hinge on the notion that putting Zenyatta in any position other than a race hand-picked to play to her every strength is "risky" -- not to the mare's health, mind you, but simply to her Charlies Roots Fugue For Tin Horn Pastime Paradise of staying unbeaten. Moss and Jackson have invested so much in this sport, where risk is inherent with every powerful stride.

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    Charlie's Roots - Fugue For Tin Horn / Pastime Paradise. Regular price € Sale. Sold out Rare Stevie Cover by David Rudder and his stock band Charlie's Roots. Maybe better than the original?? Rare and last copy not sure when the last one turned up. Plays clean and loud.
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    Glenn Craven I am a longtime small-town newspaper editor with nearly two decades in the journalism business. An almost-lifelong fan of horse racing and student of pedigree, I became a first-time thoroughbred breeder in , with a VA-bred filly and colt, though the .
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