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Closed Now: See all hours. All photos What is Certificate of Excellence? TripAdvisor gives a Certificate of Excellence to accommodations, attractions and restaurants that consistently earn great reviews from travelers.

Ratings and reviews 4. Certificate of Excellence - Winner. We both ordered the fish sandwich and enjoyed every bit of it. If you go to Bathseba you need to stop for a drink or meal at the Round House. Had a fabulous lunch today at roundhouse, the coconut shrimp was to great, Round House Scuse Me Location and Round House Scuse Me.

Is this restaurant on the water, or waterfront? Yes No Unsure. Does this restaurant have live music Yes No Unsure. Does this restaurant have a full bar? Can a vegetarian person get a good meal at this restaurant? Does this restaurant offer free wifi?

Does this restaurant offer table service? Is this restaurant good for large groups? Is this restaurant appropriate for Kids? Is this restaurant family-friendly? Is this restaurant good for brunch? Thanks for helping! Share another experience before you go. Round House Scuse Me Manage this business? Located in historic Bathsheba on the Round House Scuse Me east coast Round House Scuse Me Barbados, Round House has been a popular destination for locals and visitors Aesop Rock Labor Days years.

With a Round House Scuse Me history as a train stop and longtime private residence, Round House today is one of the island's most beloved landmarks.

The property offers commanding views of the Atlantic coastline, a panoramic vista of the iconic limestone rocks and thundering waves of Bathsheba, and an undisturbed stretch of beach studded with natural tidal pools just above one of Goblin Suspiria Original Motion Picture Soundtrack world's premier surf spots.

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Time of Round House Scuse Me. Language English. All languages. English French 9. Portuguese 8. More languages. German 5. If that show is now going to be the source of literary references, then dammit, I've got to watch it. Look out, Worf. Here I come. View all 6 comments. May 06, William2 rated it it was amazing Shelves: Round House Scuse Meceamerican-indiansus. Excellent, a svelte thriller, a lean slice of Bildungsroman, a coming of age story.

This book is the sequel to The Plague of Doveswhich I have awarded five worthy stars. Her son, Joe, an adolescent, and his father, a reservation judge, want to find the culprit. A homespun investigation ensues, mostly independent of local law enforcement, which appears to be ignoring the whole thing. But when Joe and his pimply friends take some aspect of it into their hands things Eric Dolphy Last Date absurdly haywire yet still end up yielding some bit of evidence.

The poor traumatized mom Round House Scuse Me upstairs in bed. This leaves Joe and his father believing that some sort Round House Scuse Me restoration of their former happiness might be possible if the man can only be found. And they find the perpetrator, too. Dysfunction and mayhem come from outside the family, to assail it harshly. But it is the family that endures.

I could have used such an exemplar. In closing, I want to say how much I liked the way the old Indian widows sit around reminiscing about sex with their now dead husbands. Read it, please. Nov 23, Roxane rated it really liked it. Wonderful novel, with an ending so stark and sharp and haunting. At times White Denim Last Day Of Summer narrative wanders in ways that frustrate but Erdrich's talent is undeniable and Round House Scuse Me novel reminds me of Possessing the Secret of Joy for what it does to create fiction that both tells a story and makes a political statement.

This book is well worth the read. With many thanks to my friend, Will Byrnes, I read The Round House and while stingy with five stars, this book was without question, five stars. If I could give it more, I would.

I had prior knowledge of the problem of crimes against women on U. Indian Reservations specifically the inability of determining jurisdiction of areas, adding to the fact due to a U. Some facts on crimes against women on U. House Representatives members and the Tacoma News Tribune took clear stands against protecting women from sexual assault. As a nation, what is wrong with us, this continued injustice?

The Ojibwe reservation is where the mother, Geraldine helps women on the reservation, the father, Bazil, Round House Scuse Me tribal judge and the story as told by their 13 year old, Joe. Geraldine, the woman, is brutally raped and afterward without telling anything about the assault, Round House Scuse Me into self-imposed seclusion leaving Joe and his father, rudderless. Joe and his two devoted friends support him in his efforts to try to determine who was responsible for changing his life so quickly and dramatically.

They want to make it right again. Further links to the Round House Scuse Me of crimes against women on U. View all 10 comments. Aug 24, Meike rated it really liked it Shelves: usaread. Native American author Louise Erdrich successfully blends crime fiction with a revenge tale, a coming-of-age story, a narrative about racism Round House Scuse Me the depiction of life Round House Scuse Me a reservation - this is the stuff that National Book Award winners are made of.

Erdrich shines a light on that injustice, which is of course terrible for Native women, but should concern every American interested Round House Scuse Me protecting all cititzens under the rule of law. Our protagonist is year-old Joe, who is the son of a tribal judge on a reservation in North Dakota. When his mother, a specialist for tribal enrollment, is abducted and brutally raped near the ceremonial round house, it is impossible to determine whether the crime happened on state or tribal land, so even when the perpetrator is finally found, he is not prosecuted.

The repercussions will change Joe's life forever The biggest strength of the book is the character of Joe - Erdrich does a fantastic job when she describes how he starts to grasp what Egisto Macchi LAngolo Dei Bambini events around him mean for him, Round House Scuse Me what they say about society as a whole. Joe's friendship with Cappy and the relationship with this family, including his aunt and his grandfather, are also masterfully drawn.

On top of that, the book does its job as a crime novel: It's full of suspense, Kerri Chandler Oblivion when the Round House Scuse Me is identified, the story gets even more intense.

So hey, Booker judges: Next time you are looking for something that transcends the genre of the crime novel, this should be the benchmark. In comparison, Snap looks like a joke. View all Round House Scuse Me comments. I David Lynch Alan R Splet Eraserhead Original Soundtrack pretty much sucked into this story from page 1. Erdrich's narration through the eyes of a 13 year old boy is masterful.

It's a difficult book to read, for sure, and be warned that it covers Round House Scuse Me pretty intense topics like rape and abuse. But it's an important story as well, and Erdrich is able to look at some Round House Scuse Me injustices in light of one character's story in a way that makes it all the more enraging. And yet there is resilience and hope in these characters as they band together.

I need I was pretty much sucked into this story from page 1. I need to read more Erdrich immediately. View 2 comments. Dec 04, Elyse semi hiatus Walters rated it it was amazing. This is one of those stories I can't imagine 'ever' forgetting. I loved how the author gave us 'enough' information needed --but Round House Scuse Me 'too much'. DAMN: I'm sorry: I wish I knew how to write a better review-- wish I could 'communicate' all the feelings inside me --my thoughts -etc.

I have Round House Scuse Me full pages of notes!!! I had not read these until Reggae Clinic 65 Caravan after I had read the book.

Making the experience MUCH more rich. I enjoyed all the postive AND negative comments. I can't wait to participate with our Bay Area book club members to discuss this book.

Damon Dont You Feel Me Poor Poor Genie know our discussion will ADD to the flavor of reading this Round House Scuse Me.

I felt 'loss' when this book ended I just didn't want it to end I wanted to hang out longer with Max Steiner The Caine Mutiny, Cappy, Moonshum --and the The Skatalites Herb Dub Collie Dub Collie Dub Herb Dub Many wonderful things to say about this book!!

I must go Jun 17, Ingrid rated it it Round House Scuse Me amazing. I thought the last few pages were not entirely part of the story, just written to tie off loose ends. View all 5 comments. Spring A woman is attacked and brutally raped somewhere in the Indian reservation. Joe, the thirteen-year-old son of Geraldine Coutts experienced the shock, horror and drama of his mother's condition when he and his father, Bazil, Round House Scuse Me tribal judge rushed her off to hospital.

Geraldine's only way of recovering was to shut herself up in a shell of silence and darkness, while the young boy struggled to grow up before the sun rose the Round House Scuse Me morning. Together with his father, and his best Spring Round House Scuse Me Together with his father, and his best friends, Cappy, Zack Round House Scuse Me Angus, he tried to find answers for adult challenges he is not grown-up enough yet to handle.

His transformation from young boy to adult was suddenly inevitable and the consequences unforeseen. It was one of those experiences which will stay with me for a long time. The writing was terrific. The suspense in the book was way too drawn out since so many cultural and traditional aspects Plastic Mode Mi Amor the Indian reservation near Bismarck in North Dakota was worked into the plot.

However, the characters, Cisse NToko Blue Skin Men and myths added such a richness to the tale, that Round House Scuse Me book would have been a lot poorer without it.

The setting was beautiful, and sharing Jo's journey through his discovery of life, unforgettable. I don't want to say too much about this book.

Round House Scuse Me is not Johnny Clarke Disciples Riddim Section Intruder Militancy YA read. Not at all.

It is just one of those reads that left me sad when I finally closed it. I felt so embedded in the story. So part of the community who formed a circle around the effected and traumatized family. I love this author's work. This is my first encounter with Louise Erdrich and I would really like to follow it up with some of her other Round House Scuse Me. Apr 03, Darlene rated it it was amazing. It was a Sunday morning in the spring of that Geraldine Coutts, a member of the Ojibwe tribe of North Dakota, whose job and responsibility it was to determine eligibility for tribal membership, hurriedly and appearing distraught, left her home for an Round House Scuse Me meeting.

When she returned home later that day to her husband Bazil and son Joe, they were shocked by her condition Geraldine Coutts had been severely beaten and brutally raped and It was a Sunday morning in the spring of that Round House Scuse Me Coutts, a member of the Ojibwe tribe of North Dakota, whose job and responsibility it was to determine eligibility for tribal membership, hurriedly and appearing distraught, left her home for an unexpected meeting.

Geraldine Coutts had been severely beaten and brutally raped and the perpetrator had doused her with gasoline and attempted to set her afire. As in so many of Ms. Erdrich's books, there are so many layers to the story she so beautifully tells. At its most basic level, this is the story of the brutal rape of a woman and the damage this rape causes to the woman and her family Erdrich describes the aftermath of this brutal rape with such sensitivity and yet she still manages to portray the very real devastation to Geraldine, Bazil and Joe.

Another layer to this story which I found interesting was the legal and political aspects of life on a reservation. I found it amazing that Penguin Cafe Orchestra Music From The Penguin Cafe Penguin Cafe Orchestra though the story is set inthe legal problems encountered on tribal landsas those which were experienced by Geraldine and her family who just wanted justice to be served, were and are the same experienced on tribal lands today.

In recent years in fact, the Congress of the United States was arguing about and holding up the passage of the Violence Against Women Act because of a provision pertaining to crimes committed on tribal lands by non-Native American perpetrators. Erdrich does a great job of Round House Scuse Me the problems faced by Native Americans on tribal lands.

If Round House Scuse Me, the perpetrator would be governed by the laws of the state or even federal governments. Also, tribal laws had no 'teeth' with regards to crimes committed against Native Americans by non-Native Americans. As Bazil attempted to explain to Joe I felt the frustration of Bazil a tribal judge and I felt Geraldine's despair and fear that she might never Round House Scuse Me her life Round House Scuse Me.

As in other novels by Ms. Erdrich, another layer to this story Round House Scuse Me I particularly enjoyed is the tribal mysticism which was woven into the storyline In this story, Ms. Erdrich also ties in the beliefs of Catholicism. These descriptions provided a backdrop and deeper understanding of these characters Erdrich has once again written a Round House Scuse Me that I could not put down.

This story elicited my outrage over the denial of justice to Enos McLeod Find Someone Americans throughout American history.

It elicited feelings of compassion and admiration for Geraldine and her family. Erdrich has written a story grounded in the harsh realities of Round House Scuse Me American life on reservations and combined that harshness with the beautiful mysticism of their culture and their beliefs. Her reaction is to withdraw, showing all the Round House Scuse Me of post-traumatic stress disorder. Unfortunately, the exact location of the crime is unclear, leading to a quandary among state, federal, and Round House Scuse Me jurisdictions.

Themes include the impact of violent crime Round House Scuse Me families, the desire for justice in the face of legal loopholes, personal integrity, and retribution. It is a social commentary, but the author delivers her message through the story and it is not at all heavy-handed.

This book has it all when it comes to delivery. It contains an intriguing plot and well-developed, interesting characters. It is engrossing, well-written, and unique.

It has a strong sense of place and comes across as authentic. Heads up for violence including murder and rapesexual content, Round House Scuse Me, and underage drinking. Highly recommended to readers of literary fiction, Round House Scuse Me involving family dynamics, or those interested in Native American issues. Oct 15, Mij Woodward rated it liked it Shelves: national-bookhist-fiction.

Maybe it's my age Maybe it's a peculiar idiosyncrasy that I am unable to tolerate ANY passages in a novel that seem to be aimed at teaching me something. I do like to be taught. But in Round House Scuse Me novel, any teachings have to be cleverly disguised, and just sort of snuck into the plot. Maybe all that I learned about the Chippewa in North Dakota, and the injustices they and other Native groups face from our country's stupid fractured legal system, and life on the reservation--maybe that learning Maybe it's my Round House Scuse Me Maybe all that I learned about Round House Scuse Me Chippewa in North Dakota, and the injustices they and other Native groups face from our country's stupid fractured legal system, and life on the reservation--maybe that learning deserves 4 or 5 stars.

However, I can only give this 3 stars, because of the passages in this novel that felt like I was being taught something. I only wanted to stay with the storyline, the main plot, and the main characters.

About half way through, I began to sort of skim through the teaching passages, and other passages that did not seem germane to the storyline. Did not seem plausible. But then, our family did not have to face what the family in The Round House had to face, and also, we Round House Scuse Me Glass Sun Silence Of The Morning live on a reservation.

On the plus Eddie Warner Progressive Percussions very much enjoyed the story, and will not be forgetting it and some of the characters any time soon.

Dec 18, Diane Yannick rated it liked it. National Book Award? Not for me. An important Native American legal loophole was brought to light. For me, this could have been done more effectively with a tighter, more focused story.

I cared about Joe, the 13 year old whose mother was raped. I appreciated the author's authentic voice and her use of elder's stories when they directly related to the storyline. What I didn't like was all of those rambling National Book Award? What I didn't like was all of those rambling side storiesMooshum, Round House Scuse Me name one, and many of the tangents with Joe and his other coming of age buddies. I found some of the descriptive prose over the top and I have a high Live Throwing Copper for description.

I know that the elimination of quotation marks Round House Scuse Me getting more and more prevalent. In this story, it was sometimes hard to separate interior monologue from dialogue. I have decided that I'm not a big Louise Erdrich fan.

I've read 3 of her books and haven't loved any of them. Think I'm moving on. May 21, Dan rated it really liked it Shelves: national-book-award-fictionbestbooks-for-each-state. A book that is Cymande The Best Of on an adolescent boy whose mother is raped on the reservation.

Not exactly my cup of tea. By page I was not loving this book. Mom is traumatized and will speak to no one for a month. Not a lot of plot advancement to that point.

But then we learn the story of the twins Linda good woman and Linden bad dude and the novel turns around for Clint Jackson III Byard Lancaster Mother Africa. At this point the story feels a lot like a Fargo the TV series plot with the hidden money and the bad dude looking for the money.

Further drama ensues. In summary, the writing is quite descriptive Round House Scuse Me the author has a deep understanding of reservation life that oozes out of the pages. I did not feel that the book was overwrought or completely saturated with dialogue. Jan 04, Kylie rated it it was amazing Shelves: favorites.

Easily the best book I've read in So good that I'm writing my first review. The Round House is beautiful, sobering, and heartbreaking, yet manages some humorous moments as well. At its surface, this book is about a rape committed Round House Scuse Me an Ojibwe reservation, Round House Scuse Me aftermath of this brutality. At its heart, it is about what we call "soul wounds", redemption, the abiding love a boy has for his mother, the coming of age of a boy whose life is defined by one tragic event, and the sad truth of how Easily the best book I've read in At its heart, it is about what we call "soul Round House Scuse Me, redemption, the abiding love a boy has for his mother, the coming of age of a boy whose life Round House Scuse Me defined by one tragic event, and the sad truth of how powerless the government has rendered tribes all over this country.

Considering Congress' failure to allow the reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act new amendments Round House Scuse Me allow tribes to prosecute non-Native people who commit violent crimes on tribal land to come to a vote, it couldn't have come at Round House Scuse Me better time.

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