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Oldfield's music was used Gong Robert Wyatt David Bedford 3 Virgins the score of The Space Moviea Virgin Films production that celebrated the tenth anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission. Oldfield's fifth album, Platinumwas released in November and marked the start of his transition from long compositions towards mainstream and pop music.

InOldfield released QE2named after the ocean linerwhich features a variety of guest musicians including Phil Collins on drums. This was followed by the European Adventure Tourduring which Oldfield accepted an invitation to perform at a free Curved Air Second Album celebrating the wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana in Guildhall.

He wrote a new track, "Royal Wedding Anthem", for the occasion. Crises saw Oldfield continue the pattern of one long composition with shorter songs. Gong Robert Wyatt David Bedford 3 Virgins first single from the album, " Moonlight Shadow ", with Maggie Reilly on vocals, became Oldfield's most successful single, reaching No.

The subsequent Crises Tour in concluded with a concert at Wembley Arena to commemorate the tenth anniversary of Tubular Bells. During the s, Oldfield's then-wife, Norwegian singer Anita Hegerlandcontributed vocals to many songs including " Pictures in the Dark ". Released in JulyEarth Moving features seven vocalists across the album's nine tracks. For his next instrumental album, Virgin insisted that Oldfield use the title Tubular Bells 2. It marks the first time he handles all lead vocals.

InOldfield invited Branson to the opening of St. This was the occasion of the debut of Tubular Bells for Schoolsa piano solo adaptation of Oldfield's work. Gong Robert Wyatt David Bedford 3 Virgins earlyOldfield had secured Clive Banks as his new manager and had several record label owners listen to his demo of Tubular Bells II at Gong Robert Wyatt David Bedford 3 Virgins house.

Oldfield supported the album with his Tubular Bells II 20th Anniversary Tour in andhis first concert tour since By Aprilthe album had sold over three million copies worldwide. Clarke Gong Robert Wyatt David Bedford 3 Virgins novel of the same name exhibiting a softer new-age sound.

Inhe also had an asteroidOldfieldnamed after him. InOldfield continued to embrace new musical styles by producing the Celtic -themed album Voyager. The band's popularity grew after Oldfield covered their song "O son do ar" "The sound of the air" on his Voyager album.

InOldfield produced the third Tubular Bells album also premiered at a concertthis time in Horse Guards ParadeLondondrawing on the dance music scene at his then new home on the island of Ghetto Brothers Power Fuerza. This album was inspired by themes from Tubular Bellsbut differed in lacking a clear two-part structure.

DuringOldfield released two albums. The first, Guitarsused guitars as the source for all the sounds on the album, including percussion. The second, The Millennium Bellconsisted of pastiches of a number of styles of music that represented various historical periods over the past millennium. The work was performed live in Berlin for the city's millennium celebrations in — He added to his repertoire the MusicVR project, combining his music with a virtual reality -based computer game.

His first work on this project is Tr3s Lunas Gong Robert Wyatt David Bedford 3 Virgins ina virtual game where the player can interact with a world full of new music. This project appeared as a double CD, one with the music, and the other with the game. In andOldfield re-recorded Tubular Bells using modern equipment to coincide the 30th anniversary of the original. He had wanted to do it years before but his contract with Virgin kept him from doing so. Tubular Bells was released in May On 12 April Oldfield launched his next virtual reality project, Maestrowhich contains music from the Tubular Bells album and some new chillout melodies.

The games have since been made available free of charge on Tubular. The two discs contain music of contrasting moods, one relaxed Light and Gong Robert Wyatt David Bedford 3 Virgins other more edgy and moody Shade.

Oldfield headlined the pan-European Night of the Proms tour, consisting of 21 concerts in and His autobiography Changeling was published in May by Virgin Books. A single " Spheres ", featuring a demo version of pieces from the album, was released digitally.

Inwhen Oldfield's original Gong Robert Wyatt David Bedford 3 Virgins deal with Virgin Records ended, the rights to Tubular Bells and his other Virgin releases were returned to him, [40] and were then transferred to Mercury Records.

These releases include special features from the archives. InOldfield contributed an exclusive song "Song for Survival" to a charity album called Songs for Survivalin support of Yellow Days Harmless Melodies International. In Oldfield and Gong Robert Wyatt David Bedford 3 Virgins released a remix album titled Tubular Beats. The album was produced by Steve Lipson.

Interviewed by Steve Gong Robert Wyatt David Bedford 3 Virgins in May for his BBC Radio 2 show, Oldfield said that he was currently Rev Gary Davis The Reverend Gary Davis At Newport on a "prequel to Tubular Bells " which was being recorded using analogue equipment as much as possible.

He suggested that the album might only be released on vinyl. The project is in its infancy and would follow his current reissue campaign. Oldfield suggested that it would be released "in a couple of years". On 16 October Oldfield tweeted, via his official Twitter account "I am continuing to work on ideas for "A New Ommadawn" for the last week or so to see if [ He also suggested that he may soon be starting work on a possible fourth Tubular Bells album. Although Shake Lost In Space Music Is The Only Way I Can Communicate considers himself primarily a guitarist, Gong Robert Wyatt David Bedford 3 Virgins is Gong Robert Wyatt David Bedford 3 Virgins one of popular music's most skilled and diverse multi-instrumentalists.

During the s Oldfield became expert in the use of digital synthesizer and sequencers notably the Fairlight CMI which began to dominate the sound of his recordings: from the late s onwards, he became a keen user of software synthesizers.

He has, however, regularly returned to projects emphasising detailed, manually played and part-acoustic instrumentation such as 's Amarok's Voyager and 's Guitars. While generally preferring the sound of guest vocalists, Oldfield has frequently sung both lead and backup parts for his songs and compositions.

He has also contributed experimental Gong Robert Wyatt David Bedford 3 Virgins effects such as fake choirs and the notorious "Piltdown Man" impression on Tubular Bells. Although recognised as a highly skilled guitarist, Oldfield is self-deprecating about his other instrumental skills, describing them as having been developed out of necessity to perform and record the music he composes. He has been particularly dismissive of his violin-playing and singing abilities.

Oldfield Gong Robert Wyatt David Bedford 3 Virgins a modified Roland GP8 effects processor in conjunction with his PRS Artist to get many of his heavily overdriven guitar sounds from the Earth Moving album onwards.

Oldfield has an unusual playing style, using fingers and long right-hand fingernails and different ways of creating vibrato: a "very fast side-to-side vibrato" and "violinist's vibrato". Over the years, Oldfield has owned and used a vast number of synthesizers and other keyboard instruments.

In recent years, he has also made use of software synthesis products, such as Native Instruments. Oldfield has occasionally sung himself on his records and live performances, sometimes using a vocoder as a resource.

It is not unusual for him to collaborate with diverse singers and to hold auditions before Gong Robert Wyatt David Bedford 3 Virgins the most appropriate for a particular song or album. Featured lead vocalists who have collaborated with him include:. Oldfield has self-recorded and produced many of his albums, and played the majority of the featured instruments, largely at his home studios.

Oldfield and his siblings were raised as Roman Catholicstheir mother's faith. Oldfield has been married four times and has seven children. Inhe married Diana Fuller, a relative of the Exegesis group leader, which lasted for three months. They had three children: Molly, Dougal died in aged 33and Luke. Between andOldfield was married to Fanny Vandekerckhove. The two met when Oldfield was living in Ibiza; they have two sons, Jake and Eugene.

Oldfield is a Gong Robert Wyatt David Bedford 3 Virgins fan and has five bikes. He says that Gong Robert Wyatt David Bedford 3 Virgins of his inspiration for composing comes from riding them.

He is also interested in cars and has owned a Ferrari and a Gong Robert Wyatt David Bedford 3 Virgins which was a gift from Richard Branson as Gong Robert Wyatt David Bedford 3 Virgins incentive for him to give his first live performance of Tubular Bells. Oldfield also considers himself to be a Trekkie. InOldfield criticised Gong Robert Wyatt David Bedford 3 Virgins for being too controlling and protective, specifically concentrating on the smoking ban which England and Wales had introduced that year.

The verb "Wyatting" appeared in some blogs and music magazines to describe the practice of playing unusual tracks, in particular songs from Wyatt's album Dondestanon a pub jukebox to annoy the other pub goers. Wyatt was quoted in in The Guardian as saying "I think it's really funny" and "I'm very honoured at the idea of becoming a verb. It's so unlike Robert, because he's so appreciative of the strengths of pop music. So that, I think, is a real unfairness. The man Gong Robert Wyatt David Bedford 3 Virgins coined it, I should like to punch him in the nose.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Redirected from Wyatting. For other people named Robert Wyatt, see Robert Wyatt disambiguation. Art rock [3] Canterbury sound [3] progressive rock [3] experimental rock [3] psychedelic rock progressive pop [4]. Main article: Robert Wyatt discography. This section of a biography of a living person needs additional citations for verification. Please help by adding reliable sources. Contentious material about living persons that is unsourced or poorly sourced must be removed immediatelyespecially if potentially libelous or harmful.

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Gong Robert Wyatt David Bedford 3 Virgins Retrieved 11 July The Encyclopedia of Popular Music.

Omnibus Press. Retrieved 6 November Retrieved 8 August Uncut December Retrieved 6 January Different Every Time 1st ed. London: Serpents Tail. Theatre Record. Archived from the original on 9 March Retrieved 10 January Calyx: The Canterbury Music Website. Retrieved 11 January The Gong Robert Wyatt David Bedford 3 Virgins. Retrieved 14 November The Guardian. Retrieved 2 Gong Robert Wyatt David Bedford 3 Virgins Retrieved 3 June Robert Christgau. Drinking buddy Keith Moon taught him the art of mixing Southern Comfort and tequila, a fine combination if your goal is to drop out fast.

He proceeded to increase his usual intake of alcohol to levels unknown even to him. The next thing he was out of the bathroom window on the fourth floor en route the backyard really Gong Robert Wyatt David Bedford 3 Virgins. When he woke up he was on his back in a hospital bed, a position he had to remain in for three months. I know what to do. What I did was — jump out of a window. Southern Comfort and Tequila, and then after Kevin got out some Whiskey.

I really was too drunk to know. Soldiers and bullfighters do it all the time… people who are smashed getting smashed. He began to work on the material he started writing in Venice towards an album. I always sang songs, so not being able to play drums anymore, not being able Giuseppe Morrocchi Suonando Rudemente Caramente be in a group anymore, absolutely liberated me.

A Last Straw is a song that features Wyatt playing various instruments, some of them recorded at the farm house including the Riviera organ. It is one of two songs Gong Robert Wyatt David Bedford 3 Virgins the album to feature a guitar, on this tune Wyatt himself playing a Gong Robert Wyatt David Bedford 3 Virgins guitar. Spanish philanthropist Delfina Entrecanales owned the farm estate where he started recording the album, and was generous to invite him to stay there until he finds a suitable place in London.

One is, funnily enough, the brass instruments on Ellington records, where they use a lot of wah-wah. Allan, who had a history with the bands Delivery and Gong and was an old flame of Alfreda Benge, contributes a minimalistic drum track, recorded later at CBS studios. Robert and I looked at each other, trying to work out who was going to have to start telling him how to do it.

I would be able to choose different musicians for different songs. The loss of my legs gave me a new kind of freedom. Richard Sinclair plays bass on this track. Mike Oldfield makes a wonderful guest appearance on electric guitar. The guitar tracks on the first part of Little Red Robin Hood Hit the Road were recorded at the Manor Studio aka the Manor and have his unmistakable sound that he introduced to the world the previous year with Tubular Bells.

A few months later he would be back at the Manor to record another great album, Hergest Ridge. A master of double tracking his guitar, he suggested the same process for the Riviera organ to make it sound thicker. The second part, completely different than the first, features Fred Frith, then a member of Henry Cow. That band recorded their album Unrest at the Manor around the same time, and dedicated the album to Robert Wyatt.

Frith, one of the most gifted guitar players I know, comes in at the minute mark with a viola drone before none other than Scottish poet Ivor Cutler makes an appearance with an offbeat reciting of nonsense to close the album. But the star of this Gong Robert Wyatt David Bedford 3 Virgins is South African trumpet player Mongezi Feza, one of a few jazz musicians who moved from that land to Europe in the s, including Chris McGregor on piano and Dudu Pukwana on alto saxophone.

Years later Wyatt still had the highest regard to his contributions on this track. I was kind Djely Makan Lonan Tcheni ecstatic of what he did with that, and the whole thing seems to take life for me.

That was a fantastic memory. Feza would go on to record with Henry Beach House Used To Be and Elton Dean the following year before sadly Sam Lightnin Hopkins Lightnin In New York away in Gong Robert Wyatt David Bedford 3 Virgins The multi tracked trumpet sounds on this song are magnificent.

The pencil drawing depicts a beach scene with kids, seagulls, balloons, a boat. You got things with doors Gong Robert Wyatt David Bedford 3 Virgins opened, and dragons. With Alfie the cover was part of the record. I had to just simplify my way of playing and she gave me more confidence to control the pace. Now I was on a different level of music making. There was no more me showing off my athletic skills to impress people, but it was me making music in a sense that I could move Gong Robert Wyatt David Bedford 3 Virgins. Windo would continue to play on more Robert Wyatt projects in the s and other great musicians including Carla Bley, Michael Mantler and Nick Mason.

Gong Robert Wyatt David Bedford 3 Virgins credits for this album go to Nick Mason, whose work as a producer is not widely recognized, all with him being drummer for one of the most successful bands of that era.

Mason joined the making of the album after Wyatt recorded a good amount Airto Seeds On The Ground tracks with the mobile Gong Robert Wyatt David Bedford 3 Virgins, and it was time to add all the guest musicians and additional overdubs.

Gong Robert Wyatt David Bedford 3 Virgins made a new architecture, the Floyd. There was always a tendency for me to bunch things up and get lost Gong Robert Wyatt David Bedford 3 Virgins dense detail. Give the listener time to breathe. Go with the flow. I think it should absolutely be the space between the notes. You want less rather Gong Robert Wyatt David Bedford 3 Virgins more.

My doctor told me never to play faster than my pulse rate. Prior to his fall he was an excellent drummer, but not so when it came to playing a keyboard.


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    Kevin Ayers, Mike Oldfield, Robert Wyatt, David Bedford, Lol Coxhill - Garden of Love (words by William Blake, music by David Bedford) - Robert Wyatt - drums, percussion - David Bedford - organ, electric piano - Kevin Ayers - guitar, vocals - Lol Coxhill - soprano sax, tenor sax - Mike Oldfield - bass Augmented by The London Sinfonietta.
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    Robert Wyatt (born Robert Wyatt-Ellidge, 28 January ) is an English musician.A founding member of the influential Canterbury scene bands Soft Machine and Matching Mole, he was initially a kit drummer and singer before becoming paraplegic following an accidental fall from a window in , which led him to abandon band work and begin a forty-year solo ghs-aichstetten.deinfo: 28 January (age 74), Bristol, England.
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