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Tim Lorenz 3 Stefan Egger Ethno EP

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Slowed afro-percussion, Brazilian flavours, elements of ethno folk, flighty wood instruments, trance overtures, shamanic voices and more are pieced together via heavy Wolfgang Maus Soundpicture Children Of The Universe use in an early hip hop mastermix style.

Again with no track lasting much over 4 minutes, these musical vignettes are perfect Tim Lorenz 3 Stefan Egger Ethno EP for the eclectic DJ. Covering uplifting - almost Balearic grooves - to deeper mind-inducing spellbinds and to darker corners of trippy psychedelic invocation, this is The New Morning experience. Secretsundaze are proud to unleash the first release of a new re-edit series. For the first in the series, Secretsundaze head into deep, cosmic, spiritual territory reworking a version of Ghana Nila.

Emanating from a Californian ashram towards the end of s and never released on vinyl before, this heavily percussive, jazz organ, powerful choir and lead vocal number gets a subtle, positive, respectful and uplifting rework with just enough oomph for the floor. NYC's Ge-ology steps up to re-flip a lates infectious uptempo party starting disco groover. Killing heavy flute soloing, sick strings and good times vocals get the Geo extended intro and DJ-friendly workout, as only he knows how.

Originally a 4 minute album track this is a loving rework aimed purely to Stomp your Feet! Moving beyond the scope of the traditional, arbitrarily compiled VA, TRIP's conceptual approach brings together a range of artists around a uniting theme, supplying a sense of cohesion and narrative thrust. Like Noel Saavedra's accompanying artwork, the narrative Tim Lorenz 3 Stefan Egger Ethno EP vibrant yet nightmarish, Tim Lorenz 3 Stefan Egger Ethno EP vision of classic trance music, including it's Tim Lorenz 3 Stefan Egger Ethno EP side, refracted through TRIP's fearless, oddball aesthetic.

Bordello is back with a new compilation series: Diamonds In The Night. An homage to the hours of darkness and the great composer who went by the name of Felli — R. From ecstatic peak time dance floor action to erotic euphoria and its more edgy after hours just before dawn. Through darkness Tim Lorenz 3 Stefan Egger Ethno EP spread their richest light. On this Ofege Higher Plane Breeze installment of the NCFM trilogy, The Zenobit3 invites us to board his starship in order to take us on an interstellar journey through all corners of the Universe, entering the darkest zones whilst crossing through the sparkles of once brilliant stars.

Interstellar is the climax of the trip, the final instant of the cosmic experiences just lived. It fills our bodies with emotion through epic melodies that operate like doses of encapsulated faith. Les Disques du Crepuscule presents the first ever vinyl release of Fidelity, the studio album by cult Manchester ensemble The Durutti Column. Limited to just copies, this special double disc edition pressed in clear and blue vinyl features brand new cover artwork by Crepuscule design director Benoit Hennebert, based on a portrait by Vini Reilly of filmmaker Carol Morley.

Detroit's Filthiest closes his past private stock present prime cuts and future premium content trilogy, celebrating 20 years of Motor City Electro Company's excellence together with Casa Voyager presenting his outstanding electro funk works.

Skillfully executed robotic electro tracks by Anthony Rother. This new release continues to drive Rother's interweaved electro sound into techno territory without sacrificing some of his iconic sci-fi trademarks. Comes on orange colored vinyl. Killer stuff!!! As with the previous 2 releases in the 3-part Grumptronix series, the A-side features the duo's most sought after tracks from their back catalogue. This concluding chapter features the futuristic-funk and vocoder-laden 'Dirty Sheets', an enigmatic electro classic that has been become almost impossible to find for collectors.

This is followed by the travelling and morphing sounds of 'Lovefix' - a track that is long regarded as one of the Charles Hayward Gigi Masin Les Nouvelles Musiques De Chambre Volume 2 electro tracks of the era.

As with the rest of the series, the two reissue tracks are featured alongside 2 previously unheard, unreleased productions that were created during the same time period, at the same studio in Tampa, Florida.

The uprising French Techno duo Kas:st debuts on Afterlife with three anthemic originals, backed by a Tim Lorenz 3 Stefan Egger Ethno EP from label heads Tale Of Us! In the 3 years since its release, the vaporwave scene at large has followed this Govt Mule Stoned Side Of The Mule Vol 2. Strictly limited to copies. No Repress.

You can read and set the channel during device startup. The MIDI channel is persistently stored in the device's memory. Vox Populi! Recorded after their first single - Ectoplasmies - between andthe original band of Mitra and her then 14 year old brother Arash and Axel Kyrou, evolved from 2 early cassettes and the 7"s' rudimentary, idiosyncratic and improvisational structures to more cohesive edges.

Living together, but with no formal music education, the nature of the disparate elements led to a sparseness of the recordings. Building on minimal synth, rhythm box, hand percussion and Persian poetry, they experimented with tape manipulation - layering the music with forward, backward and echo simultaneously - creating a leap in the band's development.

The dark nature Myscitismes was reflected in their increasing interest in industrial and ethnic music, with a great fascination for the religious traditional music of Tibet. Ceremonial, gothic, drone-folk, the progression is apparent; onward perceptions. Confuse returns with a new funky 7Inch on the afrofunk tip. Make sure you check out the music video of 'Spinning Around' and don't miss this release on Confunktion Records as the 7 Inch vinyl version is limited to a units.

Be quick on Andy Hull Robert McDowell Swiss Army Man Original Motion Picture Soundtrack one! Black vinyl, copies only. Gatefold jacket. Through cosmic vortexes and comet zones the synthetic neo-kraut vessel E-Musikgruppe Lux Ohr has returned from its nearly four-year mission.

The trip was long and exhausting. Penttinen, our modular pilot, found a new planet on the way and hopped out of the spacecraft already before our return. Along the years, Tim Lorenz 3 Stefan Egger Ethno EP tracks of the album have often been heard at live shows, but some of them have never or rarely been played before the audience. Some pieces took their shape through years of live playing and continuous rearrangement whereas Tim Lorenz 3 Stefan Egger Ethno EP others were fully created in the studio.

Legendary Eroc Grobschnitt, among others has mastered the double album. Since the beginning of the s, he has had an enormous impact on the sound of German rock, especially progressive rock and krautrock, both as a recording and mastering engineer and a producer.

Half of the Groove Boys Project duo, Lucas aka Projecture is releasing 4 New-York style deep house tracks for the third record of the label. As every record of the label, the last track is a tribute to a producer they admire, and for this one this is a jazz house track that pays tribute to the french hero St Germain. Recorded at studio Electro, Goa, Selecta, Trance, Tribal. Ambient, Jazz, Selecta, Boogaloo Joe Jones No Way, Tribal.

Warm cosmic and psychedelic soundscapes to calm down when one already thinks of winter in early autumn. Leftfield disco, New-age, Reggae, Tribal. Downtempo, Electro, Selecta, Tribal. Barte, revient au studio pour une heure de variations electro, downtempo, tribales et industrielles, via Contra, Front de Cadeaux, Exhausted Modern et plus encore. Avant-garde, Noise, Tribal. Electro, New-age, Progressive rock, Tribal. Dub, Electro, Reggae, Tribal. Experimental, Industrial, Post-punk, Selecta, Tribal.

Jan Jelinek. Temple Of Faitiche. Avant-garde, Dub, Early electronics, Selecta, Tribal. Dark ambient, Downtempo, Electro, Selecta, Tribal. Le Son du Maquis. Dub, Electro, Jungle, Selecta, Tribal. Sembei, Ipcress File et largement plus…. Chants, Esoteric, Ritual, Tribal. For his last show of the season, Alexis invites Phuong Dan to create a Tim Lorenz 3 Stefan Egger Ethno EP with him at home as it was not possible to reach the studio in time for this one.

Recorded exclusively with vinyl from the Le-Tan vaults, the pair take you on a journey where esotericism meets tribalism and ritual chants. Cosmic disco, New-wave, Post-punk, Tribal. Dark ambient, Dub, Electro, Tribal. Barte is back in our studio to wrap up his Methodrone residency, with one hour of dark electro, dub and tribal bangers. Experimental, Free jazz, Spiritual, Traditional, Tribal.

Electro, Industrial, Tribal. For the last Recordings show of the season, label founder Ron Wilson invites Futers for a powerhouse guest mix, oscillating from Gabor Lazar to E.

Avant-garde, New-age, Percussion, Tribal. Paco Sala. Success Stories. Balearic, Dark ambient, Leftfield, Tribal. Electro, Experimental, Musique concrete, Tribal. Chris Marechal. Radio Bastringue. Ambient, Electro, House, Tribal. Dub, Experimental, Free jazz, Tribal. Gui Dash. Ambient, Funk, Tribal. DSP Holiday. Balearic, Dub, Exotica, House, Tribal. Industrial, New-wave, Trance, Tribal. Downtempo, Psychedelic, Ritualistic, Trance, Tribal.

Following the last remainders of slow-mo trance and post-rave ambient shenanigans, Alexis turns it over on the head and delivers some alternative cosmic sounds. Still staying true to his sonic aesthetics, this show is much more routed in the present future than in the future past, showcasing most of now and some of then! Michel Banabila. Ambient, Avant-garde, Experimental, Tribal. Sacha Mambo. New-wave, Post-punk, Tim Lorenz 3 Stefan Egger Ethno EP, Tribal.

Listen back to Macadam Mambo founder Sacha cruising through Lion Youth Rat A Cut Battle, progressive electronics, post-punk, She Easy Money Handsome Stranger new-wave and tribal goodness. Experimental, Industrial, Techno, Tribal.

I don't remember being less real. Experimental, New-wave, Post-punk, Tribal. Dancehall, Tribal. Leeroy Merlin. Dark ambient, Experimental, Tribal. Anatolian Weapons. Ambient, Minimal synth, New-age, Tribal. Library, New-age, Tribal. Listen back to Lyon local Max Duplan playing exclusively music produced for the screen: anime, tv, cinema… from underground scores to classic OSTs.

Experimental, Spoken word, Tribal. Dub, Tim Lorenz 3 Stefan Egger Ethno EP, Tribal. Live, Progressive, Trance, Tribal. Get ready to space out! Sugai Ken.

Japanese ambient, avant-garde producer Sugai Ken takes over our airwaves for a special broadcast featuring exclusively gems from Discrepant Records, a Tim Lorenz 3 Stefan Egger Ethno EP on which he has himself released a couple of EPs.

Ilias Pitsios. Ambient, Leftfield rock, Space-rock, Tribal. Poutre Apparente. Vous aimez la musique mouvante? Experimental, Industrial, Negativland, Tim Lorenz 3 Stefan Egger Ethno EP Fancy Slice Me Nice, Tribal. La Brigade Cynophile. Dub, Electro, Progressive, Tribal. Tim Lorenz 3 Stefan Egger Ethno EP Chinerie.

Listen back to Jean-Mi from la Chinerie. Cosmic, Experimental, Industrial, Tribal. Interstellar Funk. Electro, Post-punk, Synth-wave, Tribal. Electro, Leftfield, Tribal. Francois Parker. Afrobeat, Dance, J-pop, Tribal. Ambient, Bass, Downtempo, Tribal. Disco, Discoveries, Japanese, Synth-pop, Tribal. Mori-Ra back at it, for an epic session session blending everything from cosmic disco to housey cuts, blowing his own personal Japanese breeze to your ear.

House, Industrial, New-age, Tribal. Cesare Barbetta. Boxes Of Toys. Experimental, New-age, Synth-pop, Tribal. Stream back Orbeatize founder Cesare Barbetta into a journey of underground synth-pop, tribal-influenced cassettes and other cosmic parallels. Ambient, Breaks, House, Illbient, Tribal. Experimental, Synth-wave, Chris Schlarb Dropsy, Tribal.

A selection of instrumental, traditional recordings, from Polynesia, experimental and library productions. Avant-garde, Dub, Tribal.

Lo Kindre. Dub, Electro, New-wave, Tribal. Dub, House, Idm, Tribal. Another month, another dip in the green pond! YVES comes back with the diving gear and Tim Lorenz 3 Stefan Egger Ethno EP very special contribution from a very special guest. AONTACHT Gaelic for Unity was a cassette tape he found in the attic of a junkyard, the artwork adorned with dancing clowns and flaming demons whilst the music within slammed us like ancient slabs of technoperilious timpani, Tim Lorenz 3 Stefan Egger Ethno EP to the human ear.

After some exploration into this character, we found he was a Northern Irish native and a professional touring clown with the Minneapolis Circus in the late 80s and 90s where he threw intimate raves in the old lion cages after hours, whilst performing psycho shamanic rituals throughout his performances. Hold tight. Captain Of None. New-age, Psychedelic, Trance, Tribal. In her solo guise she explores ambient and ethereal sounds of the heartfelt kind, creating a sonic shroud behind which the notions of Tim Lorenz 3 Stefan Egger Ethno EP and place shift and realign.

Owner's Only. Dub, Industrial, New-wave, Tribal. Dark ambient, Electro, New-wave, Tribal. Ambient, Electro, Idm, Tribal. Enjoy the digi vibes of this one.

Discoveries, Dub, Electronic, Tribal. Chillout, Post-goa, Trance, Tribal. Stream back to Paris based accurate sound explorer Alexis Le Tan selecting some 90s ambient compositions, and slo-mo trance madness tracks.

Here with music from Orbital, KLF, and more…. Electro, Industrial, New-wave, Tribal, Zahef. Breaks, Space-rock, Synth-wave, Tribal. Experimental, Folklore, Spiritual, Tribal. The Pilotwings. Dub, Experimental, Tribal.

Hands In The Dark. Hands On Deck. Ambient, Experimental, Leftfield, Tribal. Canada Effervescent. Doom, Folk, Progressive, Trance, Tribal. Pom Pom Galli. Indus, Rap, Synth-pop, Tribal.

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Hot Tuna Hot Tuna, Kiss Destroyer, Lee Konitz E Il Complesso Di Giovanni Tommaso Stereokonitz, Mickey Newbury Looks Like Rain, Cherrelle With Alexander ONeal Saturday Love, Adam F Metropolis Mother Earth, France Gall Zozoi Merry Merry O, MINIMATIC If This Is Love, Various Trojan Rocksteady Rarities Box Set, Franco Battiato LEgitto Prima Delle Sabbie, Taeko Ohnuki Romantique, Spice Girls 2 Become 1, This Mortal Coil Advance Selections From The Forthcoming AlbumCassette Filigree And Shadow, Winx Dont Laugh, Bosq Of Whiskey Barons Bosq Y Orquesta De Madera

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