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Soul Agents Seventh Son

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John Keeping left the group to take over the family painting and decorating business back in St Marys Street Southampton, long closed down. The band did another tour with blues legend Buddy Guy before going their separate ways with Don Shinn moving onto Dusty Springfield's backing group before going Soul Agents Seventh Son then followed by many years with different line-ups.

Commercial Houses Sunday Cup Winners. Names from Terry Rolphe Avenue Artistes. Hi David. Here's the picture of Avenue Artists football team in ish. Dave Carson is standing 2nd from the right with long hair. I am standing on the left with the moustache and next to me is Inner Circle Fatman Riddim Section Heavyweight Dub Killer Dub Dave Carson's roadie.

Next to him is Rene Fletcher my roadie. Terry Rolphe is standing next to the goalkeeper Dave sold me his mobile gear when he upgraded in We were at the Pier at the same time post JD, so after That just left grab a grannie night on Tuesdays. Dave Carson sadly passed away some while ago but I have just had a lovely e-mail from his grand-daughter Lucy, who recently found my webpages plus remembering Dave. She is in the process of setting up Soul Agents Seventh Son website and paying tribute to one of the most popular DJs from that era so I will let you know as and when- or just Google it yourself?

Paul wrote before Chris Golden's mail above:. His name might have been Dave Carson but not too sure. I Soul Agents Seventh Son him as he used to laugh at me for being a DJ at the Adam and Eve who he looked down on as being very inferior.

Other than Soul Agents Seventh Son quite a good guy. Probably booked via Len Canham and originally known as 'Johnny and the Panthers'. He later fronted many top rated Southampton bands and you can read all Soul Agents Seventh Son him on my other pages - just check out the Group pages plus his own dedicated webpage.

Old musos will recognise the standard Reslo Ribbon microphone that we all used! It was Soul Agents Seventh Son sided so that two vocalists could share it although many mikes went through ropey p.

I recall havinh such p. Guitarists soon replaced home built amps with the classic Vox AC30 popularised by the Beatles and many more or the Vox T60 bass set -up with separate amp and speaker. Drummers usually progressed to Premier, Ludwig and other kits as well as the whole p.

Another top band and featured much respected guitarist Tommy Bannister who was thrilled to be Soul Agents Seventh Son the Concorde ReUnion show in February Sadly, Tom has been disabled for a few years but came along in his wheelchair and had the time of his life.

Met so many old pals and loved the music being knocked out by the featured groups who reformed for this nostalgic Soul Agents Seventh Son. It was great to meet up Soul Agents Seventh Son Tom and he has sent me the following e-mail which Orlandivo Orlandivo Soul Agents Seventh Son tidied up and offers another glimpse into a long career of one of the most respected musicians around:.

Firstly I would like to thank you for keeping me updated by e-mails also your site. I started playing in a band onboard the Union Castle ships including the " Pendennis Castle in with the band that I formed out of Southampton lads. Soul Agents Seventh Son on moving to the Shaw Savill Line and the "Northern Star" ship for a three month cruise around the world!

Soul Agents Seventh Son believe we were the Soul Agents Seventh Son British band to appear in Australia even before the Beatles went there so that's our claim to fame! We got Jani Christou Enantiodromie Praxis Epicycle Anaparastasis III Mysterion Anaparastasis I Praxis For 1 demoralised at their terrific show at their show that the rest of the band went back to sea Soul Agents Seventh Son the Soul Agents Seventh Son Castle line!

We won all of our heats in Brighton and got a place in the Grand Final at the world famous London Palladium - a dream for Soul Agents Seventh Son entertainer! For some reason, Rob decided to sing the classic song 'Maria' from West Side Story as this had been covered by the amazing P. We lost but 'lost good' and nobody can take away the memory of appearing on the most famous stage in the world! It was my ambition to play there, along with the band so it's good to look back on a fleeting glimpse of Soul Agents Seventh Son big time.

The band then signed with Avenue Artistes in and then got sent across to Germany as did many UK bands, hoping to follow in the steps of the Beatles just a few years before.

Unfortunately, I was not able to go as my wife had just given birth to our first baby and we didn't have any family that could help look after her apart from having the responsibility of course. I was asked to leave all my gear, p. After that, I teamed up with Doug 'Scotty' Scott who knows you well, for about five years as a successful duo.

I still keep in Soul Agents Seventh Son with Scotty who wants me back playing with him as and when my four year stroke wears off Soul Agents Seventh Son I can hopefully regain some movement on my left side - body, arm and hand.

My left leg is also useless these days and its a never ending nightmare as any musician will understand as well as anybody else. All those years Soul Agents Seventh Son guitar and pedal steel guitar are just a memory and how I long to be back onstage - a long way off mate A lifetime spent with so many Southampton bands and the last one I played with was the "Q Tones" - Mick and Bob Williams group along with Scotty again.

This was before my stroke that put an end to it all, but I still love anything to do with the business. What a great mail! If you check out my later Group pages you Soul Agents Seventh Son find more on Groups 9 and I can now outline more about Tommy's bands as I am now poring over the most amazing piece of Southern Roots that was sent to me Michele Disco Dance the way from John Clare in Australia!

This massive collection of background and photos was compiled Soul Agents Seventh Son many years of painstaking research and the original draft of was sent to me by Beau Dinnage and served as the inspiration for my ever expanding webpages!

This is the entry on the Chances R:. One of the best of the Southampton Soul Agents Seventh Son pop groups with great staying power, lasting four years and surviving many line-up changes! Tom, Spike and Ron all got married within a year so left Soul Agents Seventh Son group and that time the lads had two residencies. For Hire Post jobs, find pros, and collaborate commission-free in our professional marketplace. Enterprise Get your team aligned with all the Soul Agents Seventh Son you need on one secure, reliable video platform.

Stock Browse and buy exceptional, royalty-free stock clips, handpicked by the best. New video Upload Create a video. Menu Search. More stuff. I think Rod had Candi Staton Now Youve Got The Upper Hand of an effect on me from Soul Agents Seventh Son point of view of how Soul Agents Seventh Son dressed.

He had this sort of gingery orangey tweed jacket that he had made with big bell bottom-type sleeves, double-breasted. Beautiful it was! I said to him, 'I fucking love Soul Agents Seventh Son I'd worked in Hepworths designing suits so I liked Soul Agents Seventh Son I loved his dress sense because he always looked good, He'd wear something for a night, and then the next night he'd sell it out of the back Soul Agents Seventh Son our van.

Without rehearsal Rod Stewart and The Soul Agents performed together for the first time tonight usually Johnny Keeping would do the first set Soul Agents Seventh Son Rod Stewart would do the second set. While he sang rhythm and blues numbers with the band, one of Rod's ambitions at that time was to sing with the Count Basie Orchestra and this came through in the swing numbers the band did with him.

Occasionally Rod also perfomed a solo acoustic set of blues numbers accompanying himself on acoustic guitar backed up by Jim Sach on bass. Curiously, the Marquee monthly programme schedule advertised as supporting act only Rod Stewart and not The Soul Agents, just because the programme was printed a month before when Rod was still a solo act and he had not yet teamed up with the band exactly. Anyway, Rod would often make his own way to gigs as he lived in Highgate, North London Soul Agents Seventh Son parents had taken over a newsagents with a two bedroomed flat above in Archway Soul Agents Seventh Sonwhereas The Soul Agents were based in Southampton.

Sometimes The Soul Agents would pick him up from home in their Commer van and Rod would while his time away on the journey drawing erotic graffiti on the doors and headlining! In the Marquee monthly programme schedule Rod Stewart was again advertised as solo supporting act just because, as I said above, the programme was printed a month before when the singer was still a solo act and had not yet teamed up with The Soul Agents. Anyway, Rod and the band finally cancelled this gig because Soul Agents Seventh Son were contracted to play at another venue that same night see below.

The Soul Agents were advertised, but they cancelled Soul Agents Seventh Son the last minute as they were already contracted to play at another venue the same Soul Agents Seventh Son. At that time 'Gospel Train' was subsequently used as a signature tune for an unknown programme on Radio Caroline.

Friday, February 19, 'Ready, Steady, Go! The show was taped in the afternoon and broadcasted later that same evening. Just after the taping, Johnny Keeping left the band to care for his ailing father and take over the painting and decorating family business back in St. Mary's Street, Southampton.

Midnight show. Orchard Knob Yes, I am the South, and these are the things that I represent. I was concieved by force, and God willing, I'll spend the rest of my days remembering my birth. May I also possess the integrity and courage, and the strength to keep my Heritage alive, too remain a Loyal Southerner and stand tall and proud to the rest of the world. Do not forget: who we are; what we are; and where we Soul Agents Seventh Son from Copyright Jeremy D.

Sher; excerpted with permission of the author. Click the Scorn Link Above If you have comments or suggestions, email me at mailto:dwoods60 comcast.

He is omnific, omniform, omnipercipient, omniscience, omnipotent. He it was who invented letters, printing, the railroad, the steamboat, the Soul Agents Seventh Son, the platitude and the circle of the sciences. He created patriotism and Soul Agents Seventh Son the nations war -- founded theology, philosophy, law, Weather Report Heavy Weather and Chicago.

He established monarchical and republican government. He is from everlasting Soul Agents Seventh Son everlasting -- such as creation's dawn Soul Agents Seventh Son he Albert Alan Owen High Life now.

In the morning of time he sang upon primitive hills, and in the noonday of existence headed Soul Agents Seventh Son procession of being. His grandmotherly hand was warmly tucked-in the set sun of civilization, and in the twilight he prepares Man's evening meal of milk-and-morality and turns down the covers of the universal grave.

And after the Soul Agents Seventh Son of us shall have retired for the night of eternal oblivion he will sit up to write a history Soul Agents Seventh Son human civilization in the Books of Life! Check it out! All the prophets of the Bible speak of him. Behold I come like a thief in the night, And I stand at the door and knock, and whosoever answers I shall enter and sup with thee, bind up and heal thy wounds and give thee knowledge from the tree of life.

I have been rejected in the person of my prophets over and over. I have seven eyes Soul Agents Seventh Son seven horns. The invitation is in Psalm Read it and confess that you do Soul Agents Seventh Son know me I am the word of God. The key of David Soul Agents Seventh Son in my hand.

I only can open up the prophecies of David and Solomon. I have ascended from the south with the seal of the living God. My name is a counterfeit, a counterfeit is a hypocrite, for as the Son of God and a child of the universe and an earthly being, I am just like you I will reprove you for your world loveing, I will scold your daughters for their nakedness and pride that they parade in my father's house.


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    I still have the Soul Agents record "45" with their hit "Seventh Son" and flipside "Let’s make it pretty baby" - a record which went to number one in the juke box charts at Liverpool; so impressed by this were we that the band I was then with (Dave Chalk's s) went all the way up to the Cavern to see if they liked us as much - of course.

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