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Samhain Final Descent

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Unholy Passion Unholy Passion. All Hell. The Hungry End. Misery Tomb. I Am Misery. November-Coming-Fire Diabolos ' In My Grip. Mother Of Mercy.

Samhain Final Descent Walk The Night. Let The Day Begin. Halloween II. November's Fire. Kiss of Steel. Human Pony Girl. Final Descent Night Chill. Within the box, each of the five CDs came in its own "mini-LP" sleeve unlike the jewel-cases used for the individual CD reissues the following year. Also included was a page booklet of photographs and David Snell The Solo Harp lyrics to Discs One and Three.

If pre-ordered online through distributor E-Magine Music's website, the first pressing of the Inner Life Inner Life II set was shipped two weeks prior to the street date, with the first Samhain Final Descent, packaged with an "internet exclusive" bonus metal pin of the "scarecrow beast" character that appeared on Samhain T-shirts in the s similar to the one on the cover Bauhaus This Is For When the November-Coming-Fire album.

Second pressings of the boxed set omitted the bonus pin, but included "the previously unreleased Samhain comic Samhain Final Descent by Mr. Monster creator Michael T. Gilbert with four uncredited pages by Sean Wyett, who also illustrated Danzig for the back cover of the Misfits ' Legacy of Samhain Final Descent.

The "contents" listing on the back of the box was modified to reflect the comic's inclusion. Some Samhain Final Descent sets were reportedly shipped with both the bonus metal pin and Samhain Final Descent comic. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

It comes three years after the band initially broke up and morphed into Danzig. Tracks are previously unreleased songs, at least some of which had been intended for the Samhain Grim album before it was aborted when the band changed its personnel, and finally its Enigma MCMXC AD, Samhain Final Descent Danzig.

Tracks had been released in on the first pressing of the Initium CD. These songs were in fact overdubbed partially re-recorded and remixed versions of those on the EP Unholy Passion. Eerie Von has confirmed Samhain Final Descent "Death Like all of Samhain's discography, and most of Danzig's prior work with the Misfits, Final Samhain Final Descent was originally released on Danzig's Samhain Final Descent record label Samhain Final Descent 9, distributed by Caroline Records.

Apart from the band's reissues inthis is the only Samhain release that does not have a 12" vinyl Samhain Final Descent. Glenn Danzig said that some vinyl sleeves were made, but further plans to release the album on vinyl in were scrapped because he was not pleased with them. LP bootlegs of the album however do exist.


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  1. Talar
    The release features remixed versions of the tracks from the ‘Unholy Passion’ EP while the release features unreleased Samhain Grim demos. “Final Descent” Q&A More Samhain.
  2. Kajirn
    Oct 29,  · Samhain got started just as Glenn Danzig's old band, The Misfits ended (side note, regardless of what became of them and such, Danzig-era Misfits are one of the greatest bands ever). Samhain would also eventually evolve into heavy metal/blues band Danzig, who are still active today.
  3. Zuluktilar
    "Samhain" "Moribund" "Black Dream" Notes. Disc Two marks the first time the remixed Unholy Passion EP was presented as a single CD on its own, though the contents had been added to the first CD pressing of Initium in , and again to the original Final Descent in Genre: Deathrock, horror punk, heavy metal, .
  4. Doukinos
    Nov 02,  · Samhain ‎– Final Descent. The release went out of print in after legal settlemt between Danzig and Misfits' bassist Jerry Only terminated Plan 9. The album was reissued in CD in /5().
  5. Vom
    Samhain is more evil and industrial than his solo stuff and perhaps more punkish. Final Descent, musically gives you a front row seat to what Danzig's first solo album would become. A must-have for the die hard Danzig fan.4/5(7).
  6. Sazahn
    Aug 07,  · For a short while (86, 87), Samhain was basically Glenn and Eerie Von seeking out new members. For awhile they had London May on drums (from November Coming Fire) and John Christ on additional guitars. They recorded a few demos for what was going to be the final Samhain album(hence, "Final Descent"), Samhain Grim/5(12).

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