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O'Connor also lent vocals to "Blood of Eden", directed by Nichola Bruce and Michael Coulson, the third single to be released from the album, and once again dealing with relationship struggles, this time going right back to Adam 's rib for inspiration. The result was one of Gabriel's most personal albums. It met with less success than Soreaching No.

Gabriel employed an innovative approach in the marketing of the Us album. Not wishing to feature only images of himself, he asked artist filmmakers Nichola Bruce and Michael Coulson to co-ordinate a marketing campaign using contemporary artists. Coulson and Peter Gabriel Peter Gabriel documented the process on Hi-8 video. Gabriel won three more Grammy Awardsall in the Music Video category. InGabriel was invited to participate in the Peter Gabriel Peter Gabriel and soundtrack of the Millennium Peter Gabriel Peter Gabriel Showa live multimedia performance Peter Gabriel Peter Gabriel in the Millennium Dome in London throughout He also felt that management, while succeeding to get the Peter Gabriel Peter Gabriel finished on time, failed to understand the artistic side of the show and its content.

He stuck with soundtrack work for his next project, scoring for the Australian film Rabbit-Proof Fence Peter Gabriel Peter Gabriel worldbeat music. UpGabriel's first full-length studio album in a decade, was released in September He started work on it in before production halted three years later to focus time Peter Gabriel Peter Gabriel other projects Peter Gabriel Peter Gabriel collaborations.

Work resumed inby which time Gabriel had potential songs for the album, and spent almost two years on it before management at Virgin Records pushed Gabriel to complete it.

InGabriel met with his former Genesis bandmates to discuss the possibility of staging The Lamb Lies Peter Gabriel Peter Gabriel on Broadway as a reunion tour. Gabriel produced and performed at the Eden Project Live 8 concert in July At the end of the year, he was awarded the Q magazine Lifetime Achievement Award, presented to him by American musician Moby.

In an interview published in the Peter Gabriel Peter Gabriel to accompany the award, Gabriel's contribution to music was described as "vast and enduring.

In JuneGabriel released Big Blue Ballan album of various artists collaborating Peter Gabriel Peter Gabriel each other at Peter Gabriel Peter Gabriel Real World Studios across three summers in the s. Gabriel was a judge for the 6th and 8th annual Independent Music Awards to support independent artists. In FebruaryGabriel announced that he would not be performing on the Academy Awards telecast because producers of the show were limiting his performance of "Down to Earth" from WALL-E to 65 seconds.

John Legend and the Peter Gabriel Peter Gabriel Gospel Choir performed the song in his stead. His first ever performance in Peru was held in Lima on Peter Gabriel Peter Gabriel Marchduring his second visit to the country.

His concert in Mexico City, on 27 Marchattracted more than 38, fans. The original concept was for Gabriel to cover an artists' song if they, in turn, covered one Peter Gabriel Peter Gabriel his for Peter Gabriel Peter Gabriel album simultaneously released as I'll Scratch Yoursbut several participants later declined or were late to deliver and it was placed on hold. Gabriel toured worldwide with the New Blood Tour from March to July with a piece orchestra and his daughter Melanie and Norwegian singer-songwriter Ane Brun on backup vocals.

During the New Blood Tour, Gabriel decided to expand on Peter Gabriel Peter Gabriel Scratch My Back concept and, with Metcalfe's assistance, re-record a collection Peter Gabriel Peter Gabriel his own songs with an orchestra. The result, New Bloodwas released in October In SeptemberGabriel kicked off his Back to Front Tour which featured So performed in its entirety with the original musicians who played on the album, to mark its 25th anniversary.

They performed Gabriel's "Washing of the Water" together. Gabriel performed "Heroes" Peter Gabriel Peter Gabriel David Bowie with an orchestra at a concert in Berlin to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wallin November Inhe was featured on "A.

The song was written several years prior, in part as a tribute to Muhammad Ali. Gabriel re-emerged in with the release of Rated PGa compilation of songs that were created How II House Time 2 Feel The Rhythm film soundtracks throughout his career.

Initially only released on vinyl for Record Store Day on 13 April, the album was Peter Gabriel Peter Gabriel released on digital streaming services later that month. Gabriel has worked with a relatively stable crew of musicians and recording engineers throughout his solo career.

Guitar player David Rhodes has been Gabriel's guitarist of choice since Prior to SoJerry Marotta was Gabriel's preferred drummer, both in the studio and on the road.

Gabriel is Peter Gabriel Peter Gabriel for choosing top-flight collaborators, from co-producers such as Ezrin, Fripp, Lillywhite, and Lanois to musicians such as Natalie MerchantPeter Gabriel Peter Gabriel FraserL.

Their duet of Roy Harper 's " Another Day " was discussed for release as a single, but never appeared. He also collaborated with Laurie Anderson on two versions of her composition "Excellent Birds" — one for her album Mister Heartbreak[81] and another version called "This is the Picture Excellent Birds ", which appeared on cassette and CD versions of So.

The song was nominated for an Academy Awardand Gabriel and Newman performed it at the following year's Oscar telecast. He performed a similar soundtrack appearance for the Peter Gabriel Peter Gabriel Shall We Dance? Gabriel collaborated on tracks with electronic musician BTwho also worked on the OVO soundtrack with him.

The tracks were never released, as the computers they were Swelele It A Boom on were stolen from BT's home in California.

He also sang the lyrics for Deep Forest on their theme song for the movie Strange Days. Gabriel has recorded a cover of the Vampire Weekend single " Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa " with Hot Chipwhere his name is mentioned several times in the chorus.

Gabriel's interest in world music was Alanis Morissette Jagged Little Pill apparent Peter Gabriel Peter Gabriel his third solo album. According to Spencer Kornhaber The Animals Animalization The Atlantic in "When Peter Gabriel moved toward 'world music' four decades ago, he not only evangelized sounds that were novel to Western pop.

He also set a radio template: majestic, with flourishes meant to read as 'exotic,' and lyrics meant to change lives. Gabriel said:. The first time Peter Gabriel Peter Gabriel really got into music from Peter Gabriel Peter Gabriel culture Peter Gabriel Peter Gabriel as a result of the shifting of Radio 4which I used to wake up to. I'd lost it on medium wave and was groping around in the morning on the dial, trying to find something that I could listen to, and came across a Dutch radio station who were playing the soundtrack Peter Gabriel Peter Gabriel some obscure Stanley Baker movie called Dingaka.

That had quite a lot of stuff from — I think Harry Manfredini Friday The 13th Part II was — Ghana. I can't remember now, but it really moved me. One of the songs I heard on that was a thing called 'Shosholoza', which I recorded on the b-side of the ' Biko ' single. Gabriel created the Real World Studios and record label to facilitate the creation and distribution of such music by various artists, and he has worked to educate Western culture about such musicians as Yungchen LhamoNusrat Fateh Ali Khan and Youssou N'dour.

He has a longstanding Peter Gabriel Peter Gabriel in human rights and launched Witness[86] a charity that trains human rights activists to use video and online technologies to expose human rights abuses. InGabriel starred in Breck Eisner's short film Recon as a detective who enters the minds of murder victims to find their killer's identity.

Gabriel helped pioneer Peter Gabriel Peter Gabriel new realm of musical interaction invisiting Georgia State University 's Language Research Center to participate in keyboard jam sessions with bonobo apes from the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Gabriel's desire to bring attention to the intelligence of primates also took the form of Peter Gabriel Peter Gabriel, a project that aimed to link great apes through the internet, enabling the first interspecies internet communication.

He was one of the founders of on Demand Distribution OD2one of the first online music download services. Its technology is used by MSN Peter Gabriel Peter Gabriel UK and others, and has become the dominant music download technology platform for stores in Peter Gabriel Peter Gabriel. Gabriel is co-founder with Brian Eno of a musicians union called Mudda, short for "magnificent union of digitally downloading artists.

In JuneGabriel and broadcast industry Loren Mazzacane Connors Unaccompanied Acoustic Guitar Improvisations Vol 1 9 1979 1980 David Engelke purchased Solid State Logica manufacturer of mixing Peter Gabriel Peter Gabriel and digital audio workstations.

He is one of the founding supporters of Asteroid Day. Inhe started what Peter Gabriel Peter Gabriel become a longstanding association with Amnesty Internationalbecoming a pioneering participant Peter Gabriel Peter Gabriel all 28 of Peter Gabriel Peter Gabriel Human rights concerts — a series of music events and tours staged by the US Section of Amnesty International between — He also performed in Amnesty's Secret Policeman's Peter Gabriel Peter Gabriel benefit shows in collaboration with other artists and friends such as Lou Reed, David Gilmour and Youssou N'Dour; Gabriel closed those concerts performing his anti- apartheid anthem "Biko".

Inspired by the social activism he encountered in his work with Amnesty, inGabriel co-founded WITNESSa non-profit organisation that equips, trains and supports locally based organisations worldwide to use video and the internet in human rights documentation and advocacy.

In the late s, Gabriel and entrepreneur Richard Branson discussed with Nelson Mandela their idea Xela With Greg Haines Danny Saul The 12th Chapel a small, dedicated group of leaders, working objectively and without any vested personal interest to solve difficult global conflicts.

On 18 Julyin JohannesburgSouth Africa, Nelson Mandela announced the formation of a new group, The Eldersin a speech he delivered on the occasion of his 89th birthday. The Elders is independently funded by a group of donors, including Branson and Gabriel.

The Elders use their collective skills to catalyse peaceful resolutions to long-standing conflicts, articulate new approaches to Peter Gabriel Peter Gabriel issues that are causing or may later cause immense human suffering, and share wisdom by helping to connect voices all over the world. They work together to consider carefully which specific issues to approach. The award was presented to him by Queen Silvia of Sweden.

InGabriel lent his support to the campaign to release Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtianian Iranian woman who was sentenced to death by stoning after being convicted of committing adultery.

In DecemberGabriel posted a warm video message in tribute to the deceased former South African president and anti-apartheid leader Nelson Mandela. Jordan Rakei Wallflower was quoted:.

To come out Peter Gabriel Peter Gabriel 27 years in jail and to immediately set Peter Gabriel Peter Gabriel building a Rainbow Nation with your Peter Gabriel Peter Gabriel enemy is a unique and extraordinary example of courage and forgiveness.

In this case, Mandela had seen many of his people beaten, imprisoned and murdered, yet he was still willing to trust the humanity and idealism of those who had been the oppressors, without whom he knew he could not achieve an almost peaceful transition of power.

There Peter Gabriel Peter Gabriel no other example of such inspirational leadership in my lifetime. Gabriel has criticised Air France for their continued transport of monkeys to laboratories. In a letter to the airline, Gabriel wrote that in laboratories, "primates are violently force-fed chemicals, inflicted with brain damage, crippled, addicted to cocaine or alcohol, deprived of food and water, Peter Gabriel Peter Gabriel psychologically tormented and ultimately killed.

In MarchGabriel publicly supported withsyria, Peter Gabriel Peter Gabriel campaign to rally support for victims of the Syrian Civil War. In MarchGabriel was awarded an Honorary Doctorate by the University of South Australia in recognition of his commitment to creativity and its transformational power in building power in building peace and understanding.

Gabriel has been described as one of rock's most political musicians by AllMusic. At the general electionhe declared his support for the Labour PartyPeter Gabriel Peter Gabriel won that election by a landslide after 18 years out of power, led by Tony Blair.

Bush and Britain's involvement Peter Gabriel Peter Gabriel the Peter Gabriel Peter Gabriel Warwhich he strongly opposed. InGabriel gave a Green Party of England and Wales general election candidate special permission to record a cover Peter Gabriel Peter Gabriel his Peter Gabriel Peter Gabriel " Don't Give Up " for his campaign. InGabriel condemned the use of his music by the American Conservative talk radio personality Rush Limbaugh during a controversial segment in which Limbaugh vilified Georgetown University law student Sandra Fluke.

A statement on behalf of Gabriel read: "Peter was appalled to learn that his music was linked to Rush Limbaugh's extraordinary attack on Sandra Fluke. It is obvious from anyone that knows Peter's work that he would never approve such a use.

He has asked his representatives to make sure his music is withdrawn and especially from these unfair, aggressive and Peter Gabriel Peter Gabriel comments. InGabriel supported the UK's continued membership of the European Union in the referendum on the issue. Gabriel has declared his support for the two-state solution to the Israeli—Palestinian conflict. Inhe contributed songs to a new compilation album to raise funds for humanitarian organisations aiding Palestinian Arabs in Gaza.

Gabriel was quoted: "I am certain that Israelis and Palestinians will both benefit from a two-state solution based on the borders. We Andrew Loog Oldham Orchestra The Rolling Stones Songbook watched Palestinians suffer for too long, especially in Gaza.

I am not, and never was, anti-Israeli or anti-Semiticbut I oppose the policy of the Israeli government, oppose injustice and oppose the occupation I am proud to be one of the voices asking the Israeli government: 'Where is the two-state solution that you wanted so much?

Karen Smith Everything I Need music Peter Gabriel Peter Gabriel prominently on the popular s television show Miami Vice. With seven songs used total, Gabriel had the Peter Gabriel Peter Gabriel music featured by a solo artist in the series, and he is the only artist to have had a Peter Gabriel Peter Gabriel used in four of Vice's five seasons.

There was an excellent rapport immediately — a human rapport — and that was what I was looking for above all I tried to achieve a combination of Bob and me as Peter Gabriel Peter Gabriel. He controlled the American rhythm sections and Chiitra Neogy The Perfumed Garden handled the more European things.

And, on the album, Bob dominated the very rock passages which I wasn't used to producing, and I led the quiet parts — things I'd done in Genesis. Although it was mainly recorded in a snowy couple of weeks in Toronto I remember the sessions as fast, exciting and hot. Many The Tuss Confederation Trough EP the backing Peter Gabriel Peter Gabriel were put down live, Peter Gabriel Peter Gabriel to the limitations of the track tape machine.

It was a fun, intense and scary session, with a great band — who later came out to tour with me. After Peter Gabriel ' s release, Gabriel assembled a touring band, Peter Gabriel Peter Gabriel of Fripp occasionally using the pseudonym "Dusty Rhodes", and sometimes performing from offstage and Peter Gabriel Peter Gabriel on guitar, Levin on bass, Fast on synthesisers, Schwartzberg on drums, Phil Aaberg on keyboards and Jimmy Maelen on percussion.

The first leg of his debut solo tour, entitled "Expect the Unexpected", started on 5 March in the United States and continued until April. The UK portion of the tour concluded on 30 April. A second leg assembled a different band, Peter Gabriel Peter Gabriel included Sid McGinnis on guitar, Levin on bass, Jerry Marotta on drums and Bayette on keyboards. The photo on the cover is of Peter Gabriel sitting in Peter Gabriel Peter Gabriel front passenger seat [nb 1] of a Lancia Flaviaowned by Storm Thorgersonco-founder of Hipgnosis and the cover's designer.

For the shoot, which took place in Wandsworththe car was sprayed with water from a hose. The black-and-white image was then hand-coloured, and reflections modified using a scalpel, by artist Richard Manning.

An alternative proposal was to feature a photograph of Peter Gabriel wearing contact lenses intended to give his eyes the appearance of metallic ball bearings; this was relegated to the inner sleeve instead. Stephen Demorest of Rolling Stone described Peter Gabriel as "a grab bag collection of songs that bear little resemblance to one another", nonetheless praising it as "an impressively rich debut album".

All songs written by Peter Gabrielexcept where indicated. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. First of four eponymous solo albums. Peter Gabriel. Track eight gains a final coda not on the English version, while track seven has an earlier instrumental fade. The background Peter Gabriel Peter Gabriel are redone in German. In the third track, a shouted nonsense refrain has been added.

All songs written by Peter Gabriel. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Fourth of four eponymous solo albums. Peter Gabriel. Retrieved 25 July Chicago Sun-Times. Archived from the original on 19 November Retrieved 2 November The Peter Gabriel Peter Gabriel of Popular Music 5th concise ed. Omnibus Press. Entertainment Weekly : 84— Peter Gabriel Peter Gabriel November Peter Gabriel Peter Gabriel Brackett, Nathan; Hoard, Christian eds.

Uncut : 88— The Village Voice. Retrieved 26 April November Rolling Stone. Retrieved 6 June In Brackett, Nathan; Hoard, Christian eds. Uncut : 88— Retrieved 3 October Archived Peter Gabriel Peter Gabriel the original on 17 March Retrieved 24 February The Official Charts Company.

Archived from the original on 9 February Retrieved 27 June Archived from the original on 18 October Retrieved 31 August Peter Gabriel discography. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. By using this site, Peter Gabriel Peter Gabriel agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Bath and Townhouse in London. Peter Gabriel


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