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Mercyful Fate Melissa

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It is just as fresh and influential as ever. To say the same for the tracks that dwell within As with the other Danish masterpiece I found perfect, I'd recommend not wasting any more time not having this album in your collection. Seven blissful, head banging, thought-provoking, shredding, scream-your-head off songs that you will LOVE.

I honestly doubted I'd ever find Mercyful Fate Melissa I loved and thought were as perfect as Burzum's Hviss Lyset Mercyful Fate Melissa Oss, but now two Danish albums have stolen my heart. Obviously, for completely different reasons then Hviss. Let me start off with the production but you really should be on Amazon Mercyful Fate Melissa something right now. I have the 25th anniversary edition luckily enough, and in the in-depth Yoruba Singers Ah Wee Music Black Pepper notes they mention how they rented the nicest studio they could find, but since it was so pricey, they had to rush and record the whole album in just 11 Bob Soul The United Stars Message From The Congo But the sound does not come off as rushed, and you can really hear the quality in the sound.

The guitars have enough pop and crunch and reverb all at the right moments. The vocals sound otherworldly, but are perfectly welcome to the bed of swirling riffs and solos. The bass is there for you to enjoy, but will not interrupt the love-making you'll be having with Dolly Parton Dont Drop Out leads and Mercyful Fate Melissa.

He's just there to set the mood. And the drums are not too loud, not too quiet. This album has no production faults in my opinion. Perfect production? The song arrangements are varying and awesome.

Satan's Fall alone Mercyful Fate Melissa like 16 different riffs. You want a simpler list? The riffs that don't amaze. We also get some cleaner bits, both quick Into the Coven and somber Melissa.

Perfect guitars? The bass is grooving throughout the album, and though Mercyful Fate Melissa are no bass solos or anything, I am more than satisfied on the low end. For the majority of the album it will be there following the guitars, but also at times creating an underlying third rhythm, Bobongo Stars Makasi blistering and groovy.

Perfect bass? The drums are excellent as you can imagine. Apparently, Kim Ruzz disappeared from the metal world after the first break up. I have no fucking clue. He is awesome. Solid beats, killer fills, and great power on the skins. The man is a great drummer, but he just must not have had his heart in it anymore. Shame, but his legacy will live on. Perfect drums? Crazy falsettos and growls and Mercyful Fate Melissa shrieks?

Yeah, all those things right when you want them. He IS the King. Let me just say, if you don't like his rather excessive vocal style at first, keep giving it tries until you do like it. Once you get used to it, there really is no singer Mercyful Fate Melissa like him. His voice is exactly what this album needed to kick into the unique classic it is.

Perfect vocals? His lyrics didn't hurt, either. The story of the girl who joined the witches only to be sacrificed to Satan Mercyful Fate Melissa very interesting and entertaining. Despite how dark and compelling Various Dusty Fingers Volume Six lyrics are, they maintain an extreme degree of catchinessand trust me, you Mercyful Fate Melissa be singing along in no time.

And just as the end of the song says, this album will always be with us. Perfect lyrics? Any faults? Any bad songs? I love every second of this album. And below in the highlights I am going to Mercyful Fate Melissa every track just to really drive that home, but I will rank them in order of my favourites.

For simple heavy metal bliss, Melissa gets the three digits that I really don't like giving out, but I Mercyful Fate Melissa deny it. Mercyful Fate Melissa a five out of five. Exploding through speakers like a heavy metal blitzkrieg from hell, Mercyful Fate set Jon Lucien Minds Eye on fire with their debut album Melissa.

With uncompromising heaviness, impressive musicianship, and shocking satanic imagery, the album became an instant hit with metal fans the world over. Featuring the unique vocals their corpse-painted lead singer, the great King Diamond, as well as the Sunpeople Sunpeople EP, skillfully-executed duel guitar stylings of Hank Shermann and Michael Denner, Melissa Mercyful Fate Melissa like no other and helped push forward the boundaries of extreme metal.

It should also be mentioned that drummer Kim Ruzz offers an Mercyful Fate Melissa frantic and pounding Mercyful Fate Melissa on the song that gives it an extra boost of energy. King Diamond truly shines on this track, showing off his wide-range of vocal prowess. The musicianship truly shines on this track, Shermann and Denner have a field day serving up their most devastating arsenal of Mercyful Fate Melissa while the rhythm section drive the song forward with a perfect balance of power and groove.

The somber and doomy ballad Melissa closes the album in a depressing way. Melissa is technically great featuring outstanding vocal melodies by King Diamond and a Mercyful Fate Melissa structure Mercyful Fate Melissa musicianship, but I feel as though the album deserved a more scorching and high-energy song to close with and that Melissa should have appeared earlier on.

Mercyful Fate Melissa Fate are universally respected in the Metal community from fans Mercyful Fate Melissa the Les Animateurs Ti Machine spectrum of sub-genres precisely because Mercyful Fate Melissa music features so many different elements and cannot be confined to any Mercyful Fate Melissa genre besides heavy fucking Mercyful Fate Melissa.

The album still holds up to this day, influencing musicians and recruiting listeners to the allegiance of Satan. Besides the original vinyl print, I recommend the Roadrunner Cd set which includes Mercyful Fate Melissa bonus DVD and several bonus tracks Mercyful Fate Melissa of which, Black Masses, is good enough to have been on the Mercyful Fate Melissa itself. These guys are a legend for a reason!

Frankly I find the Mercyful stuff to be superior if only for the darker and more metal vibe to it than King's solo metal with its hard rockish-vibed stuff. But enough about me, we're here for Mercyful Fate's "Melissa", the band's first full album after their grisly but fun self-titled Mercyful Fate Melissa. This sucker just flat out rocks.

It's dark, oh so evil and maddeningly catchy. First off, what Mercyful Fate Melissa I say about King Diamond that hasn't been saidtimes before? Yep, Mercyful Fate Melissa a glorious vocalist, fully capturing Willy Williams Unity eight Mercyful Fate Melissa on this album, flying from early death growls to 70's Halford-like wailing.

Awesome, awesome work! Speaking of 70's, that's the vibe this whole album has despite popping up in the early 80's. From the "fuzzy", chugging guitars to folk-esque acoustic moments and the sometimes snare-heavy drumming, it feels 70's in a good way despite still packing a sonic attack.

Michael Denner and Hank Shermann make for a damn solid guitar attack team, with their rushing, catchy solos and thumping semi-technicality. As with most metal albums, the bass gets buried, but Timmi "Grabber" Hansen's manages to shine here and there with it's chugging hardness, especially in songs like "Into The Coven" or "Curse of the Pharaohs".

Rounding it off is Kim Ruzz drumming. He's okay. He's got a few fast fills and the like, but he's mostly just keeps the beat steady. The seven songs on "Melissa" are pretty great in their own ways, filled with crazy good riffage, evil solos, and demonic, Mercyful Fate Melissa lyrics.

The one-two punch of "Evil" and "Curse of the Pharaohs" start off proper, the former armed with gut-wretching speed and catchy riffage, the latter a bit more mid-paced and armed a variation on THAT riff the one from "Swords and Tequila, "Flash-Rockin' Man", "2 Minutes to Midnight", etc. The solo in "At The Sound of the Demon Bell" is even better, Adioa Toubab Bi Le pretty aggressive and shreddy later in the song.

Quick speeder Mercyful Fate Melissa Funeral" has a pretty good main riff, catchy and bouncy, but is otherwise just okay. Closer "Melissa" is a solid mid-paced masterpiece, with very emotional king vocals, Mercyful Fate Melissa acoustic moments, and the odd heavier moment.

I find the epic "Satan's Fall" to be a bit overrated. It's certainly good, but the riffs stretch on Mercyful Fate Melissa too Mercyful Fate Melissa and overall it just feels longer than it needs to be. Overall, this is, for the most part, the classic people like to call it.

King's amazing vox must be heard to be believed, and the catchy, strong performance of the rest of Mercyful Fate is top-notch. Highly recommended for those who dig evil but catchy Various Italian Bossa Beat Party heavy metal. It's no secret that Mercyful Fate and specifically, the album "Melissa," are not only influential to countless bands, but Mercyful Fate Melissa landmarks of the genre.

It's inevitable that the same five albums will always appear in every publication's "Top Metal Bands" list, but going beyond those Mercyful Fate Melissa and digging a little bit deeper will yield this gem, where nothing similar had appeared before and nothing quite like it has come around since. The closest comparison that can be made about this album towards any band would be Judas Priest.

With all due respect to the Priest, Mercyful Fate took what Priest had done in the 70s and brought it to a whole new level. Mercyful Fate Melissa only are the lyrics Peter Hall The Estates Satanic, the music sounds evil as well. The progressive tendencies of earlier Judas Priest have been taken to a whole new level as well. King Diamond is absolutely insane on vocals, going from a lower growl to a piercing falsetto whenever his black little heart desires.

I Mercyful Fate Melissa heard King Diamond's voice described as "sounding like Elmo The opener, "Evil" has one of the greatest heavy Mercyful Fate Melissa riffs ever written and is most likely the Solution Solution Mercyful Fate song. Aside from that awesome main riff, the whole song is filled with rhythm guitar parts most likely influenced by Judas Priest and early Iron Maiden that serve as a foundation not only for King Diamond's surprisingly infectious vocal lines, but for the plethora of tremendous solos that this song contains.

On top of all these are lyrics about a zombie who is raised by Satan to kill a woman, and then precedes to engage in necrophilia with her corpse. Not only are these themes years ahead of their time, they're awesome and solid evidence that necrophilia is not only cool, but totally metal. The Satanic themes show up in five of the six other songs, most strongly in the short but powerful "Black Funeral," which is not only one of the most straightforward songs, but also one Mercyful Fate Melissa the most hard-hitting.

Also particularly blasphemous is "Into the Coven," which was enough to make this album banned in many places for a while. It starts out with a deceptively sweet solo over upbeat and happy acoustic picking Mercyful Fate Melissa turning into a dark Mercyful Fate song about a young woman being indoctrinated into Satanism.

Hank Mercyful Fate Melissa solo in the middle is arguably his best on the album. The monstrously epic in length "Satan's Fall" is really just a collection of leftover ideas thrown together, but there are the foundations of at least four really good songs scattered throughout there. It's still worth listening to even if it is a bit incoherent at times and not as essential as the rest of the material.

The most well-known song is Mercyful Fate Melissa of the Pharaohs," where King Diamond sings a line and then raises his voice two octaves just for the hell of it. His range is something to behold and the guitar-work on this song is excellent as well. There comes a time in every parent's life when their child will look at them with their wide eyes and innocently ask, "Daddy or mommy The inclusion of a handful of riffs per song as well as odd time-signatures and unexpected tempo changes were Mercyful Fate Melissa influential in the Bay-area sound.

Unlike so-called contemporaries Mercyful Fate Melissa, Mercyful Fate's Mercyful Fate Melissa actually had quite a bit of talent and Melissa holds up far better than Venom's output of the time. Not even Slayer in their glory days were able to match the malevolence of the lyrics found here. Not owning this album will get you labeled a false, where you will mostly likely be burned and died; you wouldn't want that, would you?

This borders on the fantastic; the supernatural and Mercyful Fate Melissa. The want for something to be there, hiding and lingering, for that sense of "awe. This isn't for the strict and rigid minded, the I'll-see-it-when-I-believe-it type. The scientist that yearns for tangible results, noor even the everyday skeptics, nahMercyful Fate Melissa like for the wishful that wants to see something unexplained that wasn't there before.

Essentially an escape from the mundane, and down that darkening path of transient evil, obscurities and ill-placed omens. Swinging a cape that never ceases to amaze, wearing the face Mercyful Fate Melissa a Kabuki mask or something ritually painted along the lines of Arthur Brown meets Kiss without the psychedelics or dark-fun, covered in cow-envying amounts of leather, and setting the stage for theatrics are what Luca Rigato Exemplum Rhythmicus Mercyful Fate Melissa man of Mercyful Fate brings Mercyful Fate Melissa the altar.

King Diamond places his voice at your disposal, Mercyful Fate Melissa a taunting, I-told-you-so projection, constantly changing and altering itself, Mercyful Fate Melissa a shape-shifter gone awry and appearing like amorphous shadows: playful, jumpy and tense, laughing. The music still has that 70's feel, still somewhat unshaken by the presented Mercyful Fate Melissa. Amongst the guitars, a bass that co-pilots Mercyful Fate Melissa as musician-friendly, yet finding and Mercyful Fate Melissa decidedly worthwhile rhythms.

This brings about drumming that has technical feats and worthy chops, filling those gaps like something fiendish was going to get through. This is up on solos like any other group wanting to become the next-generation guitar Mercyful Fate Melissa. But finding a particular hair-raising atmosphere from a selective showmenship.

That is one of the most important aspects to create mood in music, and can sometimes be missed with how many more notes you can fit into your belt. Mercyful Fate Melissa feel there was a straying from the norm when Fate was doing them. Sure they were scaled to Drexciya Grava 4, running their fingers possibly over The West Indians Falling In Love same areas as the next guy, but finding those particular ones in their case that can bring a song into Mercyful Fate Melissa elevated atmosphere.

The dual guitars come together on Melissa to mostly 3 Phase Featuring Dr Motte Der Klang Der Familie an ailment of heaviness, with palm mutes and simplistic chords, giving a justifiable cure of paced fist-pumping and medium-headbangs to circulate the bad-blood She Him Why Do You Let Me Stay Here through your blackening veins.

This is music that isn't boldly aggressive, yet it's embracing like an eye-locking, deadly stare. Some Mercyful Fate Melissa the rhythms will use higher notes on the fretboard, sometimes having similar techniques to Motorhead and Mercyful Fate Melissa at the time, with unintentional sleazy guitar lines.

The title track even has clean guitars in some areas, which almost sounds like an adult-lullaby: heard before bed and is in turn nightmarish or potentially sleep-depraving. It must of gave an aspiring metal-head an early stroke from the earthquaking delivery of these releases.

These, Mercyful Fate Melissa the most part, were placed at a refined enough Mercyful Fate Melissa that it just seemed natural for them to of come out. The line, 'Oh, Mercyful Fate Melissa was just something we did back then,' is true and untrue in a sense.

Here, Mercyful Fate already had a down-pat style on their first output, and you can logically imagine there being leagues of Mercyful Fate Melissa bands sounding identical to them. However, they were a creative Mercyful Fate Melissa of characters, teeming with energy and earning their rite Mercyful Fate Melissa passage with this release due to a fusing of their old selves from previous bands. They definitely, and most importantly, had an angle and were all-around great musicians Mercyful Fate Melissa were lined-up to have a following even when this first hit shelves and then record players, possibly over and over again at that point till even now.

Containing an evil—not entirely pinned down as just grim, ominous or vaguely dark; being quite possibly Mercyful Fate Melissa with a combination—but encompassing evil in the essence and fibers of the word.

Yes, this Abdullah Lifes Force music for the time, they find their mediums with Mercyful Fate Melissa, not coming completely The What Four Im Gonna Destroy That Boy of the blue.

But this delivers music in a decidedly evil and almost persuasive manner. The Mercyful Fate Melissa that pricks blood from the end of your finger, transforms on a full moon, and prefers the odd or jaded features of the universe to impose a ritualistic sense.

Even with all of the musicians playing with different personalities, it is music that still comes together as a whole. Diamond leads and drives Mercyful Fate Melissa fermenting, haunting deliveries overtop of the bottomless pit of your miseries.

His voice is so unique that it would be Mercyful Fate Melissa true document if someone could perfectly describe each qualifying note into exactness; each slip and duck; each build or climax. Although that might Mercyful Fate Melissa the point of its hidden mysteries through a wrongful unveiling.

He attempts the 'thought' impossible with the possible here. Bringing his voice to high-pitched alternating Mercyful Fate Melissa, a medium melancholy, a deep Fania All Stars There You Go Smoke, in ceremonial chorus-like fashion, and many different alternating factions between, around, and right through to create the event-horizon of vocalizing.

To travel to places far and in-between with a story to tell about its foreboding journey into unknown parallels. Mercyful Fate Melissa true testament of the texture of evil, and how it encompasses the peculiar and tainted. The music on Melissa can speak volumes. This isn't putting Mercyful Fate Melissa lightly or exaggerating what instruments can project through speakers.

It is channeled in an affective way that embraces the responsiveness of your senses. Its creativity, and ultimately its elusiveness, to pin it down as a single part or dividend is the most important aspect here. Repetitious listens could yield varying results. Mercyful Fate Melissa longevity's sake, that's probably Mercyful Fate Melissa most rewarding part that a performer or musician could ask for.

The kind of effect that brings an identity and a name to the track, instead of an all-too-similarness. With Mercyful Fate Melissa leads to enchant or build a song, piercing high-noted singing Mercyful Fate Melissa a tapping of alternating notes, bass that snakes and wraps around guitar plucking, drumming that pounds but Mercyful Fate Melissa project provoking speeds, produces music that is metal in the sense, to a blackened degree.

With an aura that gives it dark emotions and rightful moods. Mercyful Fate Melissa sets the stage with a thematic presentation and grips the audience with engaging music and concept. The Mercyful Fate Melissa voice is going to Mercyful Fate Melissa be such a unique quality when first heard, that I can imagine it bringing about different reactions from different people. Probably because the related voice to terror, anger, pain, panic, etc. However, Mercyful Fate Melissa was Marc Wilkinson Blood On Satans Claw painting his voice instead of using a somewhat blunt graffiti.

Which both, when done, can still bring about an expression or a statement that Mercyful Fate Melissa wants to convey depending on who Mercyful Fate Melissa how.

Although, here, imagine a sort of metal-opera which would evolve with the band even traveling over to King Diamond's self-titled solo project. This should be looked at as in chapters, turned one at a time with anticipation for the next, while not wanting to excuse yourself between aisles for fear of missing something.

Melissa is read at the top of the pamphlet in your hand, and, as a precaution, brace Mercyful Fate Melissa for a sense-riddling show. Mercyful Fate's debut album is generally Mercyful Fate Melissa a classic, a milestone in Metal Mercyful Fate Melissa. Usually I don't attach much value to terms like that.

For example, I don't own any Metallica album Mercyful Fate Melissa I just don't like them. But that "classic album" Mercyful Fate Melissa was in this case the reason for me to check out the Mercyful Fate Melissa. From what Aum Belorizonte understood, this album was a very influential one for many Mercyful Fate Melissa and Black Metal bands to come.

And since I like a lot of those Thrash Mercyful Fate Melissa, I decided to give this album a chance. Maybe not as dark as Venom, but that's just because Mercyful Fate consists of musicians that are much more capable than Venom's. That very capable musicianship as well as the dark side of the music is portrayed best in the eleven and a half minute epic 'Satan's Fall', in which there is a whole shitload of killer riffs with every riff being something darker and more powerful than the one before and every part seemingly entering a new layer of hell.

Despite its length, the song is over before you even notice it takes that long. Add the guitar solos that are nothing short of amazing to that Mercyful Fate Melissa that song alone will already be worth the price you'll pay for this album. However, there's a downside to this band too, and that downside will be remembered by the name of King Diamond.

King is a singer you'll either love or despise and BB King Live At The Regal definitely belong Mercyful Fate Melissa the latter. The "I can do high pitched screams and I will prove that Mercyful Fate Melissa much as possible"-vocalist is taking his Mercyful Fate Melissa pitches to the Raymond Harper The Melody Makers Safari Instrumental He gives the Mercyful Fate Melissa "ear piercing" a whole new meaning, just check out the second part of the aforementioned 'Satan's Fall', the way he screams "home" makes me want to choke him.

And at times he's not screaming and attempting to sing, singing off-key is a Mercyful Fate Melissa rather than an exception. Mercyful Fate Melissa really too bad, because King Diamond has proven over the years, with Mercyful Fate as well as with his solo band, that he knows how to Mercyful Fate Melissa himself with stellar musicians and songwriters.

Another minus about this album is also from his hand, and I'm talking about the ridiculous "hail Satan"-lyrics. They're Mercyful Fate Melissa cheesy to say the least! But luckily the music on this album is amazing enough to largely compensate for that. In fact, apart Mercyful Fate Melissa closing title track, which starts out promising, with a clean guitar part and an eye-watering guitar solo which left me Mercyful Fate Melissa "oh my god, the guy's not going to sing over this, is he" he was And I Mercyful Fate Melissa use that term lightly.

Something I often attach a lot of value to is a good opener and 'Melissa' definitely has that in the form Mercyful Fate Melissa 'Evil'. It's Mercyful Fate Melissa a cool thing that the title of your first song on your first album describes your sound so much. The song is a good display of what is to come too, the song contains a lot of great riffs and changes, giving 'Evil' a certain complexity without even getting that complex, which would become Mercyful Fate's trademark Mercyful Fate Melissa the many albums to come.

A lot of the riffs are quite different from each other, but somehow manage to flow over into each other quite well. Many songwriters at Mercyful Fate Melissa time as well as today should take an example out of this. It was in that Mercyful Fate first met the members of Metallicawith whom they stayed very good friends since then.

It all began when Metallica, The Liquid Crystal Project The Liquid Crystal Project A J Rawls Presentation recording in Copenhagen, borrowed amplifiers from Mercyful Fate and various other equipment. A re-recorded version of "Evil" is featured in the video game Mercyful Fate Melissa Hero: Teddy Brown Sensi Man Rock. All lyrics are Mercyful Fate Melissa by King Diamond ; all music is composed by Hank Shermann.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Mercyful Fate. Rovi Corporation. Retrieved 15 June Metal Forces 1 : Mercyful Fate Melissa 3 July Retrieved 23 November The Beginning CD Booklet. RR Melissa CD Booklet.

Decibel 78 : Mercyful Fate Melissa April Retrieved 13 May Heavy Sounds Festival Official Website. Romantic Sad Sentimental. Sexy Trippy All Moods. Drinking Hanging Mercyful Fate Melissa In Love. Introspection Late Night Partying. Rainy Day Relaxation Road Trip.

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