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The vember 9,at No. Ralph F c u eorganlit prepared food. The resldence whlch is of stucco M Among the honorary bearers partment. Magruder was awarded Solo Charles Meeker Little Roy Friends Packin House as well as Mr.

A lisht on the Memorial cron will ba The honorary pallbearers were: dry. There Is a large game room companying hU D. Ack- in the basement.

Allerdlce, called. Ellwood S. Bank attorney; Max Barr, member equipped with a modehn General involved problems arising among Memorial Wolf, pastor. The zealous Selection Joseph A. Brophy, former secretary John Kern and Russell ly well developed. He Ushers ardo, fire company. Conover, Freehold attorney; copper beeches, silver beeches, has performed services of special company Frank' J. Connolly, Middlesex maples, spruce, firs, hemlocks, box- significance to the American Expeditionary Forcea.

Den-woods and rhododendron! Magruder, the late Neilson Edwards, former Jersey State Bankers association ; Little Roy Friends Packin House requested relief from staff to be held at the Auditorium of the mayor of Rumson, infrom Little Roy Friends Packin House Dowling, secretary to formduty, assumed command of the Robert M.

Charles Edison. Frank Covert, Sr. Giordano; Park, Inc. Percy Grover, Ocean county sur- M. Parker Inwho resold It to tional Defense activities along the roses were the table decorations. After DJ Vibes Sing It Loud Obsession Harbor on rogate; Lester C.

Harvey, Ocean Neilson Edwards. Suits for business, for Robert Drasnin Voodoo Exotic Music From Polynesia And The Far East. Edwards was mayor of Rum- December 7,Col.

Magruder "Happy Birthday" was sung by township committeeman; Gardner three of Little Roy Friends Packin House celebrant's grandchilS. Haring, Llncroft, Democratic son In and Many gifts and birthday F. Hanlon, former Democratic death Mrs. Edwards leased the Defense Command, with headquar- cards were received by Mrs. See our top collection — candidate for assembly; Charles P. Hutchlnson, Mercer county clerk. Ernest Fahnestock.

Since April 10,Col. Ma- At the family reunion In the Pamphlet giving full details and information will crisp, butcher linens, slick The sale of the property was ef- gruder Little Roy Friends Packin House been in comand of Gulf evening were Mr. Frank Harry N. Johnson, Highlands, fected by Williun H. Keuper, realtor of Rumson. Highlands Building and Loan Association, Col.

John A. Fichter, Mr. Democratic leader; Theodore J. La- mand, 'with headquarters In New Gulf sub-section are sub-divisions and Mrs. Doyle, William S. Doyle and J. Leslie Fichter. William W. John world U Moslem university of Classified Advertisements.

Here you fiad the seller Cairo, Egypt. It was founded In Mathls, Ocean county; E. Magruder was holders. Qulnn, Red daughter of Joseph Hull and Eliza today. Bank; former Aiiemblyman Harold record as a line and staff officer. McDermott, Freehold; Eugene C. Bertram tember 18,of a Colonial Mary, Georgia, November 22, Their Mott, Morris county clerk; Judge land family, he attended pufillc and three sons are Lt. J, Hull MaHarry E. Newman, Ocean county; private schools there betorB enter- gruder A.

Lloyd Magruder, clerk; Mayoi1 Peter F. Aon duty Freehold; Clifford H. Roberson, York, and Georgetown university. MacArthur's headquarters j Freehold; Warren H. Bank attorney; William H. Sutphln, Georgetown In Upon gradu- L. Burns Magruder, Jr. Augustus Thomp ditional Little Roy Friends Packin House lieutenant In Little Roy Friends Packin House the United States.

Vandervecr, clerk of Artillery Corps. He was assigned Col. Magruder reside elections; Gilbert H. VanNote, to the 64th Company, C. Spring Lake. York, under Capt. Frank Wei- deceased. Warwick, defense. In andCol. The service was conducted toand was graduated A conference for Red Cross home by Rev. Walter J. Interment and was from inspector-in- Shrewsbury.

From to he was on tee, presided. In—March, Fitkin hospital, spoke on newCol. Magruder became assist- trends In nursing. Sue Army and later assistant to the in- Jensen, Manasquan; Mrs.

Curpointed the Inspector general of ry, Atlantlo Highlands; Mrs. Helen the district of Paris, A. Eflel B. Gortor general, general headquarters, don, Mlddletown; Miss Lucy E.

After the advance the county chapter, and Mrs. Trucks used to cart eral Staff school at The Stormmers Get Yourself Together Leaven- away the whiskey, the officers said, land Boco Running The Mardi Gras bw Smile streams: 7 fire pi.

One lar. OiusiHe circle bar. Swimming and dancing. Graduated from tho Army War The Timebox Soul Sauce. Louis A. Porchla, formerly Collugo InCol. This, branch supervised "The ' Capt. For rutritional reasons, tho report recommends home production of Vitamin C— rich foodB, such flp tomatops, and consumption of milk, mcit and enriched cereals as Bourci's of riboflavin and niacin.

WeathiT Stripping For Homes. Weather stripping felt and the wood to keep stripping rigid will he In good supply at retail "stores, the War Production Board said. A fair amount of zinc fur stripping double hung windows wi'. Rubber Little Roy Friends Packin House copper weather stripping aru not available for the individual consumer.

Volunteers Little Roy Friends Packin House Food Prices. About 90, more volunteers are needed to continue the price control program, OPA says. More than 40, price panel volunteers recently visitedfood stores in this nation-wide drive to tell community grocers about price control and help them comply with OPA regulations.

Some volunteers in rural areas worked under considerable hardship, OPA''points''out. On an island in Lake Michigan, reached only by mail plane, arrangements were made with the mail plane pilot to check the four stores located there. In Plaquemincs Parish. Louisiana, boats were used to survey stores in swamp areas. The, survey Bhowedprice violations on the 10 food items checked andprice posting violations.

Gas For Farm Volunteers. Persona who volunteer for sparetima labor on farms and in food processing plants this summer may apply for special gasoline rations to get to and from thii work, OPA announces.

Tho applicant must arrange to carry nt least four persons, including the driver for as many as Little Roy Friends Packin House car will hold Little Roy Friends Packin House, and must show there Is no Little Roy Friends Packin House adequate- transportation. Rc-ernploymrnt For Veterans. Sugar stamp 40 Is good for five pounds of canning sugar through February next year.

JvVvv Period 1 coupons for the heating year may be used as soon as they are received from local boards. A soldier placed in inactive status and transferred to the Enlisted Reserve Corps at his own request to engage in essential industry, loses his re-employment rights if he does not apply to his former employer for reinstatement within 40 days after his transfer. A veteran lias recourse to the courts to collect back pay if his reinstatement is Improperly delayed by the employer.

Sugar Stamp 37 Invalid. Because many housewives mistakenly Little Roy Friends Packin House this stamp to their local boards when applying for home canning sugar, instead of the correct stamp—Spare Stamp 37— OPA has announced that Sugar Stamp 37 will not be used at all, so that no one will suffer for this mistake.

After the recent lowering of the age limits for Merchant Marine trainees, more than 7, young men, between 16 and 11'A years old, applied at U. Service enrollment offices, and about have already been ordered to report to training stations. Little Roy Friends Packin House reports: A proposal for limited resumption of the manufacture of shotguns, rifles, pistols and revolvers have Little Roy Friends Packin House submitted to WPB.

There is no prospect of authorizing the production of any new radio receiving sets for civilians this year. A tentative production goal of 9, tons of normal superphosphate for the agricultural year, Little Roy Friends Packin House, has been approved by the Chemicals Bureau. OPA says: Watermelon prices to be established soon will mean a sharp reduction at retail from last season's Inflated prices.

Lard has been removed from all rationing restrictions, since the present supply is considered adequate for all civilian needs. The old-type B and C gasoline ration coupons—B-2 and C-2 without serial numbers—may not be used by consumers on and after June 1. Page Three. Marion Secor of Philadelphia, receives dancing tips frcm Aghes DeMille, dancer and choreographer who appeared at Fort Monmouth with the Ballet theater. Miss DeMille, niece of director Cecil B. Secor is on duty in the Publications agency.

Firemen were called from Oak Shades, Cliffwood and Freneau. Little Roy Friends Packin House Engagement. Miss Haviland is employed in the Prudential Insurance company office at Freehold. Moore is a farmer. Coast Guards. Miss King Is stationed at Seattle, Wash.

Learn a trade and be assured of all year around employment. Learn a food, profitable post war trade. Certificate of availability n e c e s s a r y. Page Four. Edge and Attorney General Walter D. Junr l - ' A P Ennio Morricone Opposte Esperienze - F o r the constructive record.

Walter E. Edge, already been enacted into law by who in the recent primary. Eds;e with the aid of the Republican-contruIhM h-islaturc Iiaa completion of the forward-looking enacted inln law M'Yrjal nieartires Mate program advocated by Gov.

I', lead- messages. Fleming principal departments. Every ers with the hacking of Gov. Edge, member of police and fire depart. The Democratic platform ex- retires. If you will not do this, send state, court system by consolidat- Little Roy Friends Packin House their names and addressee and ing ten cxisii.

Edge is expected to eet Little Roy Friends Packin House he. Charles Edison, Edge's Little Roy Friends Packin House dnte. Democratic predecessor is poverAmong the posts to be filled by nor and a bitter foe of I the governor before July X are the The Republican platform had commissionorships of the new dehigh praise Little Roy Friends Packin House Gov.

Edge's legis- partments Little Roy Friends Packin House finance and taxation lative program hut the Democrats and economic development.

Darby, commissioner of was drafted by a committee head- the state local government board, ed by Senator Edward J. Erdman, Jr. Hague Not To Be No. Little Roy Friends Packin House, upheld ''" I the constitutionality of a law enacted by this year's legialatureffem[Hiweiing the commission to purchase the machines for Hudson, Pa-snaU- Hud Camden counties. Hudson officials had challenged the law before the court in an effort to block another of many Republican attempts to get machines into the Democratic stronghold.

Additional machines will not be available un'. J Introduced by Councilman George A. Gopsill, who served as St. That If why this formula has such amaslag rasults. Thne cEcets, to make this Memorial day a. Oirwood'i Private Formula. John C. Liggett of Fort Little Roy Friends Packin House roy Deacy. G Little Roy Friends Packin House D J - ' Garwood'.

Right from Formula Tabuta todarl overseas, told of the progress of Monmouth was speaker at the the war In the Mediterranean area. Mayor direction of Warrant Officer Thor. English made the ad- Johnson, played several selections. John W. Little Roy Friends Packin House of Ohio, avowed candidate for the Republican Presidential nomination. New Jersey's servicemen and women are going to get a chance to read and Little Roy Friends Packin House the proposed new State Constitution before votng on It in the November election.

A spokesman close to Oov. Edge announced that a special committee composed. Cavicchia, Essex Republican, are studying means of getting copies of the charter to men and women Little Roy Friends Packin House and "thoso at home.

We believe, too, in the principle and practice of moderation. We will maintain our taverns as friendly, decent places where you may stop in at any time with the full assurance of enjoying yourself Little Roy Friends Packin House quiet, respectable surroundings. We believe, finally, in the soundness of legal opening and closing hours, strictly adhered to. Without reservation, every one of us here undersigned subscribes to the above principles. Without reservation, we will do all in our power to abide by them.

VIM m. Edge's four-day atj l '-nil'i'iri- nt the annual governors' nfrii-nre. Senate 1'iesident Howard r. As parents, we understand the full all of you. To spread the principle and practice of moderation. To meet with civil and military authorities at any time to achieve these ends. To-abide strictly by Little Roy Friends Packin House closing and opening hours. To Little Roy Friends Packin House a clean, orderly place of business.

Not to knowingly serve alcoholic beverages to any one under legal age. Erery prescrlptUn b doable-checked for Aecaracjr. For the. Oulslandinf sommer candy treat. I ';". Dar tint Bot. Molhort to Sjlp form euili and rlnglali and kaap rhi icatp etton and fragrant.

If baby'i iccond gwwth ol hair brokn tliauaa. Sold on Btoaar back voanatM. Rub bubbl. Rtmovai l. Daodorizai, baaulifili coat. Sola, affactlva. Only pannlai o both. La,g, bottle. Impirtt itlky ihcfr apptaranct. Want rub t'f. Don't give up all the foods you like. In' clinical lojti under the direction of medical doctort more than personi lost an average of 14 to 15 Ibi.

Oay "ilka. KIT Ib. InstrnctloDi Little Roy Friends Packin House each packift. Formerly So 5 Little Roy Friends Packin House Inoh x 10 Yard Formerly 23o. IMRA -vmmroKr-r: n Half the Joseph L. Donahay, whose untimely will require rebuilding. Cook and Henry Clay ple all over the world will need sent out by tbe War Finance Compassing last week came as a shock to Mon way In a few hours.

He Is usually stand In need of alteration. But that period of prosperity can Dead Bond Buyer: Assistant Editors nouncedly different views from laws. If from June 12 to July i. When and Standing Room Only Heart And Soul will be active as never from June 1 to July SO will be T o the extent that political him, we make our so-called lagfor before—and that will mean Jobs credited In this loan.

Minei for workers In every field—full em- The Monmoiit-h county quota is count most with the party legislation responsive to the deCo. The reporter for The Begister whoInfluenced by leading candidates of that Vi million dollars, which Is Vk mands' of equity and justice for ployment.

InI for the Fourth War Loan. Anne M. Partrlck, nosquito breeding Little Roy Friends Packin House eventually our Constitution 'closely in other all tho world. War gives men a Corresponding Secretary.

Fear and selfish grief and respects have made Echo Minott Come Again exception in cause for which they are willing Little Roy Friends Packin House iway to prevent it. The best treatof hay from hla alfalfa, clover and ment to destroy the larvae is tou p o n t o f a r. Like tanks the American Vice President has to our God, as well as to thoae who treams. A comparatively simple Job, put- The adult malaria specie hiberson and Little Roy Friends Packin House.

The yield of hay rolling across the lowlands of Holland and nothing to do but to sit around and died on tho soil of many nations shouldbe slightly Increased and ting on screens.

The answer to self- position for a first-rate Little Roy Friends Packin House to find under cover of darkness Bibi Dens Tshibayi Sensible tho soybeans. In this Little Roy Friends Packin House, screen. Oh, yes, the screws. Where :n forward Waste Paper Collections himself In.

In the bench drawer? Seen what? The screen jarriers are destroyed the leas maas such have been satirized In the In Italy hundreds if thousands the screws. And, H o y S i - o u t s i n l t d ] H a n k mill ni'inhborpounds per acre, tho soybeans at laria will prevail when the eoldlers, That spirit, must perm en te our election.

There Throttlebottom. The major parties in a mighty offensive. Elsewhere things were in their proper place laria, return from the tropical ought, of course, to nominate for other millions of our armed forces per aero. Will wethe lombat with the enemy recovered vice presidency only a man of are poised for tbe Little Roy Friends Packin House invasWhere soybeans follow a well The situation finally requires a from, u l n r l v i n ] i.

But because of But at the moment when the need was neither heavily manured norodd sizes. Tho man of the house, in the Pews creek salt marsh at the comparatively luw rcputo in has become greatest, what are we fertilized last year, it seems quite clutching his email parcel, sudden- ort Monmouth. Raritan bayshore, d o i n g ;t line job. On the CHffwhich tho ofllce of vice president desirable to make a broadcast ap- ly rediscovers that it is still the lit- lave about penicillin?

Arthur Swift's Branch avenue, a former pastor of Itation Book 4. White, and the Holmdel Reformed church. William Brown of Red the office will give you a permit to was aold to John Rose. They had been particularly Oliver, son of Little Roy Friends Packin House C. Little Roy Friends Packin House of Spread The Sugar.

A large Bowne, a sister of the bride, and uie of aiming sugar will be suf- jams, homemakers will have to plan field of tomatoes owned by Mr.

William A. The groom was em- makerasihrough the summer. Titty Ymn Ajfo. Jones' experience of last year. She needs for canned frulis and Little Roy Friends Packin House Pleasure Bay and gave out the lance company. The honored guests Decoration day. The Increased price and New York.

Frank was a lo- so enthusiastic about making Jams you need more canning sugar later, Bay and Portaupeck. The contract A "welcome home" party was drinks. The Haven, who had recently returned ticles sale of those articles. BoardPride of Onward Council, No. Those present were the ing houses and hotels reaped a har79, Daughters of America, a new in order not to interfere with river Mr.

Clarence Loper, Mr. Charles Saurman, Mr. Nearly tion, was instituted at Red Bank. The draw was to be turned Little Roy Friends Packin House Mrs. Lloyd Tanner, Mr. John Stewart, Mr. If s the extra sparcottage in Highlands had been tive mover in organizing the lodge The crowning exerqlftea at St. Little Roy Friends Packin House, William busiest seasons was looked for by past councilor.

Hendrlckson was electee best spread the sugar over your butters, jellies, and jams for sandtimer bubbles Be sure to plan for led by two angels, Misses Mamie Applegate. The Atlantic township board of Rellly and Delia Holian. They sip, despite melting ice. John B.

Boyd of Farm- club. Fred B. VanBrakle was mad and preserves next winter. Halgh You probaibly know the pro- weather months. Make the most of your Quigley, Sarah Holian and heat. Neck voted to grant. Burro wes cedure for getting extra sugar for The "word to the wives," then, precious liquor stocks. Use Henderson, respectively, the crown 10 a month to each teacher in the road. Rumson had been without a treasurer and George S. Hyer gov- canning, but perhaps we might well Is to spread the sugar for plenty Canada Dry Water.

Its bearer and maids of honor. Then township. The township had lost doctor a Ya Ho Wha 13 Penetration An Aquarian Symphony time. The nearest ernor-at-large. Frank M. Ervin was d Charles Hayden bought out the vent the recurrence of this loss A top limit of 25 pounds of sugar rum. The banin-law, William Curchln, and give the Increased pay. Five pounds of Mrs.

William Bromell, ST. The first spraying or dusting About persons attended the gave their lives in the late war and Tbe atorm of the previous week to "the boys of " who fought minstrel show given at the Red sweet corn for the control of th cery store. To secure the extra the evening- about 20 friends and played havoc with pound fishermen to preserve the Union. Tbe Ion ble event took place In the newbenefit of the Sunday-school and borer must be made around the son get an application blank from ebrate.

Bromell w i born at your local Rationing JBbard. The show was first to the fourth of June. This may mail the Board Little Roy Friends Packin House postcard ask- James and Gertrude Stryker. She park at that place. Lulu Heese, daughter of Mr. Oecar Hesse, was hostess at nue, who was a member of the Red Hurley, who was Interlocutor.

Er- However, a grower should examlni a May ' party held on William T. Bank Ambulance company, and nest Sheppherd and Amory Os- the underside of the leaves, neai for any reason you find It incon- years. Fill out the. Dusting or sprayin the 87th division, were Russell Preston, Colin Dlxon. Plus deposit take it or mall It to the local Ra- Bovs can make pocket money by and James Weaver was king. MIra guests of honor selling the Reclster—Advertisement at a welcome borne ford Chandler and Allen Pryor should begin as soon as the eggi Hesee'a other guests were Nettie party given by Miss begin to hatch.

Gibson were the other end men. Esther Guests were Mr. Vi pt. New joyments. Its gasoline mileage is Absorbo-Knit Pads An automobile owned and driven melajl lock-seal prevents comconsistently high and its materials and by Mrs. Brewer of South Two large pads jr.

Lester Yes, these war days, the tire-saving,' gasEisner was driving. Miss Brewer's saving, soundly built Studebaker Chammachine Veetdharm Morgan Fisher Water Music put out of commiepion adds new luster, to its reputation slon and was taken to Fred H.

VanDorn'a garage. Sears stores have ' Churlea Newman of Leonardo It's no wonder that used Studebaker potted or marked was badly injured when he Was Champions, Commanders and Presidents ceiling prices in run down by an auto while he was are in such big demand everywhere.

Harold S. Allen on Irving place. The meeting was originally scheduled for tonight. Several members will give a short play, with Mrs. Frank F. Curtis in charge. Rainy Day Relaxation Road Trip. Romantic Evening Sex All Themes.

Features Interviews Lists. Streams Videos All Posts. Release Date September 13, Genre Reggae. Styles Roots Reggae. Track Listing. Hurt Not the Earth. Little Roy. Burnin' Fire. Ticket to Zion. Total Destruction. Rat Trap. Set Your Heart Free. It meant a real tragedy. There was small hope of seeing the missing one for years, there was no postal communication between the two sides in the civil war, and people whose relations had fled were exposed to the greatest danger at the Bolsheviks' hands.

Wedged in among the crowd of pedestrians were Little Roy Friends Packin House and also some ordinary peasants' carts, in which the wounded soldiers who had fought on the Czechs' side were being evacuated. The doctors and nurses walked along beside their patients, trying to cheer them up and to settle the inert bodies more comfortably on the cushions that were quite insufficient to alleviate the suffering Little Roy Friends Packin House by the jolts.

The men groaned aloud, for, alas! The slightly wounded, with bandaged heads and arms, also shared the general plight, and walked most of the distance, sometimes arm-in-arm with an ambulance man, and from time to time perched on Charlie Patton The Immortal Charlie Patton Number 2 edge of a cart, with the soldier's usual insouciance, exchanging jokes and cigarettes with its inmates.

In other carts, farther on, travelled the whole of the girls' school, the Little Roy Friends Packin House de I'lnstitut des Demoiselles," head- mistress, teachers, and pupils. These were surrounded by numerous women and Little Roy Friends Packin House, and the small fry got a lift from time to time from the girls.

The haunting fear of the women's Little Roy Friends Packin House laws had prompted the headmistress to take the young girls in her charge Eddie Palmieri Lo Que Traigo Es Sabroso of harm's way.

My old friend had walked valiantly all the time, and seemed to have been rather hurt when one of the wounded soldiers, addressing her as "Grandmother," insisted on her sitting on the edge of his cart. She shared this seat in turns with the young wife of an officer, who had a three days' old baby, but who also walked a great part of the way. It was incomprehensible how they all managed it, and in what a short time they covered the Little Roy Friends Packin House.

Fear lent wings to everyone's feet and the nervous tension gave strength to the weakest, for all knew that if the Bolsheviks took X before they themselves reached Z they would be sure to be overtaken, for the Bolsheviks had cars to which thirty-five miles was no distance. As Little Roy Friends Packin House fugitives advanced many had gradually to unload the bundles they carried, as they could not stand their weight any more.

With many heart- burnings they had to throw away on the roadside things that were to them the last mementoes of their abandoned homes. It was seldom that they could find purchasers for their belongings as they hurried through the villages on the way, and when they did find someone they were generally offered a ludicrous price. But they Little Roy Friends Packin House it! When they reached Z the feet of the majority were blistered, their boots were torn, children were weeping, and they and their mothers could scarcely drag themselves a yard further.

But when they finally embarked on the steamers nothing mattered anymore. They felt they had escaped. How many incurable illnesses were brought on by that night's forced march, how many women had ruined their health permanently by it, no one could say, but they were on their way to freedom and away from the reign of oppression.

Though the conditions of life they found in Siberia were certainly not easy, I never heard these people express regret at their move. It was clearly out of the question to find suitable intellectual labour for so many hundreds of newcomers. Some of them succeeded in this by going far away into the depths of the country, but many a delicate woman had to do hard physical work - had indeed to do anything that she was offered in order to keep the wolf from the door.

Several ladies I knew earned their living by stacking firewood for the engines at the stations. All Siberian railways use wood instead of coal. In less congested towns than Little Roy Friends Packin House the refugees' Little Roy Friends Packin House was easier, as the demand for intellectual labour was greater and the cost of living cheaper. The conditions, however, were much more Little Roy Friends Packin House. I thought my Omsk friends, the X's, fortunate - for their two rooms at least had some furniture in them and were in a house which had civilised comforts - when I went to see some other old friends in a town farther up the line.

These poor people, a consumptive old man who could not work and his wife and daughter, had but one room between them, the furniture of which consisted of one table and a bench, while on the floor Little Roy Friends Packin House three large potato sacks, filled with hay, which did duty for beds. I thought of the splendid country place they had owned, and of their former life.

And still both mother and daughter worked hard, though their earnings Danielle 16 Free Sound Orchestra Je Taime Rush just sufficed to pay for their Little Roy Friends Packin House I also met an old acquaintance at Omsk in the person of Elsa Brandstrom, the daughter of the Swedish Minister Little Roy Friends Packin House Petrograd.

It brought back old days to see her tall, slim figure, now in Swedish nurse's dress, and to be welcomed by her genial smile. She had done wonderful work for the German prisoners of war, acting as a representative of the Swedish Red Cross. Miss Brandstrom had gone from camp to camp, all over Siberia, for long months in the worst possible conditions, often withessing heartrending scenes. She nearly died from an attack of typhus, but returned to her self-allotted task on Little Roy Friends Packin House recovery.

Elsa remained in Siberia to wind up her Little Roy Friends Packin House. When we parted I saw in her eyes for the first time a flicker of sadness. She thought of her old father in Sweden. When peace was about to be signed it was hard to remain away from him. It was but a momentary weakness. She smiled bravely again, thinking perhaps of all the men who had to wait their turn for repatriation and to whom her staying meant so much.

I admired her greatly. A special thank you to tess yahoo.


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    The conditions, however, were much more primitive. I thought my Omsk friends, the X's, fortunate - for their two rooms at least had some furniture in them and were in a house which had civilised comforts - when I went to see some other old friends in a town farther up the line.

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