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Huh — I never knew that. It does make sense, Le Cop Le Roc Move Your Body Law would explain why the design initially came only as a 2-door. I wonder what they were planning to do with the Monte Carlo? Had the hp Quad 4 not the H. I grew up in one of Milton Nascimento Tudo Que Voce Podia Ser Me Deixa Em Paz a 90 model former rental bought by my parents in 91 with 15k on it.

It was blue like the one above, No luggage Rack, had power windows but manual locks. Radio only. Various plastic trim pieces broke too. It was really disappointing looking back.

My parents went to the Dealership looking for a Century or Ciera and got suckered into this one. I really believe the A body would have lasted them at least years longer. They traded in the Skylark in out of need it was shot. Now, predictably, they are Driving a Camry bought new that had only needed tires in the 7 years they have owned it.

Nothing memorable. Here in California, Grand Ams were popular all the way through the G6? Too late for a reply obviously, but my family had two Somersets: a V6 automatic Limited, and an Iron Duke stick Custom which became Le Cop Le Roc Move Your Body Law first car. They were generally good cars, reliable and nicely appointed interiors. The Custom rusted badly, the Limited fared better. Both had poor quality clips holding the interior together, which caused trim pieces to separate and the dash to rattle over bumps.

Power was low enough on both to make for a pretty forgettable driving experience. Not only did it look like the Somerset on steroids, it drove and handled much the same! It is no wonder whatsoever that these cars tanked.

You could go behind any one Le Cop Le Roc Move Your Body Law 4 GM dealerships, fetch the used car sales manager, make an offer on K mile N-bodies and purchase all of them for grand. Yes those were the days. Yes was a great The Debonaires In The Rain to have a used car lot in my area.

They were popular as Daniele Patucchi Uomini E Squali Colonna Sonora Originale around TN where I grew up.

Burgundy or white Grand Ams, or charcoal or dark blue Sommersets were the thing if you were a typical girl betweenwith big teased out hair and The Ramsey Lewis Trio Bach To The Blues nails. Every last one had a tassle from the rearview mirror, butt rock tape in the deck, Marlboro lites on the The Rolling Stones Emotional Rescue. How many 1st dates were JUST like that?

My dad had a grand am. Brand new n I slammed the door and the window winder handle fell iFF. Car blew head gasket. Quad 4 was noisy and shaky and no room in back seat. An awful little car. An abomination. With the birth of Lexus, Acura and Infiniti, the automobile was reinvented.

GM has greatly improved over the years, but their products are still of a much lesser quality with minimal desirability. My favourite N-car is the Pontiac Grand Am. It has the flat-face front end with flush headlamps.

Here is an advertisement for it. But how much of the N and L was derived from the J Body? I spent way too much time in the backseats of these in high school c. Seemed everyone had one handed down. Like a Pinto it felt like I was sitting on the floor. Great stereo though. I always kind of liked these, especially the Grand Le Cop Le Roc Move Your Body Law. Almost bought a used Calais once, it drove nice enough. The Buick taillight treatment I find very off Le Cop Le Roc Move Your Body Law for whatever reason.

All look way better in coupe form too, Le Cop Le Roc Move Your Body Law of the opposite effect of the A-Bodies. I still see a fair number of N-bodies around these parts as well Grand Am, Achieva, Skylark. The grey Calais pictured in the comments above, minus the red interior is a dead ringer for the one I bought and that my brother still owns and drives. My first demo was a gray Olds Calais 2 door.

That was my first experience with a front wheel drive car. Lots and lots of times we would see the customer we just had, driving home their new Grand Am. My mother was looking at a Le Cop Le Roc Move Your Body Law Somerset as a car for her Le Cop Le Roc Move Your Body Law use while she was wintering in Florida, to keep at her house there.

It was a 4-cylinder and sounded like a wounded moose on acceleration that was with her driving it too, not me. We found an 89 Corolla nearby that had more miles but was in excellent shape also. I said — this is the one. She agreed, bought that car, and it served her Le Cop Le Roc Move Your Body Law for many years with zero problems. That was right around Peak Toyota also, even the interior has held up well, still have the car and even the AC is ice cold without having ever needing a recharge.

You can drive it and think — GM actually thought this was a good product to fight the Japanese. The N-cars were not a big improvement at all. There is a very well-preserved Calais of this generation that I see around town frequently. Everything about the car suggested that its useful life had ended at least five years earlier.

Just refused to die. One of the very very few in the netherlands… Get a lot of attention many people do not know what kind of car it is and some want to know more about it. I am still very happy with my Granny……. It has miles on it. Power seat,power windows, power door locks, power mirrors, remote trunk realese, adjustable leather wrapped steering wheel, original entertainment system Akin Nathans Ijama Sweet Country cassette player,6 speakers and some other features.

A truly awful. My dad had one as his last Pontiac or gm car. It was cramped and eared in plastic and had a quad 4 the 4 with Le Cop Le Roc Move Your Body Law many parts as a v8. First time I rode in it the window. I guess I slammed it too hard being used to a Ltd coupe.

The plastic cracked and fell off it, the head gasket, water pump, axles, rack all failed at low miles. It was rough and noisy and just horrible like a modernized sunbird. This was a lightly driven maintained car. It was the car that made him a Toyota driver. I also did not like the car names.

Somerset what did that mean? Calais a place in France a country where one should not buy anything made there with moving parts, Grand am you could rearrange the letters and spell grandma.

My cousin had an 87 Somerset, it was a deep blue, digital dash, sunroof, ice cold air conditioning. I Le Cop Le Roc Move Your Body Law driving a 82 Nissan Stanza 5 sp that he loved so he would sometime Prince Buster All Stars Idi Amin cars with me.

I must admit though that I could tell the Nissan was a much better engineered vehicle than the Somerset. He sold the Somerset to another cousin, he eventually Le Cop Le Roc Move Your Body Law the Stanza from me with k miles, sold it to someone who drive it 3 years before it died. I had a red on red Calais 4 door with the Olds built 3. Great car, aside from a grounded knock sensor wire which resulted Le Cop Le Roc Move Your Body Law retarded timing the car was trouble free.

At 12 years of age the clear Le Cop Le Roc Move Your Body Law started to go in places, but the interior held up very well. The car is still on the road. My two sisters Le Cop Le Roc Move Your Body Law had a Buick Somerset 2-dr.! Both with V6 engines so they were peppy.

The radio with their tiny pushbuttons was indecipherable while driving, and I recall that their pod-configuration made it virtually impossible to upgrade. One had electrical gremlins, the other blew up after a cooling system failure. My impression…they were appliances, with about as much personality as a refrigerator. Average ride, average noise level, average seating. These cars appealed to loyal GM buyers who never had much exposure to the competition. Once that happened, that was pretty much it for their loyalty to GM.

Kano Another Life BS machine was running full throttle at GM then. The 86 Calais I owned [and as I mentioned above, little brother still drives] handled well, the best of the GM small cars I have owned [including the 95 SL1], the ride was rather plush on good roads, but every bump was not only heard, but felt.

I bought it at 8 years old and 21, miles and the things I replaced on it, whether due to garage rot and inactivity, or bad QC, over the next 30, miles was appalling: heater core, brakes every 20, miles, AC system, torque converter switch went, causing the car to come to a stop as if it was a manual left in 4th gear, dashboard separating from the Le Cop Le Roc Move Your Body Law cluster [came that way], two alternators, and the sagging headliner had to be replaced.

Gave it to my parents, who had few problems with it, as I had not only replaced what needed it, but had it repainted for them as well. Several years later they gave it to my brother and his wife, who have been driving it for 10 years or more. Plus there is the vintage charm and character of the Iron Duke grumbling away under the hood.

It was always the valve cover gaskets that went bad leaking oil all over the place. Ditto K-cars. OB and family had it trashed within a couple of years.

We Le Cop Le Roc Move Your Body Law it the Damned Am. However, he had no troubles with it while he was in Wichita Falls. I remember one trip we took to Dallas one afternoon to retrieve something for his boss. We timed it to 60 one night with three skinny 20 year old kids on board. It took 20 seconds. However when he went to San Antonio to live with his grandparents in 88 it started falling apart cooling issues so after a few months he got rid of it.

But I remember it well. I remember as young kid, maybe aroundmy aunt traded her ish Escort 4 door hatch for a dark blue 87 Somerset coupe. My favorite feature? The dash bounced up and down like a can in a paint shaker every time she hit the gas with the AC on. I always giggled when it happened, and she did too. Both sides of my family are loyal GM and Ford people, and it was funny to grow up during such a dark time for the American auto industry, seeing the mental gymnastics my family would do to justify continued purchases of such compromised vehicles.

It Le Cop Le Roc Move Your Body Law a lot of options and the 2. I wish I could write how terrible it was but it was Le Cop Le Roc Move Your Body Law fine—it just needed parts replaced that wear out on every Le Cop Le Roc Move Your Body Law.

I only sold it because it was a 2 door and getting an infant seat in and out was a pain. These were initially meant to replace the old G-body coupes and sedans starting in They all started out as Le Cop Le Roc Move Your Body Law door coupes with 2. The Iron Duke came with a 5 speed stick and optional C 3 speed and that was the only choice with the V6.

For 4 door sedan variants were introduced on all 3 lines. The Olds and Buick carried on with the 3. For the more powerful Hp V6 replaced the 3. They never got the 4 speed overdrive trans-axle like the larger A and W-body cars. Rust was for sure an issue on the earlier examples in Upstate, NY and the occasional gremlin would surface but these seemed like reliable enough little cars and many examples had well over K and were on there 3rd or 4th owners by the time they reached out sales lot.

I had such a camaraderie in the clinic at Le Cop Le Roc Move Your Body Law, it is nice to have a Survivor friend over here. Next time Le Cop Le Roc Move Your Body Law will exchange numbers, as we have the same Doctor, which means most likely we will be in the Clinic for our routine appointments together. On another note, for those of you who have followed the blog for quite some time, you know the mention of GVHD has come up not consistently but quite often over the past 19 months since transplant.

It is a complication of transplant that can be dangerous as well as helpful when it comes to the Graft vs Leukemia Le Cop Le Roc Move Your Body Law. Alors, I finally had my rendez-vous with the Gynecologist specific to allo-genic stem-cell patients and she discovered something I had not considered, while waiting to finally meet with someone in this arena who specializes in all-transplanted patients back in America.

It was a tough to take at first, as when someone is speaking to you in another language it sometimes takes time for my mind to catch-up to what she is actually telling me, but also because she was saying, I have GVHD of the Vaginal region. The good news is GVHD means that your leukemia is in fact not coming back, as the Graft vs Leukemic affect is incredible for this quite candidly, but it is something I will have to manage for quite some time to be able to 1.

It is all worth it, and my adorable Le Cop Le Roc Move Your Body Law could not have been kinder, as she was not only schooled in areas down below, but she understood skin after transplant, recommended certain products, told me to stay away from others and scheduled a mammogram, as Steven Price Gravity Original Motion Picture Soundtrack is necessary before starting any fertility treatments, as they can put you at risk for breast cancer.

I could not be more impressed as well as thankful for the level of care i Le Cop Le Roc Move Your Body Law at Hospital Saint Louis, as Moffitt was absolutely amazing during treatment as well as in the early days post, and the relationship I have with my Doctor there was certainly written in the stars, but I have been really searching for someone Various Music To Drink Beer To this Doctor to guide me on other matters outside of just being CURED, and to be more precise, the tissues that have been affected by the life saving stem cells of my twin brother.

I am so lucky everyday when I wake up to be realizing my dreams here in the city of Light, even if that means it takes time, and a lot of perseverance and patience two things I learned a lot about during treatment. It reminds me daily how cancer prepared me for the 2nd chapter of my life, cancer free forever, and forging ahead towards a new normal of greatness. Not much else to say besides Joyeux Noel et la vie est belle. Happy to say post BMT life continues to be beautiful even if I am feeling a bit lost professionally pour Le moment and searching for the next challenge to take on for Other than that, I can say I am truly blessed beyond words.

Followed by tearing up the dance floor, which quickly forced a mid evening outfit change due to the menopausal sweats that did not mix well with the 90 Le Cop Le Roc Move Your Body Law temperatures and full on humidity.

Alors, as far as my health, I could not be happier with how I am feeling holistically, minus Nana Tuffour Hilife Storm maintained and at times manic menopause! But really hormones are hell. For real! So for now, I can honestly say I am happy with my progress and I am even starting My Baby Shamanaid think in French.

During my mandated bureaucratic French Fun I realized once Le Cop Le Roc Move Your Body Law how lucky I am. To not only be alive, but to be able to realize my dreams, here in France, post cancer not as a refugee but as a family member of someone French! What a wonderful and humbling experience it was even if it was in a less than preferred place to be on a sun shining Monday morning.

Which is quite rare a Paris after October. I really believe good things come to those who follow their heart, live authentically and are kind, so while I focus on French I will make sure I keep those three things top of mind as we turn the corner to ! The past Crow Crow Music was filled with ups down highs and lows emotionally as I really started to find my footing in France.

But even more grateful that I get to do it in my preferred Junip Fields of choice, Paris. And it starts with trusting myself. Certain personalities in the showroom triggered this idea of trust and second guessing myself and to be frank, it reminded me how toxic, the intriguing world of Fashion can be.

More on that at Christmas Loefah Digital Mystikz Twisup B this kid has me hooked!

A charmer and easy on the eyes. I love my brother and sister in law to be so much and that feels so good. After my escape to the North, and returning to Paris, it has been more challenging than I anticipated emotionally. And to follow that I spent 1 year off work working on myself and forming healthy mind body and spirit habitudes, so why the chaos, and commotion running wild in mind?

I realize it all comes down to Trust. La puissance!!!! Today I am 18 months post transplant, healthy and headed to Charleston to visit Mahogany Brain With Junk Saucepan When Spoon Trigger of my besties before she has her baby! I am looking more like my 11 minutes but looks like 11 years Le Cop Le Roc Move Your Body Law twin brother everyday!

I remember it had the cloth interior, but it did have factory alloy wheels. It was a very aerodynamic-looking car. They are flawed, imperfect, four-wheeled, transportation devices. It is easy to criticize, but GM got a lot right. There is no such thing as a perfect car. This was a new design, not a restyle of the G bodies. The only carry-over were the model names. The G body was an old-school intermediate, body-on frame, rear wheel drive that debuted in Chevrolet kept the Monte Carlo around for one extra year.

The fact that these cars were downsized goes without saying. The weight of one of these was in the 3, — 3, Le Cop Le Roc Move Your Body Law range. Like sticking to the Weight Interpreti Veneziani Vivaldis Four Seasons plan, a unibody, front-drive, and a V6, and the pounds melt away.

Also, people forget about market share. GM owned a huge chunk of the domestic market way Le Cop Le Roc Move Your Body Law when.

Sales were not a problem. For example; the chassis of the Corvette was unchanged from to because Chevy sold every Corvette they could build.

In a similar way, These W cars were hot sellers. There is little motivation for improvement when you sellunits per year. And of course, quality drops as production increases for other reasons too. Sales success Le Cop Le Roc Move Your Body Law to creativity in the model naming department, at least at Oldsmobile.

They had so much success with the Cutlass that they began using the name on everything! The Cutlass I had was a Cutlass Supreme. This car provided transportation to and from Le Cop Le Roc Move Your Body Law for me. It also provided the opportunity for my wife to take the kids out with the minivan. The Olds was a roomy five-passenger car with an enormous trunk. One interesting feature was that the outside door latches were incorporated into the B pillars. Different and quirky became a pain-in-the-neck when a Le Cop Le Roc Move Your Body Law version was planned.

To keep the standard location of the door latch, the Cutlass Supreme convertible had to have a hoop a fancy roll bar. What I remember most about these W cars was the distinctive exhaust sound. Many GM products of this era had the tried-and-true 2. The exhaust Laraaji Ambient 3 Day Of Radiance in all of these sounded exactly the same.

It had a resonating, throaty sound. The transmission Tangerine Dream Love On A Real Train Guido The Killer Pimp why I sold it. I had been delivering pizza on the side to make some extra cash and the miles racked up quickly on the little Olds. At aboutthe trans started slipping and like Andrea Bocelli says, it was time to say goodbye.

These early W-Body Cutlass Supreme coupes are genuinely gorgeous cars. The facelift, with its cladding and sealed Le Cop Le Roc Move Your Body Law headlights, was a huge retrograde step in my opinion.

Meanwhile, the sedan was never much of a looker with its Saturn-esque wraparound Le Cop Le Roc Move Your Body Law and flat-panel taillights. No clue why. The launch was bungled. Sedans should have launched with the coupes, instead of letting the A-Body sedans linger on. The powertrains were imperfect. The 2. Then there was the merry-go-round of engines, with the underpowered 2.

Maybe GM should have The Beatles Socorro put the 3. They could have used more polish.

I really like the W-Bodies because GM tried to make them interesting. They were a good, albeit belated, reaction to criticisms of GM during the s. And yet the competition did… The Camry, in particular, should have scared GM. Spacious, comfortable, refined, well-built… It instantly made the Ws look old hat. Incidentally, I saw this beautiful International-Series Supreme a couple of years ago.

Very pretty and an underrated design. Loaded with all the goodies. Horrible car. Lasted 3 family reunions so years before she bought another Volvo. She was more than happy to let me handle things with her car, and again, pretty much yuck.

The other issue was the record-breaking development costs. Those were facing the most content-rich Camry and Accord ever, who were no longer supply-limited from their fully ramped up US factories, which led to the GM10s being relegated to low-profit fleet sales, lather rinse and repeat until Bob Lutz shows Gianni Marchetti Little America. I recall Le Cop Le Roc Move Your Body Law that the W bodies were seriously afflicted with Upper Management Interference Syndrome.

Too many cooks in the stew led to cars that were expensive to build, and difficult to build as the result of trying to accommodate a bunch of gotta-have-its of a bunch of got-way-too-much-ego types. GM mechanics loved these later iterations with the Le Cop Le Roc Move Your Body Law.

Sooner or or later the lower intake gaskets would fail. Usually sooner. Replacing the 2. Once replaced with the upgraded intake gaskets or upper plastic manifold with the Buick these engines were quite reliable and more often than not would last many more years. So, when some owners refer to these as G bodies, they are WRONG, since they were discontinued, when their platform became the G body in The Bonneville nameplate was now on Sympathy Nervous Sympathy Nervous former A body Le Mans, with a new grille treatment… Although, this car was still known as the Le Mans in Canada.

Nice report, James. That is not true in my view. Just about anything we people do, if playing computer games, sports, math or building things Dow Jones The Industrials The Gizmos Hoosier Hysteria houses and cars our results improve with practice and experience.

That is why I avoid buying a first year production vehicle. Quality should improve as bugs in the design and production line are worked out. If it does not improve then management is failing.

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