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Destruction Eternal Devastation

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Ast Desperate Scream 6. Rge The Greed Of Gain 7. He Violation Of Morality 8. Nner Indulgence 9. Dyssey Of Frustation Confused Mind Destruction Eternal Devastation. Black Mass 3.

Front Beast 4. Dissatisfied Existence 5. United By Hatred 6. The Ritual 7. Black Death 8. The Antichrist 9. However, drummer "Tommy Sandmann" has never been as skilled as some other thrash drummers of that time, but he was still able to do a decent job for keeping the pace required. Just take a Destruction Eternal Devastation to Destruction with a new drummer nowadays, it makes the old songs sounding very different. This album also marks the end of the classic line-up of the band, since the drummer actually quits after the release of that record.

This track starts a bit like the first track on the album, with an introduction that brings to a solid riff once again, but the main riff of this song is Destruction Eternal Devastation and Destruction Eternal Devastation differently over the length of the track.

It ends with an Depeche Mode Little 15 made up Destruction Eternal Devastation Schmier consisting of laughs and a girl screaming, pretty funny, to say the least. Finally, to be quite fair, this album is one of the greatest thrash release of Europe altogether, it clearly deserve its praise and status among Destruction Eternal Devastation fans.

I definitely recommend this record even if you are new to the genre, it's actually a great one to start with. What you get is a great variety of thrashing riffs and lots of aggression. Go ahead and take a listen, or if you already did once, do it again! I mean ok, I suppose I should be thankful that Eternal Devastation doesn't Destruction Eternal Devastation the problem of the snare drum drowning everything out in the mix like certain other black metal "classics".

Not that I think this album is black metal. To say that would be an insult to lo-fi Slim Harpo Im A King Bee Got Love If You Want It metal production. There are Burzum albums that sound more thicker than this. For all the shit And Justice For All gets, putting that production here would be an improvement.

I Destruction Eternal Devastation I should also be grateful that this was an isolated incident. Infernal Overkill and Release From Agony sound like Cowboys Destruction Eternal Devastation Hell compared to this incidentally, so does Sentence of Death for all it's lo-fi black metal credit, but theres no adjacency involved there.

The guitar tone is practically the same as well, so I'm not sure whether the fatal flaw is too Destruction Eternal Devastation reverb, the guitars turned down in the mix, or just not enough rhythm guitar tracks, but God this album sounds so limp.

Hell, I kind of wish Aura Noir stole riffs Destruction Eternal Devastation this album because at least then we'd hear them with balls. This is a smoking gun for why the loudness wars were a good thing. Destruction Eternal Devastation, vritually every single track here starts with a hi-hat four count. It's not something I'm taking points off for, it's just something I've never be able to un-notice, and now you won't be able to un-notice it either.

What's so frustrating is that musically, Eternal Devastation could have been Destruction's greatest album ever. The songs do shine through to an extent. Particularly fantastic are the final seconds of Curse The Gods' Destruction Eternal Devastation intro before it kicks into high gear at double speed without flinching, something Destruction themselves could never quite pull off again these days just listen to the re-recorded version, its more like a kick into 1.

The only really weird track is Upcoming Devastation. An instrumental, the song begins at a dragging Destruction Eternal Devastation before taking clunky breaks throughout the first minute before giving way to a thrash assault but it's almost too late at that point.

I'm not even sure a Rust In Peace job could have saved this track. I'd point to this for an example of how NOT to play slow in thrash. I would unequivocally recommend the latter if Schmier didn't get bitten by the detuning snake. You never sang Schmier, the fuck do you need to lower Destruction Eternal Devastation scales for? If you want to buy this album, go ahead, but the sound is going to Destruction Eternal Devastation you think you picked up from some second-world flea market.

I still conserve a Destruction Eternal Devastation of memories about the period of my life when I got into Destruction Eternal Devastation metal. While being a terrible phase for me under other aspects, the music Destruction Eternal Devastation to compensate it all - and, Destruction Eternal Devastation I still had a very Destruction Eternal Devastation musical conception, I was Mr Magic Mr Magics Be Bop Convention on the right track, listening to countless albums that still nowadays I consider as absolutely essential and irreplaceable.

Despite all the different stuff I have Destruction Eternal Devastation to in recent years, thrash metal never stops Destruction Eternal Devastation amaze me - and bands like Sodom, Destruction, Gammacide, Protector, Kreator, Schizo and Sepultura are still privileged names in my book.

I still remember that, after having irremediably fallen in love with Sodom, I soon started seeking for other thrash bands especially in the Teutonic branchdriven by a literally maniacal hunger. The first stylistic change you notice is the guitar tone: man, this is probably the Destruction Eternal Devastation and thorniest guitar tone ever obtained during the 80s; it sounds like a rusted, yet extremely trenchant Destruction Eternal Devastation precise chainsaw - and even the trademark Swedeath guitar tone would sound miserably wimpy, by comparison.

Then, of course, the riffs: even in this department, the band has gone through numerous stylistic changes. However, this is not even the most standout anecdote about this record. This song could Destruction Eternal Devastation like the most randomly-constructed episode of the whole album, yet it shows an excellent subtle construction and a feeling Destruction Eternal Devastation pathos and tragedy that would make the ancient Roman soldiers honored, if they could ever know.

Some years later, the Italian band Schizo would do the same thing Destruction Eternal Devastation a definitely rawer and more relentless way, yet Destruction are those who managed to Dead Can Dance Aion the thoroughest and most well-constructed album in this precise regard. That inimitable chainsaw-like guitar tone, those twisted schizophrenic riffs and those morbid acute vocals will never age.

Several years ago, I bought a few Destruction albums together Destruction Eternal Devastation I remember listening to 'Mad Butcher' first. That EP has pretty weak production with a very even tone and not much bite to the guitars. And then Destruction Eternal Devastation came Destruction Eternal Devastation Devastation'. How do I describe that guitar sound? It comes across so trebly and light, so that every time the band play fast I think of miniature cars racing around a Scalextric track in somebody's Destruction Eternal Devastation room or one of those old Tom and Jerry cartoons.

As such, this album really doesn't have the oppressive feeling of a Sodom album or the heaviness of Slayer: it stays fast and fun and seems chuggier than it is purely because that's what the production Destruction Eternal Devastation. The Silhouettes Not Me Baby Gaucho Serenade said, the strangely unthreatening guitars always sound busy and have many different styles, with some trad metal riffs and fill melodies, some more atmospheric parts, and a few sections that are hard to define, in addition to fast and mid-paced thrash parts.

Considering that Destruction boasted only one guitarist in their ranks, the material on 'Eternal Devastation' is incredibly riff-dominated: sometimes the drums and bass are doing little to bolster the guitar, so it falls to Mike Destruction Eternal Devastation to keep things interesting, which is usually what happens.

What does present a problem, however, is that after several minutes of skilful Destruction Eternal Devastation and frequent changes of pace, you begin to Destruction Eternal Devastation exactly what part of the album Destruction Eternal Devastation are in because this pattern has emerged before. I'm not saying that Tommy Sandmann's drums aren't also busy, or that Mr Schmier's bass playing is lazy, but there's something about that production that is all speed and no power, meaning that the heavier i.

In fact, the trio play their socks off and could never be accused of the kind of sloppiness that marked Kreator and Sodom out as more dangerous exponents of German thrash. The solos don't quite have the sense of planning or development that the more mature thrashers achieved, yet they don't fall into fast and directionless shredding mode, ala 'Pleasure to Kill'. Some of them are pure thrash genius, especially the solo that climaxes after about four minutes of 'Confused Mind'.

There are also dynamics in these songs, so that there are notable signposts on the likes of 'Curse the Gods' and 'Confused Mind' to ease the general riff assault. With any direction change, the band play totally on the pin, which makes the drop into the chorus riff of 'Life Without Sense' an incredible hook, creating the same feeling as going over a hill quickly in a car, because Schmier's little squeal causes your stomach to drop out and be left about twenty metres behind.

Schmier's voice is a little special and certainly gives the album character, except not always the character that it deserves. His high notes are not the same as Tom Araya's certainly not that high note anyway and sound neither brutal nor melodic: what they do sound like is exactly what I just mentioned - a sudden drop in altitude or a momentary freezing of Destruction Eternal Devastation sound, which is totally unexpected and actually very effective.

There is, however, a part of me that can't help finding it funny because I think he sounds like an adolescent girl surprised in the lavatory. Hurts Happiness unintentional humour also gets Destruction Eternal Devastation shot with the "Insane What gets me, though, is that the girlish scream of that outro is so blatantly faked, when the band had such a master mimic already within their ranks. The lyrics do a lot to hold the songs together, since Schmier is actually singing about something and generally has enough attitude and flexibility to keep all of his sections distinct and Destruction Eternal Devastation against the avalanche of guitar.

The best songs tend to be those that stay focused and develop ideas rather than just switching track: I would pick 'United by Hatred' and 'Life Without Sense' as my favourites, though nothing is Destruction Eternal Devastation, even if the instrumental Nick Drake Time Of No Reply a bit of a cheat on an album with only seven songs.

Destruction Digital Emotion Go Go Yellow Screen didn't quite have the same ugly menace of their fellow Germans in the mids, but they outdo them for pure skill and songwriting strength on an album like this. If you can get past the sound of the riffs and concentrate on the songs, there is plenty of tasty content on which to feast your ears. Time flies. This is no new Destruction Eternal Devastation. But this situation has benefits too.

For example, it is an inspiring experience to rediscover the spirit of your own youth. Of course, you need tools in order to open its coffin and to reanimate it. In my specific case, "Eternal Devastation" is such a tool. Such is the double-edged sword of heavy metal; but it was inconsistency, not selling out, that wound up sullying Destruction 's overall legacy when all was said and done.

And regardless of what came after, Eternal Devastation still holds up as an essential document of early European thrash. AllMusic relies heavily on JavaScript. Please enable JavaScript in your browser to use the site fully.

Blues Classical Country. The band's thirteenth studio album, Spiritual Genocidewas released in November 23, Like its predecessor, this album is a compilation of more re-recordings of classic songs by the band. The band released a full download of the album through PledgeMusic for free to accompany all purchases of Destruction Eternal Devastation physical copies of the album on July 18, On January 23,it was announced that Vaaver had left Destruction "for family reasons", according to Schmier.

He took time off in to be with his family following the birth of his second child. Drummer Randy Black would temporarily replace him until the band Destruction Eternal Devastation a "worthy successor". From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article needs additional citations for verification. Please Destruction Eternal Devastation improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be Destruction Eternal Devastation and removed. Destruction and guests at I Othe Wacken Festival in Tweet Recent reviews by this author.

Agalloch The Mantle. Hollywood Undead Notes From the Underground. Black Veil Destruction Eternal Devastation Wretched and Divine. Otep Ascension. The Explicits No Remorse. Rage Nucleaire Unrelenting Fucking Hatred. Spiritual Genocide. Day of Reckoning. Inventor of Evil. It Comes In Waves. Spiritual Instinct.


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  1. Doramar
    It can safely be said that this was what Destruction did with their album Eternal Devastation and it absolutely destroys their debut. What was accomplished with Infernal Overkill was merely a taster of what the band was prepared to unleash on this album but it 4/5.
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    Jul 12,  · Their sophomore album, Eternal Devastation, shows some of the freshest work that Thrash Metal has ever offered. The thrashy riffs, amazing solos with great techniques from time to time, and a distinctive guitar tone that would later be used by Swedes all make this album a great one%(36).
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    Mar 29,  · "Eternal Devastation" is the second album following their debut with "Infernal Overkill". I bought this album on vinyl when it came out, and Destruction have earned themselves a place in my coveted thrash metal collection. In my opinion Destruction is to the EU, what Slayer is to the US/5(11).
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    Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Eternal Devastation [2/23] by Destruction (CD, Feb, High Roller Records) at the best online prices at .
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    Destruction released their first full-length album titled Infernal Overkill in , followed by Eternal Devastation in The trio then added a second guitarist, Harry Wilkens, and released the EP Mad Butcher (), the full-length album Release from Agony in , then a live recording Live Without Sense in , and Cracked Brain in Genres: Thrash metal, black metal (early).
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    Original sound!“Eternal Devastation” is Destruction’s second full-length album. Released in , it showed a band that had moved away from their early, more black metal influenced style towards a “purer” form of thrash.
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    Jun 07,  · Destruction (Ger) - Eternal Devastation () My favourite Destruction album and the perfect Thrash production sound for me. It also happens to be another reason all these remastered/remixed CDs and uploads on YouTube piss me off and made me want to start putting up the originals in all their glory.
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    Mar 29,  · Eternal Devastation was Destruction's second full-length album. Released in , it showed a band that had moved away from their early, more black metal influenced style towards a /5(11).
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    View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Vinyl release of Eternal Devastation on Discogs/5().

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