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Carnivore Retaliation

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Now for Carnivore Retaliation of the band's best compositions lyrically: Race War speaks for itself. The best part about the song, instrumentally, is the Carnivore Retaliation. It's got a great slow melody that fulfills Carnivore Retaliation lot of the aggression and point of view.

Maybe it shouldn't be considered a top-tier song, but Manic Depression sounds Carnivore Retaliation a bastard! I don't know how faithful it stayed to the original probably Carnivore Retaliation whatsoeverCarnivore Retaliation the structure sounds amazing with the effects Carnivore Retaliation the guitar and bass. Five Billion Dead is a beautifully composed instrumental track that is mostly melodic with great drum beats.

The ravishing distortion from Peter's bass revealed some more colors, Carnivore Retaliation. And to end the album with the ridiculous Sex and Violence : unfortunately, the beautiful bass intro from the demo version has been cut to make this album more politically and punky when it comes to the environment. The song always Carnivore Retaliation catchy music and clever lyrics. Second-tier songs: S. Funny how this song used to be my favorite song from the band and it's still a great song in both versions, but there's a lot of better material than this.

The long bridge overall is the best section of the song. During the final two minutes, the song gets into the crossover environment. The first two minutes are pretty simple, but the transition into the bridge becomes catchier and gives the song some texture, thanks to the overly distorted bass tones and the groove.

Then there are some nice melodies. Listening to that Jesus Hitler intro as a kid was one of the Carnivore Retaliation terrifying things Carnivore Retaliation ever listened to.

Those low choirs and "seig heil" in the background are just fucking scary; hell it's still kinda is. Just imagine this being played in a Wolfenstein game After that intro, the band counts to four in German and showcasing a groovier side to their music constantly, especially the pre-chorus.

So yeah, you pretty much hear a combination of Hitler and Carnivore Retaliation and if they were the opposite; like sexes. Technophobia is mostly thrash influenced, but during the bridge, it proclaims for the darkest part on the album. I think it's one of the more predictable songs but Femminielli Noir Echec Mat got some Carnivore Retaliation tunes to it. So not a lot to say on that one.

More Carnivore Retaliation with U. For the most part, it's just a fun song Carnivore Retaliation some sweet riffs. Instead of a distorted opening sound which only comes a few seconds before the initial introthe demo version of World Wars III and IV starts with an alarm.

The song isn't any different than the newer version on the band's debut album, but it sounds like they tuned to a higher tuning not sure if it's just E standard and you can still hear Peter's thick accent. I also liked the reverb Carnivore Retaliation the vocals; giving the song more meaning and depth. In the end, Peter originally sang "I doubt you'll be" in the song's outro. The anthem that's played in the final minutes in the new Carnivore Retaliation was not recorded in Carnivore Retaliation demo version.

Obviously, even the demo version of Carnivore would have a more 80s feel to it Carnivore Retaliation sound like hard rock. Not any different than the version on Carnivore Retaliation self-titled but it's good enough. And for The Subhuman : the majority of the song is Carnivore Retaliation. Peter sings in a Carnivore Retaliation way that is quite encapsulating by the demos' presented reverb vocals.

Almost four minutes after, Peter reveals the iceman in an interesting vocal fashion Carnivore Retaliation leads to catchy guitar notes. During the long bridge, there's a keyboard introduction Carnivore Retaliation adds more atmosphere to the song, though very briefly. Carnivore 52, listeners Related Tags thrash metal crossover speed metal Carnivore was an American crossover thrash metal band formed by Peter Steele later of Type O Negative fame out of the ruins of the Brooklyn hard rock group Fallout.

They released two albums: Carnivore and Retaliation The band broke up not long thereafter. Both are fit neatly into the speed thrash genre, however. The lyrical themes include nihilism, Carnivore Retaliation sentiment,… read more. Carnivore Retaliation was an American crossover thrash metal band formed by Peter Steele later of Type O Negative fame out of the Carnivore Retaliation of the Brooklyn hard rock group Fallout.

They released two albu… read more. T… read more. Similar Artists Carnivore Retaliation all. Trending Tracks 1. All Things Hyped: Last. Starting from scratch with Alexander 23 Last. Jonas Brothers Carnivore Retaliation all the happiness to share Carnivore Retaliation reunion tour spotlight By okspud1 19 Octam. Play Carnivore Retaliation. Love this track. More Love this track Set track as current obsession Get track Loading.

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The 'post-apocalyptic' theme that dominated the first album and was carried onto parts of the second album, was apparently inspired by a dream Pete Steele had and which became the basis for the lyrics of "Predator", the first Carnivore Retaliation from the original album. Other lyrical themes included nihilismanti-religious sentiment, cynicismand explicit but tongue-in-cheek depictions of gore and despair.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations Carnivore Retaliation reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged Carnivore Retaliation removed. American heavy metal band. Carnivore performing live at Wacken Open Air in Translate Email Print.

Angry Neurotic Catholics 3. Suck My Dick 4. Carnivore Retaliation Zero Carnivore Retaliation 5. Race War 6. Inner Conflict 7. Jesus Hitler 8. Technophobia 9. Maniac Depression For U. Carnivore Demo The Subhuman Demo.


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9 thoughts on “ Carnivore Retaliation

  1. Tojasho
    Oct 10,  · In conclusion, here are the facts, Carnivore's Retaliation is a politically incorrect juggernaut of an album that dare's you to demand an apology. The album, while politically incorrect, does not endorse racism or misogyny like others say/5(25).
  2. Mit
    Roadrunner later re-released Retaliation with a cover that has a different color scheme and including the '84 demo as bonus tracks. Recording information: Recorded at Systems Two, Brooklyn, New York, and Pyramid Sound, Ithaca, New York.
  3. Moogulkree
    Carnivore (Demo) [Reissue Track] Drool dripping out my tongue hanging south saliva flowing free My eyes full of lust my balls going to bust give yourself to me Thirst I cannot quench come here you wench There is something that I need Carnivore I'm a meat eater Carnivore I'd like to meet ya Carnivore I know I'll reach ya The hunger I feel.
  4. Arashijin
    Retaliation is the second album by the thrash metal/crossover band Carnivore. It was released in by Roadrunner Records, and later released on CD in without tracks 4 and 9, but with most of Carnivore. It was re-issued on January 23, , and contains 3 demo tracks and has a different cover. Manic Depression is a Jimi Hendrix cover.
  5. Mazurr
    Sep 11,  · View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Vinyl release of Retaliation on Discogs/5().
  6. Akitaxe
    Hardcore/thrash Retaliation - 88%. The bass drum triplet and the up tempo on the snare are blowing. The sudden, strange and obscure doom passages are very good and really unexpected. The riffs are always quite catchy even being truly pounding and violent, taking inspiration from punk and hardcore.
  7. Mishura
    Aug 29,  · Angry Neurotic Catholics: segona cançó del LP Retaliation de Carnivore segona cançó del LP Retaliation de Carnivore. Skip navigation Sign in. 2. Angry Neurotic Catholics - Carnivore.
  8. Goktilar
    May 15,  · referencing Retaliation, LP, Album, RR , RR Classic hardcore with unflinching lyrical hyperbole, a crazy flanged guitar output and fantastic riffing. A balls and all release that imo is the best thing Pete Steel ever did/5().
  9. Vorn
    Nov 09,  · Retaliation finds Carnivore at it's pinnacle in terms of sound and production. On this album their sound is a bit more commercial sounding and production is superior to their previous offering. Lyrically, Peter Steele does not cease to amaze with topics and views regarding race and world politics, crafted meticulously in only the way that Carnivore can deliver!/5(33).

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